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UNIbrace XBQ Install Help?


Passed Driver's Ed
Hi Everyone,

I bought a UNIbrace XBQ a while back and was finally getting ready to install it today. I was trying to install without removing all of the trim as posted on the UNIbrace website. I lined everything up and proceeded to cut the bottom left flap in the carpet to get to the metal body and noticed that there is a large space between the carpet and the metal body. Every install that I have seen it looks like the carpet sits right on the shell and I can't imagine the bolt being able to grab the outsert without compressing the carpet.

For anyone who has installed this on a 7.5 is this normal. I think i have to move the position lower to be honest because the picture from the website shows a hole over where the outsert is placed and my cutout lines up too high with the hole but there is still space all around the area.

Also has anyone done this on a 7.5 without removing the carpet? Or is that only for older models where the carpet is directly over the metal.

I took some pictures of what I am talking about and will post below.

Thank you,