Water leak from lock mechanism


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I have an issue with water leak from the rear driver door. I tought that was a leak caused by the door seal but after spending some time doing some test I found out that when it rains the water from the window seal some goes through the holes at the bottom of the door, and that's fine, but some goes through the lock mechanism and it builds up at the bottom of the door where it gets trapped and what I think happens then is, because there is a hole in the door seal (not sure if is normal I saw holes at same distance all around the seal) it goes through the seal and then on the carpet where it gets really wet.

The reason why I think there must be an issue with the lock mechanism is because this happens just with the back door behind on the driver side while the other 3 doors when I pour water on the window seal it goes all through the holes at the bottom of the door.

Another thing I noticed is after the rain when I open the back door the water trapped at the bottom of the door finally run on the outside of the car otherwise it stays there for days.

Is there anyone else that had the same issue and knows how to fix?



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Never had this or known of this??..You might get a better reply by posting in one of the main sections & not the Country section..