Virtual Cockpit (digital cluster) for MK7/7.5 Golf / GTI / R


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VW Virtual Cockpit (Active Information Display - AID) from MK7.5 Golf R.
Cluster shows 48,170km, but can be adjusted (higher, not lower).
Will need to be activate/matched to your vehicle and keys by a VW dealer.
P/N 5G1 920 791A.
Will include MOST cable required for viewing navigation for an additional $50.
Has small scuffs as seen in 3rd picture.
Located in Ottawa, can ship at buyer's expense.


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Overall price might make this a good deal... but $50 for a MOST cable?
MOST Y cable (for people with Fender) can be had for $25 on ebay, shipping from the states
MOST straight cable (for people without Fender) can be had for $15 on ebay, shipping from the states
If you're patient and want to save on the mark up can either of those for half the price from overseas

And it won't matter for most people (and again price can be persuasive) but 5G1 920 791 A is ROW spec cluster. It will work of course, but if you care about "PARK" versus the rest of world symbol, or C>H versus water temp in Celsius, and/or E>F versus of 0>1 for fuel... you'll want the NAR spec 5G1 920 891 A cluster.

The 891's are much harder to come by and more expensive, so not typically used for this retrofit, but I feel like it should be known.