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What did you do to your mk7 today?


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Corrected my wheel spacers and added a volt/battery gauge. I think the front still has some room, even though I am effectively at +42 on a 8.5 wide wheel. Rear is on-point, and I am happy with where it is. Effectively at +34 on 8.5 wide.


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Got the box of goodies from my Fisher-price my first gti kit put on. Centric pads, a powerflex dogbone bushing and a jb4. Shoes and socks too. Verde empires and contis. Very happy. Pretty sure a sunday drive is considered essential travel.
I LOVE the wheels. They look like a bigger Konig Ampliform IMO. How do you like the Powerflex puck so far? Great looking ride.


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I've always been a careful curb guy. But I'm with you.

I like the insert. It was an easy mod. Not terrible to live with. God bless the internet, it had me ready the first time I put it in reverse. But the lack of wheel hop is nice.


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Started on clutch, flywheel and rms replacement. Decided not to go nuts and just spend 2 hours per day until it's done. Until quarantine is over, I don't need it.

Last night was the start. Remove airbox, battery and tray, disconnect and remove shift linkages, disconnect starter, support engine and remove trans mount bolts, remove the top trans housing bolts, etc etc. Basically everything that you can do from the top.

After I'm done working around 4, I'll raise it up and start on the next section from below.
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I have a bunch to do on my car (brakes all around, oil change, mirror cap, new tires, spring detail etc) but I have to work from home still so I can't do it during the day. By the time i finish with work I have no motivation to get out of my sweats and into the garage lol


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Filled out my tire rebate fourm, yes give me my money back haha, yesterday I installed the "eyelids" on headlights. I like them, cheap and put on with m3 tape so it will stick. I think it makes the front look more aggressive. Getting bored with quarentine and having to be home constantly. Order chrome vinyl to wrap the redstrip in the grill pictured below, hopefully it will turn out good when amazon prime delivers (next saturday) also pictured is maybe a better pic of the maxton designs splitter me and my buddy did on sat night, cheers


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Changed the oil on my wife's Beetle inside the garage. I fucking love the oil extractor I got from ECS.

Also installed a brand new 8" faux cf bezel for my 8" matte screen. Got it from the dealer because I wanted a brand new spotless one. Now selling the one I had on before in the "interior parts for sale" section.