Vehicle fault Lighting retrofit Xenon Light


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Mk 7.5 Golf
As per discussion with Don aka DV52 (Din I can attach pics on this thread)

I have a Mk late 2018 mk 7.5 which has had
Golf R Mk 7 bi xenon LED DRL’s headlights and Golf R Mk 7 Rear tail lights
installed by previous owner,
They all work as they’re supposed to except the headlight range, don’t notice much difference when I adjust it from infotainment (on a side note they didn’t put the period correct facelift lights, but transplanted these with literally everything else par engine and gearbox from an early 2017 R).

The original 7.5 headlights had the DRL / indicator strips across the bottom of headlight but I’m unsure whether they were xenon.
Q1. Im trying to find the original build sheet for the car so I can see what options it came with, any help with this would be much appreciated too. ? I haven’t had chance to get underneath to look for xenon level sensors either, if there present do these run via the AFS module ?

Previous owner informed me that the headlight loom/harnesses were modified using plug and play harness, and mentioned they had been coded in, however from the off I’m getting the Vehicle Fault lighting sign in the AID cluster and when I check VCDS cent elec 09, fault codes indicate both headlight control modules not correctly coded.
I also occasionally/intermittently get rear tail light or front headlight bulb out or short circuit but this clears itself.

Q2 Could the issue just be coding ? and are these headlight control modules referring to AFS modules or are AFS a separate module for level sensing or cornering ?
how do I go about coding ?
I’ve attached screen shots of the the Cent elec fault codes


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hmm........ I'm not sure that simply posting the DTC screenshots is going to take us very far.

Yes, the pictures confirm your dialogue - but we don't know how the retro-fitted headlights are driven! For example, does this car have a hex55 module, or are the headlights directly controlled by the BCM (or, maybe the headlights are driven by Light Control Modules)?

We really do need to see a recent, full (meaning not edited) auto-scan for the car to understand what is connected to the car's CAN network.

And apropos of the "module incorrectly coded" errors - this BCM is the newer type that has no long-code string. This means that the coding for the headlights will be buried in the adaptation channel database. The channel count for this BCM will be around 2,000-ish. To investigate how the BCM is coded, we will also need to see an adaptation channel map.

So, more data needed - I think