Upload Pictures of ur Golf MK7 with after market alloys!!!


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Sorry for referring to such an old pic but would you say the finish on the Grigio Corsa Leggera is similar to the 19" pretoria OEM wheels (leaning towards grey but polished?)

I'm currently searching for new wheels for my pure white GTI and I really love Leggera's but would prefer a greyish finish wheel but not black.

Also cross shopping TSW Bathurst, Konig Ampliforms, RSe102/RSe10, VMR V810

They are likely close to the Pretoria's but maybe a little darker.
The inside barrels are a darker flat gray but the spokes and face are a metallic bright "Race Gray" look. Keep in mind with a little brake dust they get darker. Here are some pics with then recently cleaned. Might be able to judge color better.
I always wanted brighter wheels but with brake dust covering them most of the time, I like the darker Race Gray. I like these wheels. From the face they look thin and light but walk around the car and you see the depth of the spokes and how strong they are.

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Jesus that's beautiful. Such a sweet ride. Not sure if you're going for the look or if you just haven't gotten around to it but personally I'm a big fan of the no tint look.

I have a 2dr, no tint, bronze wheels myself. Just need to get the wheels mounted and my vwr springs installed.


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Dope what brand??

They look like RSE10's by Neuspeed. Probably the best-selling individual wheel style for the MK7. Tons and tons of people get them. They're a little heavy for the price they command, but still weigh less than the OEM wheels and are a half-inch to a full inch wider with a better offset, and obviously based on sales, lots of people love the way they look. Myself included. But I'm a hipster, so I won't get them lol