What did you do to your mk7 today?


'16 Golf R 6MT
Finally went to get my rotors and pads replaced - Zimmerman Z-Coat and iSweep IS1500

While doing the hydraulic fluid flush, they found my rear brake lines super corroded on the caliper side, where you purge, they did a facetime call and showed me, so I don't have pictures, but it looked pretty bad... anyone's had this experience before? The car spent its first 3 years in the northeast, it saw snow/salt... So these techs in Miami might have different expectations. The fronts were fine supposedly.

I just got it done with them... wasn't cheap.

They also did an alignment, and this is the "test ride" the tech did after... listen to the compliments:



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Can indeed confirm. The windshield is already paid for and at the dealer... just have not been able to schedule a time.

Ordered at a dealer that's about an hour away because their discount on the windshield took over $100 off the price. Same dealer where I had my first retrofit windshield ordered/installed. The folks in that parts department are used to me ordering "random" crap. That's where my discontinued (and thus highly discounted) trailer module came from, among other things.
How do you find these odd part numbers?


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How do you find these odd part numbers?
Sometimes too much time on my hands, some insomnia... - can you get the "less exotic" part numbers, just select a car/year that you think has what you're looking for (not great for the individual components of parts though).
- I have a TDI but I can select a Golf, GTI, R, e-Golf, etc. to find parts that will fit that may not have been available on my specific Golf TDI. - an unofficial (but free) parts catalog.
- The search feature is useless but if you know the year/market you can deep into part numbers, including QR codes.
- It does get updated but might not have the latest of everything all the time - Requires a subscription (can do 1 day for $12 but I will typically do 1 month at $35 when I subscribe)
- Very nice, very organized, updated parts catalog, unquestionably the best option, but I often find the two above are good enough (and cost nothing)

Often once I find a part number I just google and look for a picture to confirm it's actually what I'm looking for, then comes sourcing.
- All depends on the item, typically local pickup from the dealer for large parts (no cost to me for their internal shipping, even on parts they source from overseas)
- eBay of course, lots of wreckers over there and so used parts are highly available AND inexpensive
--- I'm talking dumb things like plastic mounting brackets ($65 from the dealer here, $60 from a US junkyard, $15 on eBay international with free slow shipping or optional $30 FedEx IP, get it under a week)
- for other parts (people report different experiences with them, I've never had an issue beyond some things taking a while to source... and international shipping keeps going up, which isn't in their control)
--- sometimes parts that US dealers can't get, sometimes parts that I would just prefer new
--- sometimes just because new from overseas is the only and/or cheapest option


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Noticed some steam on certain occasions, area looked a little bit dirty.

Preventive action.

Observation: OE plastic looked fine, only O-Ring a little bit flat and too big for the grove.


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