What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Put the R into track day form for the last event of the year.


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Gas won’t be to bad for me since My daily has been the gti that get 16-17miles on e60 currently lol. And in Vegas ethanol is only 20-30 cents lower.

Yeah I was looking at the borla and saw old posts of people saying they spend like $1100 it’s all listed at $1800 now.

32k miles
24k paid
1owner bought from my local dealer and traded in to same dealer with all records at said dealer. It’s def. been cherried and garage kept cause it’s pristine still, even under the hood was new looking.

Current market is was it is though, if the others GTs listed online it was still “listed below market” since the rest were 2-3k more. Late model depreciation don’t exist in 2021&2022 I guess😂.

Added to the bunch, couldn’t get ride of the GTI if I tried…too much work and money wasted on it.

I paid $1100 and was one of the first to have the Borla system, and it sounded great & bolted right on.....but now @ $1800, that's a little insane! I'd go custom at that point instead.

Low miles and the price....geez! (I know it's the current market though)
GT's were going for ~$24-25k brand new, back in 2018.
I lost my ass on EVERY Passat I traded in back in the day. The depreciation was all of a sudden nothing depreciates it seems, lol.

That said, it should still be under warranty right? (6 year 72k bumper to bumper for the 2018's)

Are you going to mod it?


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I do mostly city driving nowadays. Lots of surrounding development (buildings and infrastructure), road improvements seem to be low priority. Winters always take a toll on the roads with salt and plowing.

Currently have Koni Yellows with "linear" Eibach springs (E10-15-021-02-22) with shortened bump stops and a Eurosport camber mount.
Previously had Racingline springs before that were too soft/low and bottomed out too easily. Car bottoms out far less now but just feels too rough for my liking.
Thought that oversizing to 245/45R17 tires would help absorb road imperfections but not as much as I hoped for.
A similar approach ;-). Have played a lot with different bump stops/bump stop lengths/took the rear rate ring off. W/ B8s (fronts are the twin-tube version in my car) my take away is shortening at the top end of the bump stop helps to "move" the touch point slightly, but doesn't dramatically change the engagement "character". Tire pressure might be one other lever. Installed 225/40R18 GoodYear Eagle F1 asymmetric 6 tires on my car in May. Started w/ 34PSI, rolling plushness was good, noise also, impacts felt surprisingly harsher than expected. Going up to 38PSI in steps improved it. Only smallest imperfections are a little bit more noticeable, but not bad at all. If I need to reset myself all it takes is a ride in my wife's '14 Beetle R. The factory front shocks are definitely harsher (rears are replaced w/ B6 already :)) and trashier than my car.


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34 psi on Michelin PS4S
That's weird, I was feeling the same harshness you posted above with the Yoko Advan V601 (245/40/18) from the day I bought them a year ago. I just got a set of Michelin PS4S (245/40/18) running them at 35 and the car feels like a completely different one. The road feels smoother, some dips and humps I used to feel as if the car rolled over them like a roller coaster feel even smoother now. I would think that it would feel smoother with the 17" sidewall.


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Got my APR catch can installed on my Golf, but it led to a sad discovery; the factory PCV wasn't the cause of my occasional smoke. It's more than likely a bad valve stem seal on one or more cylinders. Smokes like an Alco after startup and idling for too long. Bummer. Only 14k miles on this motor. Guess I know what my 2022 winter project will be.

It's not all bad news though; tomorrow I'm test fitting some new 17x8.5 wheels and my wagon transmission should finally be out for clutch pack inspection!
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That sucks. It's it possible to put a 2.0 in?
Just curious.


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