What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Just curious, why did the state drop the front license plate requirement?
Cost savings was part of it, also car dealers pushed for it (I think it will help with trades with dealers in neighboring states, which don't have front plates). Police were opposed to it, for criminal identification reasons. I'm not taking a political stand on it, but all else being equal I prefer the clean front bumper!


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Got rid of my factory tires (potenzas) and got these bad boi’s bc of the price n great reviews. I hope they break in well giving me more grip on the turns. Ppl say these are loud n I dont find them loud at all. They also ride super good, bumps are absorbed much better

Anyone know how long these tires could last? I dont track or go crazy. However, I do step on it occasionally bc why not its FUN!(6MT over here)


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Since Ohio will drop the front license plate requirement tomorrow after 112 years, I took mine off this evening. It never bothered me too much aesthetically (especially compared to some other cars), but the car still looks cleaner without it. I'm patting myself on the back now for my homebrew no-drill mount that I put on when the car was new. Like it was never there...

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Earlier, since I hadn't driven the poor thing more than 300 miles since March due to working from home, I took the long way back from lunch to warm it up, then get in ~30 minutes above 3k RPM and a few near-redline pulls. Should have cooked out the moisture, and maybe some carbon too. Can't have hurt, anyway!
Thanks for reminding me, going to take mine off today!


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I finally get to fill in those front bumper license plate holes, I'm glad I went back to live in Miami

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edit: Nothing happened to the F250 of course, I hit the tow hitch and the steel support structure around it... thats nice....

The guy cut me off at the last second.... he was merging left to get to a U turn, I was in the middle lane.... very common to do where it happened, where there is a ramp exit that doesnt have the option to go northbound....

That maneuver entails crossing 3 lanes and 2 turn lanes in the space of 100ft to reach the U turn... I see it done everyday, I'm gonna avoid that area now.....

edit 2: If anyone is curious, it was $7,200... new core support, front bumper, grill, hardware, one headlight, both front fenders, hood, all the hood hardware, incl. new hood insulation (I was about to throw mine out)

Im getting ceramic pro while at it.... and fixing some bad touch ups from the previous owner... hopefully it comes out better than ever....
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