What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Put the lagunas on

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Sandman GTI

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These are for the fog lights? I might want a black GTI with all yellow accents for my next car, including yellow fogs. Should I do yellow LEDs or just put yellow lamin-x over the OEMs?

Guess I did not look at them long enough, I was wondering which lights.
Would be nice if they changed like deautokey foot well lights.
But still have white as a 4th option.:cool:


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Yes, rim+tire = almost 18kg.

It's expensive to buy lighter wheels...

How about yours ?
Are they OEM or also some replica ?

OEM S3 Wheels from the Performance Pkg (Advanced Handling Pkg in Canada)

And whew!! thought you meant 18+kgs for each wheel alone!?!??!

I just so happen to have a spare wheel and tire so I can weigh it for you for comparison!

Can you post model and approx price and link to where you got these wheels? I like.

These are the Performance Pack wheel spec'd on the new S3. 19x8 et49, 21lbs.. I bought these as takeoffs from a guy in SoCal, got a serious hook-up on them too!

You will have to search far and wide to find a set and even then they may command a premium. There are reps out there but I think they are only 18's?

Just for sh!ts and giggles I priced the wheels out at my local dealer and they were over $1K/wheel before caps and rubber and hardware :eek:

And who woulda thought but they are made by Fuchsfelge - same wheel manufacturer that designed the original Porsche 'Fuchs'.. I thought that was kinda cool!



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Black and yellow? Big Pittsburgh fan?

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Nah, i'm not a sports guy. Black and yellow just looks cool af :D

That said, it's highly unlikely I'd ever get a black car bc I don't have the patience/endurance to wash my car weekly. I just like to dream ^__^

Yellow Lamin-x on the driving lights

Thank you sir, how much money was the lamin-x? I still might do this with a NB car.


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I got in my Borla downpipe now just waiting on my Borla exhaust to come in!

You beat me to it!! Let us know what you think of the DP as that is the one I plan on getting since I have their cat-back already.


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Joined the JB1 Squad today! Install wasn't too bad, did halfway take off the under shield to get to the D plug. So far pretty happy with the money spent. Also have the PedalBox, which makes for a good combo.

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Very cool...and local! Glad you're liking it! USPS was supposed to deliver mine yesterday, but it didn't show up until today (when nobody was here to sign for it). Looks like I won't have mine until the weekend.

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