What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Chicago 'burbs
2019 GTI SE Exp pkg
Had windows tinted with 20% ATC, installed TIP, turbo muffler delete, DV spacer, silicon intake hose, K&N filter, & removed snow screen from stock box.


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Buffalo, NY
2017 GTI SE 6mt
Had windows tinted with 20% ATC, installed TIP, turbo muffler delete, DV spacer, silicon intake hose, K&N filter, & removed snow screen from stock box.
What brand DV spacer?


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17 GTI Sport
Finally got the summers mounted. RSE10s with 235/40/18 PS4s. I was skeptical about the PS4s being as good as the hype, but they really are... the grip & comfort is phenomenal.

(please excuse the dirt and stock suspension height - working on both ASAP)
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they really are great tires if you can afford them. And the warranty is amazing. Have used it before at BJ’s


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So far they're quieter than the Super Sports they replaced for me.


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2019 GTI Rabbit Ed.
Not entirely apples to apples, but I've found the PS4S to be quieter than the Bridgestone Potenza S04 and RE050A I had on my previous car.


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United States
2018 R
I've got almost 400 miles on my RSR clutch now. I'm thinking the pedal might get a little bit softer still, but it's not too bad where it's at. Might just need a little more time getting used to it. Even though it is stiffer than I'm used to I've still been getting some of the smoothest shifts and way more consistently. There's something about it now that just makes it feel so much more connected, the slack feeling in between shifts is gone. It might be the stiffer pressure plate or I also had a stainless clutch line installed. It's hard to describe the pedal feel but you don't even really notice it grabs as long as you're giving it enough gas, but it's grabby enough that if you screw up you'll definitely feel it. Now it feels a lot easier to rev match and keep everything smooth. You really don't feel the shift in the car.

I had a mk4 manual, then a mk6 manual. My mk4 I delivered pizzas in. I put a lot of miles on the stock mk6 clutch until it slipped and I replaced it with a smfw set up. I also did the bleeder delay valve removal, a stainless clutchline, and it had a diesel geek ss with a 500+ gram shift knob. I always felt like all the shifts between all those different phases and different generations still had the same kind of feeling when it came to rev matching and how the clutch mates with the flywheel. When I got my mk7 I had the same, yea this is a vw kind of feeling with the shifts. In the mk7 right now I've got the same shift knob my old gti had, the rsr clutch, bleeder valve delay removal, and a stainless clutch line. Now to the point...I hope I'm not jumping the gun on this one, but so far this is hands down the best feeling set up I've had. Accelerating from a stop is smoother. The shifts from 1st to 2nd can feel as smooth and effortless as the taller gears, and the taller gears are even easier. It goes from 1st through 6th without the slightest jerk.

If you saw my posts on what happened to my clutch maybe I had an underlying condition that I've been driving around with. Eventually it gave out, but until then it showed up as a minor symptom like that slack feel I mentioned. Someone else put 6.6k miles on the car before I did so maybe he contributed to it. The surfaces on the clutch plate and the flywheel were still in really good condition though, but the flywheel was destroyed and had a lot of play in every direction. Whatever it was it feels really good now. Rowing through the gears has never felt more satisfying. I haven't even been able to get on it yet. The most I've probably pushed it has been about 8 psi. I think I'll do at least a couple hundred more miles before I push it just to be safe. I'm used to downshifting all the time time too, but I've been playing it safe since I'm not quite used to the pedal yet and I want to wait until it's fully broken in before I start driving like that. Hopefully downshifting feels just as good.