Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Zelenskyy: West has lost sense of war's urgency, Ukrainians of existential threat (

So Far Russia Hasn’t Destroyed Even One Of Ukraine’s 39 HIMARS Rocket-Launchers—And Not For A Lack Of Trying (

'I'm fuming': Vladimir Putin holds meeting with wounded soldiers | Watch (

Europe attempts to help Ukraine in case of Trump's victory in U.S. elections (

Russia Accidentally Fires Missile on Itself (

Why sanctions on Russia haven’t caused its economy to collapse (

CENUSA: The Hungarian-Russian factor and the Ukrainian dimension of the EU's eastern enlargement (

A Ukrainian drone pilot described an attack on the Russian navy being ruined when Elon Musk cut his Starlink access (

Zelenskyy Addresses Global Leaders in Big Interview (

Border guards near Kupiansk destroy Russian position and troops (

Russian Police Detain Over 3,000 Migrants During New Year's Eve Party, Many Face Deportation (

56 combat clashes over past day, Russia tries to attack on 4 fronts – General Staff (

Ukraine May Have to Accept a Cease-Fire (

Russian oil tankers bound for India are turning around amid scuffle over payments to Moscow (

Finland Sends a Powerful Message to All of Europe (

UK Takes Charge of NATO’s Rapid Reaction Force Amidst Warning to Russia (

Estonian President: Russian strikes on civilians will not go unpunished at international tribunal (

Zelensky fires back at West's inconsistency: "Putin smells weakness and preys on it" (

In Krynky, Russian Troops Perform A ‘Zhukov Maneuver.’ That’s Code For ‘Suicide Attack.’ (

Ukraine's Drone Boats Are Now Firing Rockets At Russian Ships (

"Ukraine's Security Chief: Give Ukraine weapons and we will bury this piece... (

Putin's speeches added into school curriculum in Russian-occupied Mariupol (

Putin Pressured to Attack British Military in Retaliation for Destruction of Ship in Crimea (


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How Russia is Using Online Video Games to Promote the War in Ukraine (

“Honey, I’m Hacked”: Ethical Questions Raised by Ukrainian Cyber Deception of Russian Military Wives (

Compromises on Territory, Legal Order, and World Peace: The Fate of International Law Lies on Ukraine’s Borders (

Trials of Ukrainian Prisoners of War in Russia: Decay of the Combatant’s Immunity (

Biden’s Cooperation with the ICC Is a Step Toward Embracing Reality (

Ukraine struck a new $250 million Russian artillery radar system right after the military touted its arrival (

Putin Ally Calls to Execute Criminals' Family Members (

Ukraine's dwindling supply of Leopard 2 tanks aren't being repaired because Europe doesn't have enough spare parts, German politician says (

Former Ukrainian POWs who joined Russia have fought in their first battle (

Ukrainian intelligence claims Putin has three body doubles under 'constant surveillance' | Watch (

Russia Reining In Infantry Attacks Around Meat-Grinder Avdiivka—Ukraine | Watch (

No plan B for Ukraine, ‘we’re confident in plan A,’ says foreign minister | Watch (

Russian Police Chief Killed in Ukraine after Swapping Jail for War (

Mariupol and Azovstal defenders return home: Ukraine frees 230 soldiers held captive by Russia (

Putin's veil of secrecy: Record number of classified decrees signed in 2023, reveals Mediazona (

Partisans infiltrated Russian military unit with weapons for fighting in Donbas (

US State Department denies change of strategy in supporting Ukraine in war (

Guerrillas uncover Russian radar system in Sevastopol (

Were war crimes in Mariupol hidden by Russia during reconstruction efforts? (

Russia Rounds Up Thousands of Migrants to Send to Ukraine War: Reports (


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U.S. Aid to Ukraine Hangs in the Balance as Congress Debates New Funding Package (

Russian forces lose another vehicle in botched attempt to clear Ukrainian minefield near Donetsk (

Lukashenko signs lifelong immunity and security guarantees for himself and family (

Russian media: Blackouts reported in Moscow following energy facility fire (

Explosions in Sevastopol and Yevpatoriia: Ukraine's Air Command sends greetings to Russian invaders, command post hit (

Ukraine Needs To Up-Armor Its American-Made M-1 Tanks (

This is the Arctic prison holding Putin critic Navalny | Watch (

Ukraine Marines recount deadly mission to free towns east of Dnieper River (

Russians try to knock out Ukrainian forces from bridgeheads on Dnipro's left bank – General Staff report (

Widening War: Putin Labels West as Russia's ‘Real Enemy,' Threatens to ‘Deal With’ Both U.S. and NATO (

Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to expand bridgehead in Kherson region (

Poland receives letter from European Commission demanding lifting of ban on Ukrainian agricultural products (

Ukrainian Forces Deal Heavy Blow to Russian Troops in Avdiivka Tank Battle (

Russian electronic warfare in Kaliningrad disrupts GPS signal across Europe (

Ukraine receives additional Skynex system capable of destroying drone swarms: Closer look (

Vladimir Putin's Rule by Secrecy (

Estonia Says Russia to Close Border Crossing for Renovations (

US considering disposal of 'expired' ATACMS missiles while Ukraine eyes its potential (

Slovakia to provide winter humanitarian aid to Ukraine (

What’s The Definition Of Insanity? The Russians Trying The Same Failed Tank Assault Seven Times Across The Same Minefield. (

Fire contained at Rusal-owned aluminum smelter in Siberia - agencies (

Weapon transfer to Ukraine vital for balancing ground forces, Italian PM says (

ISIS tactic to clear path through minefield inadvertently creates new obstacle for Russians - video (

Avdiivka defense: Three objectives achieved by Ukrainian Armed Forces (

Ukrainian intelligence turns the table, exposing Russia's "psychological operations" unit (

Polish official on reported Russian missile in Poland's airspace: We cannot rule out provocation (

Harvard Economist: Ukraine War ‘Was Prolonged Deliberately By Biden’ Based On ‘Completely Miscalculated Idea’ (

Foreign Ministry condemns event on Russia's 'rebirth' of Mariupol to be held in Italy (

‘He’s not ready to talk, he’s ready to kill’ — UA’s U.S. Ambassador on ceasefire talks with Putin (

Putin Is Driving Scandinavia Into Washington’s Arms (

Ukraine's exports plummet to 20-year low: Ministry of Economy highlights causes (

Zelenskyy and Meloni discuss frontline situation and defense cooperation (

Skynex system and more: Germany delivers new military package to Ukraine (


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Ukraine Reports Successful Strike: 'All Targets Have Been Destroyed' (

Russia manipulates with fakes to prevent deterioration of relations with India - ISW (

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief on release of Azov soldiers from captivity: All of them will be brought home eventually (

Aid to Ukraine from EU: European Commission prepares backup solution for financing (

Ukraine Takes Back Territory From Russia as Moscow's Military Struggles (

Ukraine just got a new Western air-defense system meant to wipe out Russian drones by firing 1,000 rounds per minute (

Russia halts movement across Kerch Strait ferry (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of January 6 (

Pro-Russia propagandist and “political expert” detained in Poltava (

Russia faces issues in oil exports after US sanctions (

German Bundestag believes that Ukraine should have Taurus to strike targets in Russia (

Zaluzhnyi talks with Commander of U.S. Armed Forces in Europe: Topics discussed (

Media: Ukrainian firm founder arrested over alleged tactical medical supplies to Russia (

New Telegraph poll reveals weariness over US military support to Ukraine (

Kuleba announces talks with Poland "at all levels" to solve problems (

Erdoğan and Zelenskyy talk about grain corridor, war and war prisoners (

Latvia FM warns of Russia's enduring imperial ambitions, says NATO must prepare long-term deterrence (

Ukraine has been supplied with an interesting U.S. weapon (

Founder of one of Ukraine’s largest agricultural firms arrested by SBU for treason (

Sweden to withdraw aid to Mali over stance toward Russia (

Putin stands firm: Russia's resilience in an age of sanctions and a looming fifth term (

Russian oligarch Deripaska bypassed sanctions through Kazakhstan and bought new plane for US$36 million (

Vladimir Putin is trying to entice foreign nationals with Russian citizenship to fight against Ukraine (

Former NATO Commander reminds Russia of his stark prediction (

Russian metal producers hit by wave of fires – Reuters (

Here’s How the Russian and Ukrainian War Efforts Compare, in 10 Charts (

'Freezing in Podolsk: Citizens endure winter without heat as authorities choose police over aid' (

Situation in Kupiansk direction, where ISW predicted Russian offensive (

Russian oligarch takes Sotheby’s to court over claim he ‘was overcharged by $1B’ for artworks (

What happens in Ukraine won’t stay in Ukraine (

More than 220 Russian soldiers have surrendered to Ukraine via a hotline (

Russian General Gerasimov's demise will change nothing — Lieutenant General Romanenko (

Russia issues no comment on rumor Putin's top war commander was killed (


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Russians storm positions of Ukrainian forces on Kherson Oblast's left bank 18 times – General Staff (

Russia's mighty Ropucha returns. Ukrainian defenders brace for battle as damaged Naval giant is back in action (

Unfortunate News for Ukraine: Significant Danish Assistance Delayed by Six Months (

The Ukrainian Navy Blows Up As Much Russian Naval Tonnage As Russian Shipyards Manage To Build (

Political pressure on Scholz to hand over Taurus to Ukraine growing in Germany (

On Orthodox Christmas Putin vows to back soldiers who 'defend' Russia (

US deploys historic U-2 spy plane amid Ukraine conflict and GPS interference in Baltics (

Ukraine War Maps Show Ground Won, Lost Amid Fears of New Russian Push (

More evidence reveals North Korea provided Russia with missiles | Watch (

Southern Defense Forces report significant losses of Russian personnel and military equipment on Dnipro River’s left bank (

US official warns of ‘dire’ situation with Ukraine aid (

Zelenskyy: We are working to ensure that Ukraine's Defence Forces can use mostly Ukrainian-made weaponry and technology (

There will be "operational solutions" to unblock €50 billion for Ukraine – EU Commission President (

Ukraine gears up military recruitment in war with Russia (

Pushing back Russia: How American M777 howitzers are falling apart after intense use in Ukraine (

Zelenskyy calls on partners to create legal framework for transferring Russian assets to Ukraine (

Zelenskyy promotes Ukraine's Security Service chief and his deputy (

Bulgaria to start mission with Romania and Turkey on Black Sea demining (

Why Russia's Growing Reliance on China Should Worry Putin (

Ukraine asks International Criminal Court to consider Putin's decree on Ukrainian children (

HUR cannot confirm Gerasimov's elimination in recent Ukrainian attack on occupied Crimea (

Kremlin Meddling in U.S. Election (

Finland plans to halt Russian gas imports by 2025 (

Migrants from Russia sent on spy assignments – Norwegian intelligence (

Record Russian casualties hint at possible defeat in Ukraine by 2024, says Princeton analyst (

F-16 for Ukraine - Air Force comment on delay from Denmark (

Polish farmers suspend border blockade with Ukraine: Agreement signed (

US and Europe Look to Seize $300 Billion in Frozen Russian Assets to Fund Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Ukraine strikes annexed Crimea, destroys Russian command center (

Italian foreign minister calls for formation of EU army (

Chicken shortage hits Russia amid surging egg prices despite Putin's promises (

South Korea Denounces Russia for 'Self-Contradictory' Actions (

Europe to prepare for long-term confrontation with Russia - Swedish Foreign Minister (

Judge Who Shoots Down Russian Drones by Night May Have to Quit Supreme Court (

Russia suspected of causing widespread GPS disruptions across Europe, hints of Hybrid War looming (

Ex-CIA agent turned Kremlin advocate Ritter sells Russian victory narrative in Chechnya visit (

Russia boosts combat readiness of Russian Guard with additional PMC involvement: British intelligence (

Inside Ukraine shadow warriors' daring missions within sights of Russian guns (

A Kansas man pleaded guilty to selling plane parts to Russia. Here's how Russian airlines have struggled with sanctions. (

Russia grapples with freezing crisis. Heat failure leaves towns in the grip of bitter cold (

Russia may have deployed its newest landing ship from Novorossiysk to occupied Sevastopol (

Fraud, or Just a Bad Deal? Oligarch and Sotheby’s to Battle in Court Over Rarefied Art Trade (

Unknown drones regularly spotted above German military training grounds (

Uprising in Russia: Mobilized Soldiers' Wives Stand Firm Against Putin (

Zelensky seeks European arms industry unity, praises Sweden's defense help amid Russian threat (

Russians strengthen mobilisation at occupied territories, deploy new "military enlistment officers" (

A Vladimir Putin Christmas: Worship with Russian Military Survivors and Call for 'Goodness and Mercy' (

Huge Losses for Russia: Nearing 500,000 Casualties (

Zelenskyy to Sweden: The day will come when joint production opens in Ukraine (

Bavarian PM Bavarian PM and former German President support providing Ukraine with Taurus long-range missiles (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of January 7 (

Ukraine Has A New Air-Defense Vehicle: An Old M-113 APC Armed With An Equally Old ZU-23-2 Auto-Cannon (

Putin Meets With Families of War Dead (

Zelenskyy names two key challenges for world in fight against Russian aggression (

Opinion: Never again? Dachau’s lessons for Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Ukraine's upgraded Sturm-SM missile system. A game changer on the battlefield (

An infamous Stalin-era military unit called SMERSH is being re-created by Putin as he steps up his search for spies: UK intel (

Zelensky meets Japanese Foreign Minister: 'Japan is important and strong partner for us' (

Russians abandoned in -30°C without heating while Putin spends billions on war (

Residents in Russian city of Rostov-on-Don lack electricity and heating (

Ukrainian Drone Strategy Challenges Russia’s Defensive Measures in Escalating Conflict (

Former CIA head Petraeus warns of broader Russian aggression, urges quick aid for Ukraine (

Freed Ukrainian POW recounts months spent in Russian captivity (

Dangerous toss of the coin: How Ukrainians and Russians hazardously repurpose anti-tank weapons (

Top Russian Airborne Officer Killed in Ukraine: Reports (

Nikita Khrushchev's great-granddaughter doubts Putin's seriousness to negotiate (

Russians failing to block Kupiansk or conduct successful attacks there (

Japan to provide large-scale equipment to ensure stable power to more than 6 million Ukrainians (

Zelensky; Global Media Manipulated by Russian Propaganda (

Sweden remains a high-priority target for terrorists amid accusations of Russian propaganda (

Inside the daring missions of Ukraine’s special forces deep behind enemy lines (

Putin's Orthodox Christmas dinner with military families: A political strategy and propaganda triumph? (

Russians attack Sumy Oblast with drones, missiles and air-dropped mine (

Little reason for Russia to target Ukrainian power plants — expert opinion (

Germany on high alert over suspected Russian spy drones at military sites (

Zelenskyy holds talks with Emir of Kuwait and King of Bahrain (

The West must shoot down Putin's spy drones (

Putin Forced To Dispatch National Guard Against Uprising (

Failed rebellions and rising unrest. Russia's mercenary problem persists as Redoute struggles (

Strange Incident at Top Secret Russian Bullet Factory Blamed for Huge Power Outage in Sub-Zero Cold (

Scholz berates EU allies over "insufficient" military support for Ukraine (

Secret documents showed Putin moved his superyacht before invasion (

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian orbital satellite jamming system (

Russian FSB Officers Arrested for $55Mln Bribes – TASS (

Ukraine Destroys Key Rail Bridge Connecting Occupied Mariupol to Russia (

US fighter jets fly over Bosnia in a sign of support to the country as Serbs call for secession (


Virginia, USA

Saudi Arabia hosted a secret meeting meant to strengthen Ukraine's hand in peace talks: report (

Russia is spending so much money and manpower on defense that it's draining the rest of the economy (

Slaughter in Syria as Assad, Russia take advantage of war in Gaza: 'most violent bombing of civilians' (

Huge Turnaround: Hungary Might Unblock EU Aid for Ukraine (

Three arrested over heating outages south of Moscow (

Deputy Mayor, Plant Managers Arrested Over Major Power Outage in Moscow Region (

Escape from Mariupol: how one Ukrainian soldier fled the Azovstal steelworks against the odds (

Ukrainian military suspected in drone attack on Rosneft oil base in Oryol, Russia (

Putin Grants U.S. Boxer, Canadian Hockey Player Russian Citizenship (

Ukraine's 2023 Military Losses, According to Moscow (

Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian Solntsepek system with HIMARS (

Navalny Placed in Solitary Confinement After Transfer to Arctic Prison (

Kremlin foe Navalny says he's been put in a punishment cell in an Arctic prison colony (

Ukrainian hacking group claims retaliatory cyber-strike on major Moscow ISP (

Sweden Responds to Russian Mockery (

Poland boosts arsenal with 29 more Abrams tanks from US, aiming to replace old vehicles by 2026 (

Putin's pre-emptive strike on home turf. Russia rolls out anti-separatism units amid rising internal diversity (

Serbian Mercenary Turns on Russian Leaders: 'They Treat Us Like Cattle' (

Ukraine receives free ground drones from Czechia: Details (

Tavria front update: Near 400 Russians eliminated with captives taken (

Mysterious freight train derailment on Russia’s Trans-Baikal line disrupts Trans-Siberian travelers (

White House discussed production of weapons for Ukraine with U.S. defense industry (

Putin's People Want Ukraine War to End 'Without Achieving Goals,' Survey Says (

Ukraine Seeks $60 Billion in Reparations for Ecological Damage From Russia (

Russia is testing NATO's response. What's going on? (

Russian workers stumble upon possible missile debris. Another military blunder? (

Next NATO Member Commits Troops to Russia Border After 200-Year Neutrality (

Moscow’s effort to fortify and militarize occupied southeastern Ukraine – expert analysis (

Putin Orders Nationalization of Ammunition Plant Following Power Failure Incident (

Ukrainian defense forces neutralize Russian "nuclear cousin" flamethrower in fiery Avdiivka showdown (

Russia's State TV Shows Off Chinese Tech Inside Tanks Bound For Ukraine | Watch (


Virginia, USA

NATO Country Leader Says the West Has 'Repeatedly' Misjudged War in Ukraine (

Ukrainian Forces Neutralize Russian 'Solntsepyok' Flamethrower with Precision HIMARS Strike (

Finland blocks three Russian property acquisitions (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of January 10 (

Hungary urges 'strategic calm' over speculation that Orban could temporarily take reins of European Council (

Svetlana Stephenson: From the Streets to the Kremlin, Russia’s Gang Culture Defines Strength (

Russia summons Moldovan ambassador, denounces 'unfriendly actions' (

Ukrainian top general shares details about frontline situation post Kupiansk visit (

Ukraine ready for next war phase after considerable Russian losses, says ex-NATO commander (

SBU detains Russian spy ‘hunting’ Zaporizhzhya defense plants as Moscow infiltration exposed (

How Russia’s and NATO’s Military Capabilities Compare (

Another Russian Journalist and Kremlin Critic Found Dead; Body Found Near Highway With Heart Failure, Sources Say (

Russians Bemoan Ukraine's Dnieper Left-Bank Foothold in Kherson: 'A Joke' (

Ukraine launches chatbot service for relatives of missing Russian troops (

Avdiivka Photo Shows Glimpse of 'Hundreds' of Ruined Russian Vehicles (

Sweden Breaks Neutrality Stance After 200 Years, Commits Ground Troops to NATO Operations on Russian Border (

Russia to use Transnistria to block grain corridor (

Ukraine lists world's largest fast-food chain as sponsor of war (

Major blow for Putin after inferno rips through Russian body armour factory (

Zelenskyy promised dignified response to Russians for shelling of Ukrainian energy facilities (

Russian spy chief who once participated in US-funded program suggests that other Russians who participated in US-funded programs are disloyal (

Meloni Pushes Hungary’s Orban to Unlock Ukraine Aid in Back-Channel Talks (

Russian presidential hopeful calling for peace in Ukraine meets with soldiers' wives (

Heating Crisis Grips War-Ravaged Moscow Amidst Sub-Zero Temperatures (

Putin critic Sergei Udaltsov arrested charged with 'justifying terrorism' (

Ukraine Precision Strike Shatters Russian Supply Lines Near Hranitne (

Russia Threatens 'Imminent Retaliation' for Latvia’s Seizure of 'Moscow House' (

Large-scale fires occurred in Moscow and Moscow region (

And on the humor front In Rare Interview, Putin’s Daughter Says Russia Places High Value on Human Life (

Ukraine's Zelenskyy rules out a cease-fire with Russia, saying Moscow would use it to rearm (


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Finland should let them purchase land, then confiscate it.


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Russian Army HQ Burns Down In Chechnya, Saboteurs Claim | Watch (

Ukraine Gets Double Boost from NATO Allies (

President Zelenskyy Calls on Ukrainian Men Abroad to Return and Support War Effort (

American M2s in Ukrainian hands are decimating Russian troops (

North Korea Opens Borders For Tourists After Nearly 4 Years, Welcoming Russian Visitors Amid Geopolitical Tensions (

Diplomacy in full swing for Zelenskiy-Orban meeting (

Moscow calls U.S. plan to confiscate Russian assets '21st century piracy' (

Russia's Medvedev says any UK troop deployment to Ukraine would be a declaration of war (

26 Russian helicopters, 12 planes destroyed on ground, not in the air – Ukrainian Air Force (

Estonia considers fortifying border with Russia (

Russia's Putin says he will visit disputed Kuril islands (

Ukrainian partisans discover Russian military positions near occupied Yevpatoriya in Crimea (

Separatists say Moldova wants to use Ukrainian soldiers to plan attacks (

Vladimir Solovyov: Putin's dangerous Kremlin propagandist (

(LEAD) N.K. envoy calls Russia's use of Pyongyang missiles 'groundless accusation' (

Ukraine isn’t in a stalemate but Kyiv can’t win without help (

Russia Needs Fresh Artillery Barrels, Bad. It’s Yanking Them Off Old Guns By The Thousand. (

Nearly half of Russia's imported battlefield tech has been coming from US and EU companies: joint report (

Putin Rival in Presidential Election Says Ukraine War Is 'Big Mistake,' Vows to Offer Truce (

‘We must withstand the onslaught that awaits us’ – UA Army prepping for new Russian counteroffensive (

Putin's Plan to Fix Russia's Egg Crisis Backfires (

Putin's troops hit by Ukrainian armed drones as Russia lacks kit to defend them (


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Johnny Cash style (who can add the title and context?)

Work continues, first draft expected soon: Zelenskyy on Ukraine's security guarantees (

Swedes brace for war. Citizens rush to download crisis guide as defense officials sound alarm (

Russia's budget deficit grows amidst dwindling energy revenues and heightened military spending (

Ukraine to Receive Helicopters, Rockets and Other Weapons From NATO Country (

Russian army helpless against Ukrainian drones on left bank of Dnipro - UK intelligence (

'Half' of Pro-Russia Brigade Refuses to Fight, Soldier Says (

Freeze ‘em out: No Russian passport, no coal for you – in occupied Kherson Oblast (

Entire platoon of Putin's army tried to escape to Crimea, Ukraine says (

Ukrainian diaspora asks Australia to send 45 retired helicopters to Ukraine (

NATO’s rotational air defense presence on its eastern borders would be ‘appropriate response to Russian escalation,’ says Lithuanian Foreign (

US Sanctions Russian Entities Over Purchase Of Ballistic Missiles From Kim Jong Un For Ukraine War (

Russia attempts to spread disinformation about embezzlement of foreign weapons in Ukraine (

War in Ukraine not likely to stop even in 2025, says NATO Deputy Secretary-General (

Putin’s Social Media Ban and Russia’s Bad Internet Cost His Country Billions in 2023 | Watch (

Ukrainian Naval Commander: Russian Naval Ships Are 'Legitimate Targets' Globally (

Hungary, Ukraine foreign ministers to meet in western Ukraine in late January (

Ukraine signs security agreement with UK (

Russia's FSB arrests own citizen for alleged Poland spying (

Zelenskyy's Criticism Highlights Western Aid and Patriot Systems Deficit in Ukraine (

Ukrainians weary but determined to fight on (

EU must find solution for aid to Ukraine, European Parliament head (

Ukraine needs A-10 Warthogs and cruise missile platforms – top military commander (

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for Ex-Gazprombank VP Who Joined Ukrainian Army (

Ukrainian sailors held captive by Houthi rebels: Zelenskyy provides details (

Russia's Belgorod Reinforces Bus Stops With Cement Blocks, Sandbags Amid Attacks (

Britain to lead maritime coalition to bolster Ukraine's security (

Ex-civil servant labelled ‘propagandist for Russia’ loses sanctions legal fight (

Ukraine's Spy Chief Promises More Attacks on Crimea (

Russian Military Sees Surge in Soldiers Surrendering: Kyiv (

Belgorod, in western Russia, hit hard as Ukraine retaliates for airstrikes (

U.S. Democrats reject House Speaker's demands for approval of new aid to Ukraine (

Olympic Fencers Who Fled Russia After Invasion Seek U.S. Citizenship (

ISW: Russia makes limited advances along eastern front (

Nikki Haley: Putin is the happiest person in the world right now | Watch (

UPDATE 1-Russia's NORSI oil refinery halts unit due to an incident (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of January 13 (

Over 40 Russian Soldiers Attempt Escape to Crimea, Says Ukrainian Military (

A social-media win for history, Putin’s vile civilian attacks and other commentary (

Moscow's Joy over Houthi Strikes Short-Lived as Russian Oil Tanker Targeted (

Ukrainians worry about the state of U.S. elections | Watch (


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I was thinking that A-10s would be great assets for Ukraine as well. They wreak absolute havoc on enemy armor, vehicles, and infantry, and can take a fuck-ton of damage while still being able to carry out objectives and return to base.