Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Lithuania hints Hungary EU exit (

Putin's plea for peace: Russian leader woos Macron for renewed French-Russian relations despite Ukraine invasion (

Ukrainian railway company builds its first grain hopper wagon to fit European tracks – video (

‘Exceptionally Heavy Losses’ As Russia’s Newest Airborne Division Attacks Ukraine’s Dnipro Bridgehead (

Putin officially nominated as presidential candidate in 2024 election (

Wirecard Disappeared with €2 bln: Top manager who fled Germany worked for Russia (

Senate Approves $886B Defense Spending Plan with Funding For Ukraine and Pay Rises For Troops (

Russians reduce assaults near Avdiivka, but nuance exists: Ukraine's military reports (

Moldovan PM says anti-aircraft system needed to counter Russia (

Germany Will Deploy Troops for First Time Since World War II (

Russia-Ukraine war: Situation on the front as of December 18 (

Putin is trying to solve a 'trilemma' in Russia's fragile wartime economy now, a former Russian official says (

'War will last a long time': Assault brigade medic's advice to Ukrainians (

Ukraine Loses 640 Soldiers, Two Tanks and Bradley IFV in One Day: Moscow (

Germany's customs seizes Christmas gifts from Russia (

Russia flags 'temporary danger zone' over Norwegian territories: Possible links to rocket debris (

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief on alleged new counteroffensive: I can't say, otherwise it will be a show (

U.S. aims to tighten rules on trading Russian oil, Reuters reveals details (

Russian Troops and Tanks Face ‘Self-Destruction’ Crisis: Are North Korean Shells to Blame? (

Russia keeps proving its 'undefeatable' missile doesn't work that well, UK intel says (

The UK and France reiterate that Russia's invasion of Ukraine must end in failure as US aid falters (

What If Putin Wins? US Allies Fear Defeat as Ukraine Aid Stalls (

Mine clearance: over 200,000 hectares of agricultural land put back into use since beginning of the year (

Putin Complains West 'Outplayed' Russia in Ukraine (

National Guard captures Russian occupier promised "only 2 days on front line" by his command (


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FT sources say Ukraine should declare victory, accept frozen conflict (

Russians plan to create concern in seized Azovmash enterprise in Mariupol (

Cabinet approves extension of military aid to Ukraine (

Russia accuses Armenia of non-compliance with Karabakh agreements. Pashinyan responds sharply (

Russia blames West for Finland joining NATO | Watch (

Ukrainian forces take out two Russian Su-34s in daring drone attack on Morozovsk airfield (

Boeing plane departs from closed Kyiv airport on technical flight (

Ukrainians trust Zelenskyy, Prytula and Klitschko most of all – poll data (

NYT unveils how Türkiye and Morocco help Russia bypassing sanctions (

Russian Soldiers Reveal Troops Forced to Pay $1,660 for Weapons, Supplies in Intercepted Call (

EU sanctions against Russia approved, effective from January 1 (

Russian officer surrenders to ICC, has been working with Ukraine for six months, reveals PGO (

U.S. to allocate $150 million to Ukraine for digital transformation program (

Election of new US president could have "significant" impact on war in Ukraine – Zelenskyy (

Ukraine poised to drive Russia out as Putin's forces struggle in Black Sea - Zelensky (

Sandu on upcoming elections: Moldova gets ready to counter Russia (

Zelenskyy discusses Ukraine's strained political ties with former Polish government (

Russian Government Creates Bill to Criminalize 'Russophobia' Worldwide (

Russians try to storm Ukrainian position in left-bank Kherson Oblast – General Staff (

Roman Abramovich insists he ‘cannot influence Vladimir Putin’ after unsuccessful sanction appeal (

5 million barrels of Russian oil on the way to India never arrived (

Russian submarine Kalibr missile carrier enters Black Sea, warns UA Defense Forces (

Unsealed warrant for Guiliani associate Lev Parnas makes revelations about Ukraine scandal (

Scandal erupts as pro-Putin athlete qualifies for Paris 2024 Olympics amid ongoing Ukraine war (


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Russia's latest headache is a housing bubble (

Bypassing sanctions: Western companies help Russia build tanks (

Macron acknowledges European countries' doubts about helping Ukraine and promises support (

Fortification construction active in Ukraine, but no immediate threat, says Ukrainian army – photo (

Japan transfers Patriot missiles to Europe: How it helps Ukraine (

More than planned: Germany allocates 120 Marder fighting vehicles to Ukraine (

Xi Jinping and Russia's PM took a victory lap over the US's failure to economically isolate Russia since its invasion of Ukraine (

Finland presents plan for post-war Ukraine's reconstruction (

Russia sentences ex-government minister to 12 years in prison for embezzlement (

Ukrainian tennis player recounts trench experience during shelling, calls for West to act (

The Russians Strapped A Drone To A Tractor Packed With Explosives: Instant Self-Exploding Robot (

Finnish military strength questioned by Sweden: Is Helsinki prepared for invasion? (

Russia Threatens Moldova and Baltic States, Belgian War Chief Warns: 'Europe Urgently Needs to Prepare' (

Ukrainian drone attack sends Russian T-72B3M tank skyward, debunking Putin's outreach claims (

Kremlin Dismisses Possibility of Peace Talks with Ukraine (

Russia a ‘real and constant’ threat to Europe, says Starmer during Estonia trip | Watch (

Mouse Fever: What To Know About The Virus “Mowing Down” Putin’s Soldiers Fighting In Ukraine (

Russia is losing one of its closest allies to one of its worst enemies (

Putin Tells Employers to Put Women to Work, After Pleading for Them to Have '8 Or More' Children Amid Population Slump (

North Korea provides over a thousand containers of military equipment to Russia (

United Kingdom trained 32,000 Ukrainian military personnel (

Russia spends $12 bln to keep aviation sector in air | Watch (

Russia conscripts Ukrainians in occupied areas amid escalating conflict (


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Ukraine Shoots Down Three Russian Warplanes in Blitz Operation (

Russia Wins Extradition Battle: Kazakhstan Hands Over Cyber Expert, Snubbing U.S. Request (

Ukraine Receives Major News on Game-Changing Weapons (

Supply from Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 project halted by US sanctions, gas prices rise (

Polish MFA to announce new aid package for Ukraine in Kyiv (

China: Russia Prepares for Final Stage of 'Special Operation' (

Ukrainian army 'upcycles' abandoned Russian machinery for repairs, mastering zero waste strategy (

Ukraine recovers bodies of 66 more fallen defenders (

Hungary's Orban under fire for echoing Putin on Ukraine invasion (

Russian Commander Crashed Prized Pantsir Missile System Into Bridge (

Finnish citizens brace for war amid Ukraine-Russia tensions, reveals "Helsingin Sanomat" poll (

WSJ: Russian Security Council secretary ordered Prigozhin's assassination (

Odesa's military chief announces enhanced air defense in region (

Russia-Ukraine war: Frontline update as of December 22 (

Positive Signals from U.S. and Canada Raise Erdogan’s Hopes for Sweden’s NATO Membership (

UPDATE 1-Putin seizes control of Russia's biggest car dealership (

Ukraine and Poland agree on plan to unblock borders (

Russia completes buyouts of 92 foreign-owned planes (

A cargo jet nearly collapsed relations between Canada and Russia (

Opinion: Christmas in Ukraine (

Ukraine issues warrant for Russian oligarch and former owner of Ukraine’s Alfa-Bank Mikhail Fridman (

Russians shell residential areas in Kherson with artillery ( Ukraine initiates termination of free trade agreement with Belarus (

Russia Charges Exiled Opposition Politician With ‘War Fakes’ – Reports (

UPDATE 2-Russia arrests head of space equipment maker on suspicion of major fraud (

Russia Space Agency Official Held Over Multi-Million-Euro Fraud (

Japan will send Patriot missiles to the U.S.: Tokyo relaxes post-Second World War export ban on deadly weapons in defense systems deal that could help Ukraine in its war with Russia (

Russian Communists pit political veteran against Putin (

Poland and Ukraine to put their differences aside amid 'titanic struggle' against Russia | Watch (


Virginia, USA

Russian space agency deputy head among three detained, accused of siphoning nearly $5 million (

Russians try to encircle Avdiivka and drive Ukraine's forces from left-bank Kherson Oblast: 75 clashes – General Staff (

Biden signs record-breaking $886 bln Pentagon budget, Ukraine included (

Reuters: Russia's LNG ambitions stalled by sanctions, lack of tankers (

Polish president says he'll veto a spending bill, in a blow to the new government of Donald Tusk (

Putin Initiates Action in NATO Country Today (

NYT: Putin open to ceasefire if Russia keeps occupied territories (

Russia Hurting Own Troops with Low-Quality Artillery: Ukraine (

London Mayor decides to hand over cars to Ukraine upon Kyiv Mayor's request (

Ex-Spy Chief Says Putin Will Be Ousted Soon Over Botched War (

Russian Affiliated Airline Adds New European Stop Prompting NATO Fears of 'Organized Rush of Refugees' (

Putin's Black Sea Blockade Thwarted as Shipments Resume (

Italy's Defence Minister calls for talks to end war in Ukraine (

Ukraine's Presidential office on security guarantees and negotiations with partner countries (

Sympathy for the devil? How Putin benefits from Russia's Stalin nostalgia (

Zelenskyy: Being able to intercept Russian fighter jets is key to bringing the war to an end (

Zelenskyy imposes sanctions against Russia: Who falls under restrictions (

Putin’s navy makes sudden retreat from Black Sea as Ukraine left baffled (

Europe should switch economy into war mode, Polish Foreign Minister says during first foreign visit to Ukraine (

Russians close Crimean Bridge due to missile threat in Crimea (

European intelligence on possibility of Russian attack on Europe (

Vladimir Putin's plan to ‘tear the US apart' during 2024 election exposed (

Ukrainian MoD aims to recover 1.5 billion UAH from a corruption scheme (

"This government has its head on right": Ukrainian ambassador praises Scholz's government for helping Ukraine (

ISW expresses great concern in Russia over downing of 3 Su-34s near Krynky (

Russia bans anti-war candidate from challenging Putin (

Russia bans anti-war candidate from challenging Putin (

Ukrainians defy Moscow with first Dec. 25 Christmas (

Patriot system may have downed Russian Su-34s preparing bomb run from occupied Ukraine (

ISW: Western officials should not overstate Russia's failures in Ukraine (

German tabloid says European intelligence thinks Russia might attack Europe next winter (


Virginia, USA

Ukraine's Security Service on Mamai naval drone: Fastest object in Black Sea – photo (

Ukrainians mark second Christmas at war | Watch (

UK defense minister warns of 'severe consequences' if Putin wins war in Ukraine (

Happy to see the first star in the sky and not missiles or drones – Zelenskyy on Christmas (

A gloomy mood hangs over Ukraine's soldiers as war with Russia grinds on (

Russian central bank says it needs months to make sure CPI falling before rate cuts -RBC (

Blockade of Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint ends (

European Intelligence Warns of Potential Russian Attack on Europe in Winter 2024-2025 (

Ukraine Issues Ominous Warning to Potential Russia Collaborators (

Iran summons Russia’s envoy again over islands dispute (

ISW believes Russians use chemical weapons on left bank of Kherson Oblast (

Russia short of around 4.8 million workers in 2023, crunch to persist - Izvestia (

Putin signals desire to freeze the war: Comment from Ukrainian Intelligence (

Putin's undefeatable superweapon isn't very good UK intel finds (

Polish Foreign Minister: Western allies must rearm in response to Russian aggression (

Putin Plots to 'Tear U.S. Apart' in 2024 Elections Through Extremists, British Analyst Says (

President's Office specifies EU countries that have not yet joined declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine (

Russia doesn't have the capacity to start World War 3: Lieutenant Colonel blasts scaremongering on Putin threat (

A Russian brigade admits dropping tear gas on Ukrainian troops, which would violate the UN Chemical Weapons Convention (

Russia confirms use of prohibited chemical weapons (

Russian Black Sea Fleet Brigade Apparently Using Chemical Weapons (

Ronald A. Brand and Charles T. Kotuby: Ukraine, the world, and the international rule of law (

Borrell: Putin's war in Ukraine threatens EU's existence (

Any Day Now, Ukraine Will Finally Get Its F-16s (

Ukraine Ramps Up Drone War With Russia (

Putin forced to take urgent defensive measures to 'preserve valuable assets' after devastation in Ukraine war (

Ukraine is fighting for Europe's future – Finnish Defence Minister (


Virginia, USA

Russia threatens to take US military bases in NATO territory as chilling warning issued (

Ukrainian Commander Zaluzhnyi Says He Knows The Key to Ending War With Russia (

The most powerful weapon system the U.S provided to Ukraine is on the way | Watch (

Ukraine's Ready to Use Game-Changing Weapons (

Ukrainian Bombers Just Blew Up Another Russian Warship. ‘Russia’s Fleet Is Getting Smaller And Smaller!’ (

M109A6 Paladin: U.S. army's heavy hitter joins the fight in Ukraine | Watch (

Dmitry Medvedev: Russia will most certainly attack foreign military bases in Ukraine (

Russia's war in Ukraine has drained it of labor — it lacks nearly 5 million workers this year, report says (

Ukraine's new striking range: Storm Shadow missiles hit targets in Russia | Watch (

Imperial Russia on the rise: Putin's next target may be NATO, warns top Romanian historian (

Russia Suffers Heavy Losses in Ukraine on Christmas Day: Kyiv (

Ukrainian Armed Forces debunk fake news of over 100 soldiers killed near Avdiivka (

Why Russia worries about Ukraine getting Taurus Missiles | Watch (

Seizure of Frozen Assets Could Sever Diplomatic Ties Between Russia and the US | Watch (

About Face: Putin Urges More Women to Enter Workforce Despite Plea for Larger Families Amid Population Decline (

OPINION - I saw firsthand why Ukraine must decide its own fate, not Vladimir Putin or the West (

Foreign investors flee Novatek's Arctic LNG-2 project over sanctions threat, forcing Russia to foot the 25 billion bill (

Russia's economy braces for the impact of increasing western sanctions, admits Central Bank head (

Preserving lives first, retaking later if needed: Ukrainian Gen. Zaluzhnyi on Avdiivka defense (

Ukraine battling Russian attacks as Zelenskyy struggles to secure more aid | Watch (

Lithuanian President admits possibility of Russian aggression against NATO (

RIM-7 SEASPARROW in Ukraine: NATO missile meets an USSR launcher | Watch (

Fire Breaks Out on Russian Nuclear Icebreaker in Arctic Port (

Ukrainian combat medic explains why F-16s fall short in ensuring 'golden hour' for evacuating wounded (

The weapons system Russia declared a prime target: MIM-104 PATRIOT in Ukraine | Watch (

How SAMP/T defends Ukraine against Russia's Missile and drone attacks | Watch (

Spain to send Leopard tanks to Slovak-Ukrainian border (

Former Russian President With Harsh Christmas Message To Europe (

Confirmation that I do everything right – Ukraine's Air Force Commander on search in absentia by Russian Interior Ministry (

For Ukraine and Nordic region. Sweden likely to increase ammunition production (

Ukraine provided emergency assistance to Poland's power system on Christmas Day: Reason revealed (


Virginia, USA

Armenian Prime Minister rebukes Putin and Lukashenko at summit in Russia (

Ghost Ships at Reawakened North Korea Port Put Ukraine in Peril (

Boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko is fighting on the front line to defend Ukraine – here's how investing legends Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio inspired the head of his $100 million family office (

Russia's economy is paralyzed, and Putin's war machine survives on cannibalizing state-owned firms, Yale researchers say (

Ukrainian forces shoot down high-tech Russian SuperCam drone with Swedish anti-aircraft system (

Putin aims to leave nothing to chance in Russia’s 2024 election (

Belarusian authorities detained over hundred citizens who returned from abroad (

Samsung Heavy says it has stopped making blocks for Russian shipyard's LNG carriers (

A Russian officer surrendered and sold out his comrades, helping Ukraine's special forces cross a key river (

Imperial Russia on the rise: Putin's next target may be NATO, warns top Romanian historian (

Putin's top technocrat in charge of shoring up the economy warns that Russia could face more sanctions (

Britain uncovered fraudulent visa scheme for Ukrainian refugees (

Russia Seeks Arrests of 2 Animators, Ex-Lawmaker Gudkov (

Russia seeks fresh launch sites for missiles after Su-34 downed: Ukrainian forces report (

NBU Governor explains significance of new U.S. sanctions against Russia (

Will Ukraine War End In 2024? Experts Weigh In | Watch (

Russia probably can't capitalize on a recent victory because it's so bad at using its armored vehicles, experts say (

Ukrainian drone strikes panic in a Russian tank crew. $3.5M T-90M abandoned on the battlefield (

Biden Administration Announces New $250 Million Aid Package for Ukraine (

Brazilian FM on Putin's arrest during visit: 'I don't think it's possible, I also hope not' (

Putin Focused on Russian Goals, Ready to Talk About the Future of Ukraine (

Ukraine addresses Russia's rage over Olympic ban: "400 of our athletes were killed in the war" (

Russia wants to topple dollar dominance, but it isn't even able to deliver oil to India with alternative currencies (

Russia, Iran finally dump the US dollar for good (

Russian mass surrender in Zaporizhzhya sector after inhumane treatment and heavy losses (

Putin's War Worries: Declassified Intelligence Report Lays Bare Staggering Extent of Russia's Military Losses in Ukraine (

Russia Trolls US With Fake Joe Biden Ad ( almost worthy of the “other” thread

North Korea's quiet port emerges as key weapons conduit for Russia, signaling rising global threat (

Zelenskyy: Defence industry is developing, Ukraine will one day be one of the strongest NATO members (

Russia deploys latest howitzers on Finland border despite ongoing Ukraine conflict (

US Ambassador reacts to Russian attack on Kherson railway station (


Virginia, USA

Russian Lawmaker Found Dead at 46 After ‘Falling Out Window’ (

Putin Delivers Grim Message to Xi Jinping About Ukraine Invasion (

Putin reportedly prepares for a five-year war with Ukraine, warns Xi Jinping to stay pro-Russian (

Russian Foreign Ministry's unsettling call to end Ukraine war: 'special military operation' (

Russia Points North – "You Will Suffer First of All" (

Russian Diplomat Warns NATO Nation 'First To Suffer' in War (

Russian wives rage at Vladimir Putin sending troops 'to slaughter' in Ukraine war backlash (

Ukraine to unleash 'game-changing weapons' to crush Russia and end Putin's war (

Ukraine is losing, but the UK must stand by it (

Ukraine says it deployed its 'FrankenSAM' air-defense systems made from stitching together US and Soviet weapons (

Ukrainian Air Force reveals new Russian tactics after losing aircraft (

Putin Ally Brags About Escalating Russia's Nuclear Threat (

Russia Warns Storm Shadow, ATACMS 'Raising the Stakes' in Ukraine War (

Russia has managed to divert most oil exports from Europe to India and China, getting around sanctions, says a top official (

Russia tells South Korea not to be surprised if Moscow retaliates over sanctions (

Russia says some in the West are hinting at looking for peace in Ukraine (

American rocket launchers aid Ukraine. Astonishing footage reveals HIMARS in action (

Russia threatens ‘most serious consequences for Japan’ over air defense aid to Ukraine (

US Deploys Troops to European Country as Tensions Rise (

Russia's PM took a jab at Biden's Christmas vacation, saying the Kremlin is still hard at work (

NATO Bolsters Air Presence in Eastern Europe Amid Ongoing Russian Aggression (

Opinion: What did Vladimir Putin say in his 2023 year-end press conference? (

And they are arriving! Germany Boosts Ukrainian Defense with 120 Marder Infantry Vehicles ( (from yesterday’s cartoon)


Virginia, USA

Latvia decides on number of Russians to deport (

In One Massive Tank Battle Outside Avdiivka, The Russians Lost As Many As 21 Tanks. The Ukrainians Lost Two. (

Vladimir Putin 'betting the farm' on a Donald Trump presidential win in 2024 election (

Germany blocks over €4 billion worth of Russian assets (

War in Ukraine will be exhausting until one of the sides runs out of steam - President of Lithuania (

I'm a Ukrainian CEO trying to finance our nation's reconstruction. Asking for billions of dollars is tough but vital work. (

Ukraine will receive €50 billion from EU despite Hungary's position – German Foreign Ministry (

Ukrainian Armed Forces retake lost position near Avdiivka: Video (

Ukraine and Hungary prepare for Zelenskiy, Orban meeting amid tensions (

Two Russians get heavy prison terms for poetry against Ukraine campaign (

Japanese airline repaints entire fleet amid war in Ukraine: Details (

Ukraine, NATO Must 'Grind' Through 2024 to Beat Russia (

Dutch Commander-in-Chief call on Netherlands to prepare for war with Russia (

RPT-ANALYSIS-Russia faces mighty obstacle in western LNG sanctions (

Russia loses three large amphibious assault ships in Black Sea, 10 more to go (

Ambassador responds to Saxony PM urging Ukraine to accept temporary loss of territories (

Groundbreaking Development: Ukraine Certifies Body Armor Tailored for Female Soldiers (

Germany's Arms Exports Reach New High (

German city halts company’s plan to boost weapons production for Ukraine (

UK Ministry of Defense shows training of Ukrainian military (

Russians plan to take children from Ukrainian occupied territories through Belarus (

Ombudsman criticized UN and Red Cross response to Russian war crimes (

Austria Caught Between Russian Gas and EU Sanctions (

ISW reports on advance of Ukrainian troops near Bakhmut (

New Argentinian President Javier Milei Rejects Putin's Offer (

World War III Risk Rising? Russia Warns Japan Will Suffer 'Severe Consequences' for Missile Exchange with U.S. (

Ukrainian Air Force Bombs Russian Fleet Out Of Commission (

Russian forces plan to put 16-year-old boys on military record in Luhansk region (

Biden on Russia’s aerial attacks on Ukraine: Putin ‘must be stopped’ | The Hill

Poland says 'everything indicates' a Russian missile briefly entered its airspace and left (

'Our Men Are Dying for Nothing': Russian Soldier’s Widow Makes Anti-War Plea (

‘Putin’s days are numbered’: CIA veteran (

Latest large-scale attack on Ukraine cost Russia at least US$1,27 billion (


Virginia, USA

Army Commander Tells NATO Country to Prepare for War With Russia (

Russian opposition politician Ksenia Fadeeva sentenced to 9 years in prison (

Number of people heading from Russia to Estonia significantly growing. Border guards explain why (

Zelenskiy visits Ukraine's embattled eastern town of Avdiivka (

Putin's spy chief vows to prevent foreign meddling in presidential election (

Biden Warns US Military May Get Pulled Into Direct Conflict With Russia (

Moscow strikes cities across Ukraine amid 'huge' Russian losses | Watch (

Deported Ukrainian children arrive in Belarus, Lukashenko meets them - AP (

Putin’s ships can run but they can’t hide from Ukraine (

Zelensky and Pope Francis Unite in Pursuit of Peace for Ukraine (

German ambassador discusses aid to Ukraine in 2024 with Ukraine's Minister of Finance (

Russian rouble weakens against the dollar and euro after a sharp rise on fx sales (

Kremlin says it has list of Western assets to be seized if Russian assets are confiscated (

Berlin's Bold Move: Over €4 Billion in Russian Assets Frozen (

Opinion: Scandinavia is boosting its defense spending even as Sweden’s NATO entry is stalled (

Putin's Five-Year Commitment in Ukraine Unveiled (

19,000 Russian troops deployed near Ukraine's border: Ukrainian Armed Forces confirm (

The Great Leopard 2 Shuffle. Why Are Ukraine’s Brigades Swapping Tanks? (

Yes, Ukraine Could Shoot Down Russia’s Heavy Bombers. No, It Wouldn’t Be Easy. (

Putin Ally Sours on Prospect of a Trump Second Term (

I Was Used as a Propaganda Tool by Russia (

Russian egg crisis: What’s behind price hikes? (


Virginia, USA

Can Russia win a complete victory over Ukraine in 2024? (

German Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to massive attack by Russian Federation (

Vice President of European Commission on Ukraine's accession to EU - It is a matter of several years | RBC-Ukraine

Shelling of Belgorod city center in Russia - Photos, videos | RBC-Ukraine

Chinese State Media Cartoon Mocks US as Russia Regains Ground in Ukraine (

Ukraine Boosts Air Defense with F-16 Jets Amid Russian Conflict (

Forty-three Russian soldiers refuse combat in Luhansk Oblast (

European Commission names amount of aid provided to Ukraine in 2023 (

American serving in Ukraine predicts victory in 2024 | Watch (

Russian FM Lavrov compares Israel-Hamas war to Russian 'denazification' of Ukraine (

Ukrainian attacks cripple Russia's Black Sea Fleet and threaten central supply hub in Crimea (

Russian Broadcaster Calls for Control of US Bases in Europe (

Unilever faces calls to disclose Russian tax payments amid backlash over refusal to exit (

Chess in checkmate. Russian players embroiled in match-fixing scandal at global championships (

Ukraine Situation Report: Zelensky Appears Near Front In Avdiivka (

Russia completed autumn draft and bolstered army by 130,000 personnel (

Ukraine denies rumors of border closure for men with 3rd group disability (

Ukraine's Defence Minister and US Defense Secretary talk about Russia's brutal attack and frontline situation (

It will likely take Russia up to 10 years to rebuild a highly trained, experienced army, says UK intel (

Americans must pressure Congress to approve support for Ukraine (

Ukraine Responds With Drone Swarm After Russian Strikes Kill 39 (

In 2023, Russia tried (and failed) to go to the moon (

Does Putin have nothing to fear? The Kremlin's three primary goals before the elections (

Germany to allocate over €24 million to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure (

Russia's war deception: painted airplane illusions discovered on another military base (

Medvedev Announces Russia's Plan to Seize Key Ukrainian Cities Including Odessa and Kyiv (

Russia lacks capacity for regular missile attacks on Ukraine like December 29 (

Ukraine's Defense Industry gets boost with reformed supervisory board (

Deputy defense minister plans to transform ministry – here's how (

Russia works to reduce support for Ukraine in France – The Washington Post (

Russian media: Russia won't give explanation over missile in Poland without 'concrete evidence' it's Russian ( We did it, but we’ll deny it until you prove it – which you can’t do because the Russian missile re-entered Ukraine

Why sanctions did not empty Russia's pockets and how to increase pressure from West (

Exploring Ukraine’s most important battles of 2023 (

Belgorod Videos Show Aftermath of Deadly Strike As Russia Slams US (


Virginia, USA

Sen. Lindsey Graham says "we'll get the money for Ukraine" if White House negotiates on border | Watch (

Biden turns up pressure on U.S. Congress over Ukraine aid | Watch (

Russia has sentenced more than 200 captured Ukrainian fighters so far - Lavrov (

Zelenskiy says Ukraine stronger as it moves toward year two of war (

Video Shows Russians Urging End to Putin's War: 'Government Deceives Us' (

Inside Ukraine's covert Center 73, where clandestine missions shape the war behind the frontline (

Western Sanctions and Capital Flight Hit Russia’s Economy Hard, Yale Study Finds (

Putin is angered by Turkish President Erdogan's actions (\

Russian occupiers transfer equipment towards Berdiansk: Photo (

Ukraine updates: Putin vows to 'never back down' (

Putin-Allied Oligarch's $860 Million Superyacht, The Largest Sailboat In The World, Abandoned After It Was Seized As Part Of Urkaine War Sanctions (

Opinion: After a very tough year, Ukrainians remain optimistic (

Extremely high level of threat: Russia deployed three Kalibr missile carriers to Black Sea (

Putin may surpass Stalin's time in power (

Maine firefighters rally to aid Ukraine with gear (

2024 will be a critical year for the West and the world (

Russian airborne troops suffer heavy losses in Ukraine (

Russians Are Banned From Sports. Ukrainian Athletes Are Enforcing It. (

Zelenskyy: Next year the enemy will experience the fury made in Ukraine (

Belgium begins its EU presidency today, with support for Ukraine among priorities (

Putin's undefeatable superweapon isn't very good UK intel finds (

Russia's 2024 Gets Off to Worst Possible Start (

Ukrainian attack on Russia's Novorossiysk port had strategic importance, although partners were unhappy – Ukrainska Pravda (

China's Xi Praises 'Good Friend' Putin in New Year's Message (

Ukrainians live by 'either you work, or you fight' rule - Zelenskyy (

Russia is losing one of its closest allies to one of its worst enemies (

Sea Baby carries more than explosives: Unveiling Ukrainian naval drones' secret (


Virginia, USA

Zelenskyy: Crimea and battle in Black Sea will become war's centre of gravity (

Norway allows direct sale of weapons to Ukraine (

Before war in Ukraine, Putin was planning to attack Japan ( I guess if you’re a bore despot…

Putin says Russia will 'intensify' attacks on Ukraine (

Special Operations Forces destroy Russian Buk missile system with HIMARS – video (

How liberation of Crimea may affect course of war - ISW experts (

Putin claims his army learns new things and its strength "multiplies" (

Zelenskyy and Trudeau discuss strengthening Ukrainian air defense (

Zelensky vows increase in Ukraine-made weapons in 2024 (

Russia's suspicious death count ticks higher as pro-Putin politician falls from a third-story window (

Putin Expresses Anger Over Japan and South Korea’s Support for Ukraine Amid Escalating Tensions (

Finland's President urges Europe to invest in arms production (

President Zelenskyy thanks Ukrainian nation in New Year’s address, exhorts further effort (

Opinion: The West must abandon weakness and commit to Ukraine’s victory (

Putin has declared a cyber war on Britain (

Putin vows to 'end the conflict' after dubbing Ukrainian strike a 'terror attack' (

Germans see no end to war in Ukraine in 2024 – poll (

In Ukraine, Russia’s Leader Is Known as ‘Putler’ (

The Biden Admin Is Privately Conceding How Ukraine War Will End (

Finnish PM vows to further support Ukraine and increase ammunition production (

Russian Officer Killed During Belgorod Attack: Kyiv (

Zelenskyy holds first international conversation of 2024 with Trudeau (

Putin Sends Investigative Team in Feodosia Following Naval Ship Destruction (

Ukraine War Maps: Zelensky Confronted With 'Territorial Sacrifices' (

Ukraine: The Latest - 'We will celebrate victory with the whole world' (

Intercepted phone conversations revealed just how badly Russian soldiers are suffering (

Putin Threatens Ukraine: 'No Crime Against Civilians Will Go Unpunished' (

Liberation of Crimea could shield Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa from Russian attacks – ISW (

What Will Happen After the War in Ukraine Ends? Concerning Words from Latvian Minister (

Russia looks ahead to 2024: More Putin, more war in Ukraine (

Ukraine Strike Hits Party of Russian Elites at Donbas Palace Hotel: Reports ( I can dish it out, but I can’t take it. If I blow you up, it is a “special military operation”. If you attack me then it is a terrorist attack.