What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Went for the lambo left with the dadbo


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On Saturday I changed my oil and spark plugs and drained the catch can for the first time since installing it (~2k miles and 1 track day). I also put a radio in my dad's truck.

I used a compressor with my oil extractor for the first time and it made the job much faster.

When changing the spark plugs, I had the great idea to use an impact gun for the Coil Pack ground. I yeeted the first nut into the engine bay and coudn't reach it. Fortunately I was within walking distance of a hardware store and was able to get another nut. I may end up getting the EQT Grounding kit to solve this longterm.


My old plugs (~7k miles & 7 track days) had a good bit of oil on them. pretty wet inside too.

Overall I am very happy with the Racingline catch can. It solved my issues on track. Also I am glad I spent the extra $80 for the catch can drain kit. It made draining a breeze. I wouldn't want to deal with having to remove the can while its burning hot at the track in between sessions.

I packed up the used oil and sparkplugs and sent everything back to FCP Euro.

Radio installed in f250 superduty. Shoutout to crutchfield for their amazing customer support.

And lastly, I received a credit for the track day I missed earlier this month when my clutch slave failed. So I am headed back to Summit Point this weekend. Hopefully it holds up and will be ready for Fastivus in October. Sorry for all the pics, I should really start a build thread........


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Its Japanese. I buy it in a 2-pack from my local Costco. All the sushi restaurants in Seattle use it. Kewpie is a little different than American mayo, because it's made with only egg yolks—not whole eggs—and with rice or apple vinegar and no added salt or sugar. My cousin who went to culinary school in France and lives in Manchester swears by it too.

I finally found some Kewpie mayo.

It tastes exactly like Mayo used to get in the Middle East. I can't describe it but it's identical. Even Kraft mayo in the middle east tastes like it. Never cared for it much, but definitely gave me flashbacks to scouring markets looking for mayo, cold cuts etc to make sandwiches.

Learned how to bake brownies, cookies, even pizza including dough from scratch, cause a lot of that stuff couldn't get there. This was in late 80's, early 90's. Now everything is available.


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Rolled over to 57k so I replaced the serpentine belt for piece of mind. Not difficult but a bit of a pain to make sure the belt is properly aligned and staying that way before slipping it over the alternator. Also slapped in a new Mann C30005 and allergen cabin filter. Got some Ruths and VAQ fluid on order.

While replacing the serpentine belt, I noticed fluid/oil of some sort on the passenger-side wheel well. Everything on top is bone dry and I lack a boroscope to get a better view. Any ideas what it might be?


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I only want it louder when it's in sport. I enjoy the near silence when commuting. I often do meetings while in the car on the way to or from work.
A stage 1 dog bone insert makes next to no difference without the soundeckor to over exaggerate it (comfort/normal mode).

When you put it in Sport it’ll give the sound you’re looking for.
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Tried my shiny new Rupes polisher out. Now I understand why they are the gold standard.


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A stage 1 dog bone insert makes next to no difference without the soundeckor to over exaggerate it (comfort/normal mode).

When you put it in Sport it’ll give the sound you’re looking for.
Granted I'm in a TDI... dog bone insert gives you what it gives you, regardless of driving mode, in my experience.

I'm gonna have to load up the GTI/R soundaktor firmware to see what you guys are talking about. Comfort mode on the firmwares I've tried is almost always inaudible (which is what I want). Normal can can go either way, then Sport is Sport.

That being said, some firmware has the same sound table for multiple modes. I've never run one of those as the difference is important to me. Sound actor output, in a given mode, is based on RPM and speed...

Anyway... go here from more information and follow the links there if you want to try some different firmware, really neat stuff.