VW Lease Extension Monthly Payment?


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Has anyone extended a lease for 3 or 6 months with VW Credit? I'm wondering what the monthly payment would be for the extended term. I've heard a few people say the payment will be the same as in your existing lease but that doesn't make sense given the existing payment would be based on how much you put down. Thx.


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I‘ve worked for a commercial finance company for 20 years.

Unless its stated in your lease that the monthly rental payment will reduce (I doubt this is the case), it’s always the same payment that you had up front.

Your lease documents should clarify that and extensions are usually month to month with a 30-90 day notice period.

Those extra months will also give you a higher mileage threshold for usage.

We do have a few big fleet customers that have negotiated a lower renewal/evergreen rate being 65%-75% of the original lease payment. However I doubt that this is the case with your lease. We only see that with large lease deals with over 200+ Class 8 trucks.


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I didn't see anything in my lease about an extension. That said, it's a consumer lease so in most states prob different rules than commercial leases. In my case I prepaid the lease upfront, so my monthly payment for the last 36 months has been $0.00