USP Motorsports Automatic Hatch Pop Kit Installed


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SheffVill, OH
Good News: Relatively simple install and the hatch pops open with a long hold of the fob.

Bad News: Hatch is quite difficult to close with both struts installed. I originally tested with one strut installed. The hatch popped and required more force to close, so I wondered why run two, then I thought maybe the force imbalance might affect the hinges and that I would get nothing during the cold winter months.

I think I'll run it with both struts for a couple of weeks, but I believe I will eventually try it with just one USP strut and one OEM strut to see how that works out long term. On the bright side, two people can share a kit! :D

Davey Jones

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Austin, TX
Yes, this is the main drawback I was concerned with. I'd rather have the hatch be easy to close than pop up automatically, I think. Let me know if you find success with running only one strut. Maybe I'll take the other off your hands.


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Wouldn't the different struts cause an uneven wear on the trunk though?

Sandman GTI

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Tennessee USA
USP MotorSports.
After several cycles the short pop spring on the car body end has some grease coming out on plastic shaft that goes in plastic cup.
I know it is lube for the springs. I wiped off the excesss and will watch it.
The gease looks to be good quality. Do you know how it will handle heat?
Next summer in this location, if it runs due to heat it could be an issue.
Wondering if it maintains same thickness in heat.


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United States
These are the properties of the grease used. It is a NLGI Grade 2. It is the
"Gray-Black" in color.