What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Got my Circuit Werks downpipe back in.

EPC fun.

Interestingly enough, no EPC when I had it on the first few days. Only when I put it back on today. Granted, was a lot colder today than earlier this week, so I can imagine the turbo was blasting.


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Yeah I was honestly worried about the quality since they're a $500 set of wheels, but they've held up just fine and I've put about 15k miles on them I'd say. I like the BBS LM-ish reps that they make as well and have been considering buying a set if I can't find a used set of real BBS' for a good price. I'd kill to have these on my car (just a photoshop):

I've had my car since September of 2014 and have just started doing some performance mods since my 40,000 mile inspection about a month ago. Loving the tune so far.

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Look really nice, idk if someone else has asked this but where did you get them from?

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Look really nice, idk if someone else has asked this but where did you get them from?

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Sorry if the post was unclear. I currently have the black Alzor wheels you can see on the previous page (bought off ECS tuning and had a really positive customer service opinion), and in the photo you've quoted above I've photoshopped some BBS LM's on my car, which is my (and surely many other people's on this forum) dream wheel.
Although I figured I could spend the $2,000 on something a little more worthwhile that I won't kill myself over if scratched by accident haha.

P.S. If anyone wants to photoshop some wheels or a drop or some other mods onto their car let me know.


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Installed Torque Solutions shifter cable bushings (not the bracket, but the ends of the shifter cables). Nice difference compared to stock!
The OEM front/back was already solid plastic, but not as sturdy as the TS ones. The side-side "bushing" was actually a small plastic disc completely wrapped in a piece of rubber! No wonder the stock shifter had some play in it.

I have no other shifter modifications except for these, and I'd say this is all I'd want to do to it... it added just a tad more notchiness but now it feels much less vague and mushy. Plus, the parts were only $30+