Underboost Code at redline


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Tempe, AZ
Earlier this week on Facebook someone posted that they got an underboost code and epc light at redline in a high gear and that it was repeatable for them, basically they were just running through the gears at full throttle and on the 4-5 shift they get the code.

I realized that I had never tried doing that in my new gti, so that night I did the same trial as they did and logged it, getting on it from 3rd at 40 like a normal logging run but continuing all the way through 4th and into 5th. Right at redline in 4th as I was shifting into 5th I got the same code and went into limp mode.

We both drive 2019 GTIs and are tuned using accessports by the same tuner, so I thought maybe it was tune related. So the next night I tried a completely different tune from another tuner and got the code at the top of 3rd this time.

Now I am not good at reading logs and understanding them. Tuner says it could be a boost leak, or a problem with the wastegate or DV.
I definitely have done this before on my previous 2017, and never threw a single code.

Has anyone with a 2019 run into issues with the DV, wastegate, or had a boost leak from the factory? The only mod to my car other than the tune is an intake, but that's pre turbo and shouldn't cause a leak or anything. I still have to look and see if I can find a leak, but I've never done it before so it might be fruitless.

Any other things I should look for?