Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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US will announce new Russian sanctions and export controls at G7 summit, White House says (

Shelling of Belgorod region forces Russians to weaken their air defense in Crimea (

Kremlin Explains Why Putin Won’t Die in a Crash Like Iran’s President ( yeah….

The Brash CEO Leading the Quest to Arm Ukraine (

Russia's Claim of Intercepting ATACMS Missiles Amidst Ukraine's Strikes on Air Defenses in Crimea (

Ukraine stabilizes frontlines, posts notable firsts | Watch (

The foreigners doing the dying in Ukraine (

Explosions heard in occupied Crimea (

How Desperate is Putin? Russia Starts Sending Female Inmates to Fight in Ukraine (

Ukraine war latest: Ukraine destroys Russian air defense radars in occupied Crimea, military says (

US Marines Demonstrate Artillery on Swedish Island: Targets Across Baltic Sea Within Reach (

Ukraine announces fearsome new military wing set to obliterate Putin's eastern offensive (

Netherlands names only condition under which Ukraine can use F-16 to strike Russian territory (

Inside Ukraine’s prison recruitment efforts to bolster front-line troops (


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Partisans destroy satellite communications station in Moscow region (

Unprecedented US Global Hawk Drone Surveillance Coincides with Ukrainian Strikes in Crimea (

A month ahead of Washington’s NATO summit, where are Ukraine’s jets? (

Ukraine is finally getting to hit Russia hard with its 'wonder-weapons,' and that's turning the tide of the war: military expert (

NATO reports "astronomically high" Russian losses in Kharkiv Oblast (

Humiliation for Vladimir Putin as Ukraine takes out major airports in huge cyber attack (

One of Russia's allies says it is quitting Putin's rival to NATO, in the latest snub to the Kremlin (

Vladimir Putin has sent so many criminals to die in Ukraine that Russian jails are now empty (

Mystery as Russia Abruptly Flips Nuclear Drill Scenario (

Argentina to send fighter jets to Ukraine, reviving Falklands legacy (

Austin explains how permission of strike on RF impacts situation in Kharkiv region (

U.S. Defense Secretary reveals heavy Russian military losses in Ukraine (

In Moscow, leading aircraft manufacturer on fire (

Senior Hamas leader says proposed amendments to Gaza ceasefire 'not significant' (

Ukraine will be at the forefront of global summits in Europe (

Putin Enraged by Destruction of Two Su-57 Fighter Jets; 'Punishment Deserved' (

Jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich to stand trial in Russian city | Watch (

Russian aircraft has accidentally dropped almost 100 high-explosive bombs over last few months – media (


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Vladimir Putin issues bombshell Ukraine war ceasefire plea if two conditions are met (

Russian soldiers surrender after failed raid on chemical factory (

Ukrainian National Guard destroys key Russian field depot in Kharkiv direction (

Putin Warning: World 'Close to Point of No Return' (

Crimea may cease as Russian foothold due to Ukraine's strikes (

European Council president: G7 has sent a very powerful signal to the Kremlin | Watch (

Putin's Cuba stunt threatens to escalate as ex-KGB agent warns of 'accidental launch' (

Ron DeSantis Breaks Silence on Russian Warships Near Florida (

Putin Makes Cease-Fire Offer With Sweeping Demands on Ukraine’s Territory (

Coca-cola and Starbucks seek trademark protection in Russia amid conflict (

Putin warns West he's being 'pushed to point of no return' over World War III (

Russia's Cuba Flotilla Visit Is 'Cheap Blackmail': Ukraine Deputy (

US: 'hopeful sign' as Hamas says it accepts Gaza truce plan | Watch (

Russia shuts down dollar and euro trading after sweeping US sanctions take aim at Moscow's financial lifelines (

Russia says the US doesn't have any reason to worry about the nuclear submarine and the massive warship its navy has cruising off the coast of Cuba (

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin on Putin's peace proposal: "He could end this today, if he chose to do that, and we call upon him to do that, and to leave Ukrainian sovereign territory" (

Third day of firefighting efforts at enterprise in Kyiv region after Russian attack (

Putin: There are 700,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the current period is difficult (

Russia's war in Ukraine sparks massive ecological disaster (

Defense Minister: Russia Flew 2 Fighter Jets & 2 Bombers 2.5km Into Finland (


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Russia deploys new s-500 air defence system in Crimea amidst conflict (

Russian soldiers desert en masse to avoid frontlines in Ukraine (

The Eclipse of the Russian Arms Market (

Russian Protesters Demand Kremlin Elite Be Sent to Frontlines (

Exclusive video shows inside Ukrainian prison as inmates join frontlines | Watch (

Humiliation for Putin as his soldiers forced to surrender after raid goes horribly wrong (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of morning, June 16 (

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 15, 2024 | Critical Threats

Italian Premier Meloni describes Putin's cease-fire offer for Ukraine as 'propaganda' (

First batches of shells arrive in Ukraine under Czech initiative (

Russian soldiers turn on each other: Crimes every 2-3 days (

Putin 'stashing years of food in secret nuclear bunker under Siberian mountains' (

Zelensky announces plan to present Russia with proposal for ending war (

Zelenskyy says Putin's terms on Ukraine are a 'a renaissance of Nazism' | Watch (

Russia’s hybrid warfare spills into NATO, raising new fears (

Ukraine has right to destroy missile launchers targeting Kharkiv, Stoltenberg (

Zelenskyy gets close up look at German Patriot missiles on visit to troop training site | Watch (

Putin treats international law like ‘toilet paper’, says Kyiv’s top official as peace summit meets (

Bild: The Russian Army Needs Seven Kilometers to Cut Off the Ukrainian 'Road of Life' (

Putin urges Ukraine to surrender rather than negotiate, US vice president says (

Putin promises 'immediate' peace if Ukraine drops NATO bid and gives away Russian-occupied areas | Watch (

Putin tries to persuade West to take actions that violate Ukraine's sovereignty - ISW (


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Kremlin bots spam internet with fake celebrity quotes against Ukraine (

Germany to push for peace talks with Russia regarding the war in Ukraine? Instead of military escalation, we call for a ceasefire and negotiations." (

Kremlin urges Ukraine to "reflect" on Putin's call for troop withdrawal (

Zelenskyy: Russia's presence at second Peace Summit to show readiness to end war (

Putin’s ‘peace talks’ statement shows panic – Dutch PM Mark Rutte (

Finnish president: Ukraine in a 'position of strength' for path to peace (

Yellen claps back at Putin calling use of seized Russian assets to support Ukraine ‘theft’: 'No sense at all' (

Zelensky Expects Ukraine to Send a Peace Proposal to Moscow (

Vladimir Putin 'has no interest in peace' as world leaders reject ceasefire plan (

Norway to allocate US$103 million for restoration of energy infrastructure in Ukraine (

Putin's peace proposal slammed as election ploy for Le Pen and Trump (

A Russian soldier says his unit was almost wiped out by Ukrainian fire and drones, with half killed on their first night in Kharkiv (

Denmark intends to block Russian tankers from shadow fleet (

Ukrainian Armed Forces capture Russian ‘turtle’ T-62 tank with crew – Video (

Britain shouldn’t wave the nuclear white flag. We could flatten Russia (

Kremlin calls NATO chief's nuclear weapons remark an 'escalation of tension' (

NATO to put nukes on standby as alliance could deal with 'something it never faced before' (

Baerbock warns NATO of consequences if it fails to support Ukraine (

Russian espionage suspected in Slovenia amid influx of students (

Estonia's Kallas, fierce Russia critic, tipped as new EU foreign policy chief (


Virginia, USA

Putin's Ministers Ejected From N. Korean Negotiation Room for Entering Before Kim Jong Un (

Putin signs deal with North Korea against Washington | Watch (

Putin's Meeting With Kim Jong Un Sparks Warning From UK Official (

Putin’s North Korea Visit Reeks of Desperation, Not Strength (

‘Putin is very desperate’, says former CIA Senior Analyst | Watch (

Putin’s trade-offs turn Ukraine into a test bed for North Korea’s Rocket Man (

Here's what Russia and North Korea each get out of new pact: Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg | Watch (

U.S. envoy slams Kremlin's 'unjust peace' demands at UN briefing (

Ambassador Kolk: Estonia ready to discuss sending military support to Ukraine (

"NATO may face two nuclear-powered potential adversaries: China and Russia” (

Nearly 80 countries agree Ukraine's 'territorial integrity' must be basis for peace talks | Watch (

Putin's latest threat escalates tensions: Russia targets Argentina (

As Goes Ukraine, so Goes the Black Sea (

Ukraine given free rein to strike Russian forces, says Sullivan (

Ukrainian forces dismantle Russian defenses in Crimea, urge retreat (

Russian TV accidentally broadcast chant Putin really won't like during Euros (

Russian arms manufacturers are 'scrambling to expand their production capabilities using whatever they can get,' expert says (

Russian Air Defenses 'Crumble' as Su-57 Fighters Attacked (

Nigel Farage offers views on Hitler and Putin during BBC phone-in | Watch (

Russia's Accidental Self-Bombings Pass Grim Milestone (

Ukrainian soldiers share story of capturing Russian "barn tank" and its crew (

Russians 'caught spying' on US military bases and 'plotting attacks' in Germany ( Hey, I remember that…. I still have that USAREUR card that tells you how to box in Russian vehicles when you see them where they weren't supposed to be.

John Kirby Rages At Putin: 'No Business Being' In Ukraine | Watch (

Russia poses an 'acute threat' to the American people: Rebeccah Heinrichs | Watch (


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Ukraine's border guards respond to Belarus' complaints about increased number of Ukrainian soldiers on border (

'We haven't seen a threat like this since WWII,' Gen. Keane warns (

Meloni's conservatives demand Orban's support for Ukraine (

Crimea Mystery as Explosions, Smoke Plumes Reported Over Cape Chauda (

Opinion: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia say no to peace and yes to Putin (

Ukrainian forces retake areas near Kharkiv (

South Korea to reconsider arms supplies to Ukraine after Putin's pact with Kim Jong Un (

Russian Coal Ship Seized Passing North Korea (

'Make Europe Great Again': Hungary gears up for EU presidency (

Northrop Grumman to produce ammunition in Ukraine amidst new contract (

Russia Will Regret Losing Armenia as an Ally (

Rheinmetall secures record order for 155mm shells: Part to be supplied to Ukraine (

Russia Approaches Grim Milestone in Reported Tank Losses | Watch (

Biden redirects American defence systems to bolster Ukraine (

Putin tries to form alternative to NATO - ISW (

Russia inexplicably dropped another 3 bombs on its own territory, bringing its total reported self-bombings to 103 this year, opposition media says (

Rheinmetall receives largest-ever ammunition order (

Newest NATO Member Sweden Says Russia Disrupting Its Satellite Networks (

Mitch McConnell's Claim That the U.S. is Facing the ‘Most Dangerous Time’ Since the Cold War Sparks Backlash (


Virginia, USA

War Map Reveals All Russian Military Bases Within ATACMS Strike Range (

Polish Foreign Minister mocks Putin and advises not to worry about defeat (

Boy, 15, jailed for five years in Russia for opposing Putin and the Ukraine war (

Finland issued warning over Putin retaliation after Russian troops vanish from border (

Ukraine may fire US-provided missiles into Russia wherever it is coming under attack, Pentagon says (

Romania to send Patriot system to Ukraine, EU agrees on new sanctions against Russia - Thursday brief (

Armenia strengthens ties with France through Caesar howitzer deal (

Russian Surveillance Balloon Violates Polish Airspace (

North Korea's Kim to Back Putin 'Unconditionally' in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine | Watch (

Senators Demand Russia Be Added To State Sponsor Of Terrorism List | Watch (

Media: Official who gave Putin wrong intelligence on Ukraine war resigns (

Russians suspend fighting in Kharkiv region and partially withdraw units (

Russia reinforces its forces near Kharkiv with troops from strategic depths (

Ukraine receives €800 million worth of Serbian ammunition through third countries (

Nigel Farage is simply wrong about Vladimir Putin (

Ukraine's partisans claim infiltration of Russian air base, leave 'surprises' for pilots (

Ukraine pouring troops into contested Kharkiv region | Watch (

Opinion: Putin’s fascism is openly on display in Russia (

Some in Russia support tougher approach to war against Ukraine (