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What Are The Best Looking OEM Wheels?


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Looking at Pretoria's over and over, I've realized they are some of the best looking OEM wheels.

Another timeless great looking wheel us the E39 M5 wheel.

What is your favorite OEM wheel?


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The OEM 19's on my m always caught my eye. I actually really like the OEM 18's as well. The similar looking e60 M5 wheels are also very nice.


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Not OEM but....
I like the Pretoria's but when I found the OZ Leggera HLT wheels I liked them better. Flow formed, light and strong but a lighter look and better curves. From the face they are thin but step to the side and they change. You can see the strength in the wheel.
I have seen Pretoria's in person, but I still like the Leggera's. They are also not over $700 a wheel. $2,800 in wheels alone. Then add high performance tires, $800-$1,000
Leggera's look even better at that price.

OE wheels that come on a Ford Explorer are great. Not sure on model years but the wheels are polished aluminum with a twist design. Would love a used set for my 97 Ford F-150.

These are the current design. Still good.

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That's a beauty.
Would love to get my hands on 1 of the ~30 9-5 Sportcombi Auctioned off by Saab before its demise. Unfortunately none of them made it here and short of waiting 25 years, would be next to impossible to bring over.