What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Golfwang nice replies lol

just ignore everything xPETEZx he is a troll\hater.
Just noticed he has been bashing on other post too (GTI tuned vs R) some people are just like that... :rolleyes:


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I personally leave my fogs off whenever possible to preserve the life of the bulb[emoji14]


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Someone needs to look up what "fog" is.
Tired of idiots driving around with fogs on as some vantiy cool look. Granted on the golf they don't dazzel much, but it just leads other idiots to think it's a great idea and turn them on too. And on older cars they do dazzel. Esp at night or in wet conditions when they reflect.

Lastly, you are driving. So can't see the fogs on. So who is it for?
For your cool pictures you can just flip the switch.

As above... They are not DRLs.
Next some tool will think full beam is like DRL....why not? Looks better right?


Someone needs to realize that manufactures add fog lights to their cars at least as much for looks (probably more so) than for actual use in fog.


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Installed my LED license plate lights. Always love the clean, white look these give.

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You DO realize that the same kinds of "highway codes" and "road safety" regulations you're referring to, written by the US DOT, are the reason why the US GTI couldn't get LED Tails? You tell me what's so unsafe about lights that light up a full half a second quicker (which, at highway speeds, equates to an additional 60ish feet of reaction time), and also look better.

Fog lights DO NOT blind others anywhere near as much as regular Bi-Xenons/LEDs do on every car that doesn't have beam-cut-off lenses/housings. That is a fact. UNLESS the person modifies their foglights beyond factory specs, which is a different argument.
It's the UK rules. But i did say whether i think it's a good rule or whether i think it dazzles people it's a rule that's meant to be followed. As a rule i don't get it but on the road i'm one of those that follow the rules. If in the USA the rules are different then i have nothing to say about it

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They reflect up in the wet and dazzle oncoming traffic.

The clue is in the name........;)

No more than HIDs BLIND oncoming traffic [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] these UK guys REALLY like the rules. Have you never smoked pot? Had sex before you were married?

I must admit I'm getting far too bent out of shape over this shit


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yeah how easy/hard are these to change?
do they make the same for backups?
It was very easy, just a couple minutes to change out. I would honestly go with the replacement bulbs instead of the complete-housing replacements. I'd give fitment on these like a 7/10. They stay in place, but they wiggle around a bit. Not something that bothers me though, considering how good the light output is.

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