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VMR | Wheels – A Modern Melbourne Red E90 M3 takes on the Classic CSL styled V703


Go Kart Champion
Anaheim, CA
Jim Lee's Melbourne Red E90 M3 on Gloss Black V703's

We’ve always wanted to shoot a car at the local strawberry farm and when we first saw Jim’s Melbourne Red E90 M3, we knew it would be the perfect match. Little did we know it would be the only red thing there! Jim’s M3 is running our deep concave v703’s powder coated to a high gloss black, helping his unique M3 stand out from the rest. While the photoshoot didn’t come out how we originally had envisioned we couldn’t be happier with the final result!

High Resolution & Desktop Backgrounds

Wheels & Tires:
VMR V703's Powder Coated Gloss Black
19x9.5 +21, 19x10 +18
Effective offsets with spacers
Continental ContiSportContact 3
245/35/19, 265/35/19​
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