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Used 6MT vs new 6MT GTI S


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Texas, US
I am just worried that a used 6MT could be trashed. I am not an aggressive driver (4000RPM range shiftier). So inclined to new one hopefully I can take care of it more.

I there a way to get electronic readout about any money shift and other aggressive driving?


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2018 SE DSG
Welcome to the forum. Depends on a lot of things with regards to new or used. If you aren't going to mod it a lower mileage used car would be fine. The clutch is the weak point though with the manual trans cars. If you don't drive aggressively don't worry about it and get what you can afford.


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When looking at any used car and especially a performance hatch ask lots of questions and look it over very carefully and never in the dark only during the day in good sunlight. If you do not know much about the car and a friend does then see if he can go with you to look it over. Take a long test drive. Ask about previous owners and if from a dealer get their information to contact them. How old were the previous owner(s)? Ask for or run a Carfax check for recalls using the VIN. Good luck and welcome.