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Good choice, great colour combo, the Bi-xenons make a big difference to the look, looks much more aggressive in the flesh.

I agree. I'm still a bit put off by the fact that they've taken them off initially and expect us to fork out an additional $2,100 just to put them back on, and the upgrade doesn't even include the LED tail lights.. :mad:


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Initial running in issues

Did you get a manual or dsg?

EDIT: I just found out by looking at the bit of text below your user name :D

Hey Snaptag and fellow VDubbers just posting up a belated update - it's been about 6 mths now and the crunchy gear issue for first and reverse in my manual transmission thankfully is gone. The crunchy gears smoothed out by about 3000km after running it in a bit. Done about 9000km now. So far no further issues and enjoying the ride :)
Anyone else have any other running issues?


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Dawson your white GTI looks mean as hell! Love it! The tinted windows finishes off the aggressive and slick look for me, it's nicely contrasted to the white. Happy 'popping' when u change gears!


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Thanks Leon, yes great car, I've hit 8500kms now and it's really freeing up.
I rotated the wheels on Friday & gave the insides of the rims a good clean, noticed there was a noticeable amount of wear on the front tyres compared to the rears, expected given the torque and front wheel drive. Could be one to keep an eye on and rotate every 5000 - 8000kms to keep wear even.