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Wasn’t going to post this but I was on my way to get groceries when I pull up to a light behind a new looking black SUV I’d never seen before - Kia EV6. He had some vanity plate like KN0HPW0 (no horsepower?) and his kid was waving his hand out the window in the breeze from the back seat - didn’t see if he had a passenger up front too. It was a beautiful day so I was just cruising, windows down, not really looking to get into anything (hah). Anyway the light turns green and he takes off and stays in it, clearly looking to test it out… well, now I’m interested.

I catch up and eventually we get to a long stretch of highway. We didn’t really line up but we both gun it from about 60 mph, I walk him by like 3 cars but he stayed in it for a longer than I expected. After I let off he pulls ahead of me an gets on it again, I jump over and overtake him pretty quickly and pull a car or 2. He pulls even and gives me a thumbs up.

Like I said, wasn’t going to post this because I didn’t think the car was anything special but after looking it up online, they make up to 576hp and trap 120mph in the 1/4 mile??

So my question is what trim was this thing, EV6 GT @ 576hp/545tq, or EV6 Wind @ 320hp/446tq? I wish I were paying more attention or I’d know.

The only EV6 GT 60-130mph info I see on Dragy is a single entry of 10.48s, which is honestly right in my wheelhouse in 80-degree weather. As much as I’d love to say I whooped a GT, given that I walked him by several cars, I’m guessing it might be the Wind AWD model. 446ft/lb of instant torque might hang for a bit (I guess?)… but that hp figure just seems really low especially in a heavy electric SUV.

Anyone else run one of these things for reference?


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Also, if it got the jump you'd never catch it.
Only reason I was thinking I’d have a chance against it if it was a GT is that they apparently weigh 4795lbs, it had at least 1 passenger, and had all windows down at over 100mph - so I’d think the weight and drag would really start to slow it down up top. But even then, I wouldn’t have walked him by 3 cars. Interesting car though regardless, I’ll definitely be more wary next time one pulls up.


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So for reference I’m sure My GTI will put a car or 2 on a DTR… and I own a ev6 GT as my daily and can say having both the GT is silly quick regardless of what speed you stab the pedal, I don’t see my GTI killing my GT. I’d assume you were running a wind awd or a gt LINE awd even down on their power it’s a much more aero dynamic “car” good way to tell though Also would be if you hit over 120mph and saw him drastically fallback would confirm that too cause they tap at 116mph I believe.
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The jump takes about .04 seconds😂 it’s still so wild to me how instant the go pedal reacts with All the energy and zero ramp up
That and not worrying about getting "up to temp" before hammering on it. Nice to feel no ways about a quick 0-60 blast on the way to the grocery store which is a ~10 minute round trip.
My TDI is objectively and subjectively slow but it's got some enjoyable pull that I do not make a practice of enjoying until the oil is up to temp.