Very Belated Oryx White Golf R Build


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Mk 7.5 Golf R
Probably should have started this when I got the car, but now seems as good a time as any since I’m done modding the car (for awhile).

2019 Volkswagen Golf R w/ DCC; DSG - Oryx White Pearl

Engine and Performance:

APR Plus ECU Tune
APR Plus DSG Tune (DQ381)
APR Intercooler w/ Silicone Hoses
RS7 (NGK) Spark Plugs
APR Turbo Muffler Delete - I’m great at wasting money on useless stuff! 😑...actually, I can hear a difference
APR Turbo Inlet Pipe
APR Carbon Fiber Accordion Inlet Hose
aFe Drop-in Filter
Milltek Valved Cat-back Exhaust w/ Black Exhaust Tips (SSXVW424) and Road+ Resonator (SSXAU619)

Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels:
Neuspeed RSe10 Wheels (19x8; Gunmetal) w/ Continental DWS06 Tires (235/35ZR19)
ECS 2-piece Front and Rear Slotted Rotors
ECS Stainless Steel Brake Lines w/ Castrol SRF React Fluid
Stoptech 309. Front and Rear Brake Pads
Bilstein B6 Damptronic Shocks/Struts
APR Adjustable Rear Sway Bar (Soft Setting)
MOOG Rear Sway Bar End-Links (Anti-rust Coated)
SuperPro Front Control Arm Bushing Kit (Standard Caster)

Exterior and Cosmetic:
Oettinger Rear Spoiler (Gloss Black)
OSRAM Dynamic Mirror Blinkers (Black Edition)
OEM Aspherical Sideview Mirrors, Heated w/ DAP
Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (Full Hood, Bumper, Fenders, and Mirrors)
IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating (Full Exterior)
BadgeSkins Vinyl “R” Logo Stickers on Calipers (Red)
Custom Vinyl Window Decals
LegitSpeed Design Front License Plate Holder
Klii Front and Rear License Plate Frames
OEM Clubsport Center Caps
Gloss Black Exhaust Tips (OEM painted w/ high temp paint)
Metallic Candy-Apple Red “R” Logos (Front & Rear)
BadgeSkins Vinyl “R” Logos on Sides w/ Black Blade Overlays
APR Valve Stem Caps (Gunmetal) + 999999999HP

Interior and Other:
Low Profile Euro Rear Headrests
Euro Spare Tire Kit
Billet Paddle Shifters (eBay Knock-offs)
Klii Vinyl VW Steering Wheel Insert (Oryx White Pearl)
BadgeSkins Vinyl “R” Logo and Start/Stop Stickers (Red) - These guys are awesome!!!
Metallic Candy-Apple Red Engine Cover “R” Logo
deAutoLED Footwell (blue), Glove Box (white), and Trunk (white)
Infotainment Screen Protector

Mirror-Dip in Reverse
Road Sign Recognition
Overlay On in Reverse

All work done by:
New German Performance (NGP) Racing
Induktion Motorsports
Automotive Protection Services (APS)
Xzibit Customs (Manassas, VA)





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That sucks... That photo of the stuff of nightmares after switching to 19”s lol. Beautiful car though. Since you have the APR Plus tune are you still under warranty?


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Mk 7.5 Golf R
Thanks and yup, kind of regretting not stepping down to 18’s and having the beefier sidewall (although I don’t know that it would have mattered in this case - hit a really large rock sitting in the middle of the road).

As for warranty, APR now covers the powertrain for the remainder of the factory term (6 years/72k), any non-powertrain issues still fall under the VW factory warranty. I *believe* that the powertrain portion of the factory warranty is still technically also there (just unlikely to result in work being done under warranty).

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Sorry to see on your bent wheel. Can you get that fixed and use as a spare?

I too bent an OZ wheel a few yrs ago on my GTI and the DWS06 on that wheel was fine. Insurance paid for a new wheel with tire however as the set was still fairly new and they thought it would be safer.


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Mk 7.5 Golf R
I was really debating going with the Milltek catback with black tips, but realized that all I was after was the aesthetic of the black tips - wasn’t looking for a change in the exhaust note and with the APR Plus tune, it wasn't going to make a difference in performance.

I decided to just go with the tips...just for a second...just to see how it feels

Courtesy of Xzibit Customs in Manassas VA - high temp gloss black painted tips on the OEM exhaust. This was done with the exhaust on the vehicle and have to say that I’m very impressed with the work Hans from Xzibit did!



Oh, and also more LEDs...

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Mk 7.5 Golf R
I decided to make a change and went from the Badgeskins Vinyl logos (which are quite good) to custom painted metallic candy-apple red (thanks again to Xzibit Customs for fantastic work). I feel it’s still very subtle, but really like the additional small detail.

I also decided to swap on an APR Turbo Muffler Delete....yeahhhhhh...not the best use of money ever. My goal was a bit more sweet turbo noise and I was holding out hope I might see some ever-so-slightly improved throttle response. At least it’s a nice looking black color if I really look down in my engine bay?


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