walked a 250cc bike

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Sadly they don't make 250's like they used to....if it was one of these old 90s relics, he'd have given you more a run for your money :) Bring back the 2 strokes I say, emissions be damned! :LOL:

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I had a '67 Suzuki X-6 Hustler. 10-1 PWR. It could beat any stock GTI today. I did get killed by the Honda 450's. And I didn't believe in this, "I beat this or that" unless both vehicles were bone stock or in the same class. Racing from a punch was for pussies. If you couldn't race "out of the hole", like a man (or woman if you were the rare female racer), you didn't know how to drive. We didn't have fast AWD cars then, or even FWD. It took skill to drive well. The sport has really devolved since then. Sure, my R would beat everything I owned then, including my big-block T/A and 'Vette, but those heavy-duty 4-speed trannies and 12" clutches were a lot more fun to drive. What do we have today? Little 121 ci engines, cable-operated manual transmissions, and hydraulic clutches. Sigh.


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Of course it's worth bragging my car is faster than a motorcycle
Bud, you need to get a grip on reality.. first off this isn't something to brag about to anyone. If you think it is, because you can say you beat a motorcycle, you're really trying to hard. 250cc bike.. also means novice rider who isn't going to properly use every bit of the bike against you....

Congrats man... come back when you're keeping upwith Supersportss