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I have a 2019 Golf R with 13k miles on it, and I love it and it’s flawless, but I’m needing something bigger for the family so I’m wanting to sell it. You’ll probably think I’m stupid but when I bought it from the dealer they disclosed that it was a manufacturer buyback car due to a misfire. VW bought the car, fixed it, and resold it and now I have it, and didn’t think anything of it. Zero issues. I didn’t realize that because of the buyback it has a branded title as a manufacturer buyback/lemon. I have paperwork from VW documenting the repair. Does this pretty much screw me on resale value, or is it something at least a private buyer would accept? Any opinion or experience is greatly appreciated.


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Well it's going to be worth less, versus a clean/clear title, obviously. Not as bad as a rebuilt/salvage title though, IMO.
Having the paperwork will help your case though that it was fixed/not an issue anymore.
But people will want it cheaper/discounted though because of the buyback branding.


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I bought my 2019 GTI with a stalling problem. VW fix it with a software update. 20k miles later 0 problems but my car title is branded as “lemon”.
I paid $23k with less than 4K miles.
If I were to sell it today I guess it will be worth no more than $20k.
I plan to keep it so that doesn’t bother me but if I loose 3k to sell it still it would have been good business.
How much did you pay for yours?


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Wasn't any potential loss by you covered by your discount at the initial transaction? If so, you should have paid less at that point, and should, rightfully, receive less when you sell it. If it were me, I'd ask the potential buyer for the current used car price from KBB, minus the discount you received when you purchased the vehicle. My guess is that most buyers would be agreeable to that, and you wouldn't suffer any real loss, aside from depreciation which everyone has to expect.


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That's precisely my point. I paid less for my car and I know I'll be getting less for it the day I sell it.

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If VW fixed it, I wouldn't have a problem with buying it. If it sat for year and the tires were thumping after driving it for 20 minutes, I would want new ones of my choice. Same for the wheel bearings.