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Vinyl got scratched

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I live in Pa, cleaned my car this weekend (pre-snow) and looking at the driver-side vinyl piece between windows i noticed a scratch, tried to get it out with a rag, made it a little worse. Any ideas on how to get this out/ anyone have this happen before?

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As mentioned Mcquires plastic polish.
Walmart sells. Also suggest using a micro fiber pad so it polishes even.
Then wipe and wax with micro fiber cloth.
The deep scratch will be harder to get as it looks deep.
Work on it and see.
Other option is to wrap is CF or Matte black vinyl.

Did you use car wash any?
Or looks like someone walked by and hit it with something, maybe by accident.


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Sorry if i did not post in the correct thread haha, that was my first post i thought it was car detailing which is kinda what i needed advice on. Thanks for the replies. Ill start with Mcquires plastic polish w/ a microfiber towel. Hopefully that gets most of it out.

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