Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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We do not have 100,000 military casualties, it is impossible – Ukraine's Secretary of National Security ( If I put on my investigator hat, then I have several questions - "I declare with full responsibility that we do not have 100,000 casualties among the military. It is impossible. This is confidential information during wartime, but 100,000 [killed – ed.] is completely untrue." Why is it impossible? – If it is “completely untrue” , then what part is “partially untrue”?

China, Russia experts call out the ‘uneasy relationship behind the facade’ | Watch (

Russia's most professional units being destroyed in Bakhmut, defences holding on (

Russia Facing Total ‘Collapse’ In Ukraine By End Of The Year, Claims Top General (

Kremlin In Damage Control As Leaked Video Shows ‘Public Show Of Disgust’ For Tyrant Vladimir Putin (

After Putin's decree on mobilisation, 250 doctors left Russia on charter flight (

NATO to hold Ukraine meeting despite Hungary's objections (

Russian invaders declare state of emergency in Dzhankoi, Crimea due to "drone attack" (

Vladimir Putin’s health may be disintegrating and it should terrify us all (

Ukraine should join the OECD — now (

Ukrainian forces face new challenges on the battlefield | Watch (

Russia threatens UK saying 'there are fewer steps to a nuclear collision' ( Call the bully’s bluff

Putin ‘Furious’ Over Explosive Leaked Photos of Secret Forest Palace (

Hear what Chinese citizens think of Putin’s war in Ukraine | Watch (

The Battle for Bakhmut has devastated Russian forces, but just how badly? (

Putin wants more than Xi Jinping offered – ISW (

Ukraine is betting big on a bloody battle for a ruined town, but the gamble could break its ability to drive Russia back (

Media uncovers general mood in Kremlin after warrant issued for Putin's arrest (

China says it's ready to work with US for Ukrainian peace: 'Ask the US side' (

Russian Pop Star Who Criticized Putin Found Dead After Drowning (

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, says Russia will return Ukrainian children when conditions are safe (

Nothing comes for free: What China hopes to gain in return for helping Russia (

What Is 'Black Bridge'? Anti-Putin Group Claiming FSB Building Fire (

Kremlin Says These Countries Can't Be Part of Ukraine Peace Talks (

Putin Peeved Over Pasta After Russian MP Acts Like A Meatball, Hangs Spaghetti From Ears (


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Business costs soar as Russia sanctions bite - survey (

Russian TV Host Threatens Nuking Any Country That Detains Putin (

Steven Seagal launches Aikido centre to train Russians for military service (

Russia blasts UK move to send ammo with depleted uranium to Ukraine (

‘Children are not the spoils of war’: ICC Chief Prosecutor on Putin arrest warrant | Watch (

Wagner Chief Prigozhin Calls for Kremlin Support Amid Soldier Exodus (

A close Russian ally is messing with the legendary spaceport it leases to the Kremlin, seizing assets over an unpaid debt (

What Russia-Chinese joint statement says about Ukraine (

Putin Should 'Shut Up' After Comments Showed Weakness—Former Commander (

Ukraine says it's time 'to leave' after Russian cruise missiles destroyed in Crimea strike (

Putin’s ‘election fixer’ suddenly dies (

Russia Tells U.S. Not to Send 'More and More Lethal' Weapons to Ukraine ( Here’s a novel thought – get the hell out of Ukraine and we won’t them more lethal ammo

Russian State TV Guest Collapses Live-on-Air (

Fierce battles in south and north of Bakhmut, Russia advances on Avdiivka and Marinka: General Staff report (

UK talks of a realistic possibility that Russia’s offensive in Bakhmut is losing momentum (

UK claps back at Putin over nuclear escalation following depleted uranium ammo pledge: 'not nuclear munitions' (

President Xi wraps up Russia trip with message to the West | Watch (

Russian soldiers stop receiving salaries: complaints coming from all over Russia ( They have the honor of dying for Mother Russia, they don’ need no stinkin’ salaries.

Mike Pompeo sounds alarm on China-Russia alliance: Biden is making an 'enormous strategic mistake' (

Putin really isn't getting his own way after Sweden votes to join NATO (

Crimea Explosions Reported as Ukraine Launches More Drone Attacks (

New Video Shows Likely Ukraine Drone Attack on Russian Navy (

Vladimir Putin and Russian state TV host issue terrifying threats to the UK and Europe (

Did Chinese TV Air Map of Carved Up Russia During Xi-Putin Summit? ( pretty basic disinformation

Ukraine's Abrams Tanks Boost Is Terrible News for Russia (

In His Latest Trick, Putin Kills Off a Fake Language | Opinion (

Ukraine counterattacks near Bakhmut as Putin’s army ‘losing momentum’, says UK (

Zelensky Adviser Pours Cold Water on Looming Ukraine Counteroffensive (

Putin Ally Warns of Worldwide 'Lesson' if Uranium Ammo Used in Ukraine ( I guess they don’t know what “depleted uranium” is.

Kirby: Depleted Uranium Is "Commonplace Munition," If Russia Is Worried About Their Tanks, Move Them Out Of Ukraine | Video | RealClearPolitics


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Can’t wait to see all those T54/55 face off against the NATO armor.


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Twitter spam, msn's all the same. At least Twitter posts a preview link when pasted in the forum

Appropriate thread title is appropriate


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Xi snubbed Putin after their summit, calling a meeting of Central Asian countries as part of an audacious power play (

Ukrainian Commanders Frustrated With Slow Pace of Western Tank Deliveries (

Vladimir Putin is using 'powerful stimulant drugs', claims Russian political scientist (

EU on Medvedev's "missile threats" to International Criminal Court (

"We are basically doing whatever we want": Russia admits breaking rules of World Trade Organisation (

Ukraine Counterattack Will Take Aim at 'Exhausted' Wagner Troops: Commander (

Ukrainians describe healthcare under occupation: we asked the Russians for diabetes medication and were given gauze and bandages (

World Warned: Putin Confidante Threatens 'Immediate Nuclear Strike' On Any Country That Detains Despot (

Russian forces leave town in southern Kherson region -Ukrainian military (

Putin's Arrest Could Spark World War III, Russia Warns (

Russians force 50 conscripts to sign contracts and send them to Melitopol: Ukraine’s General Staff (

Unidentified object found next to last remaining Nord Stream pipeline (

170,000 Dead: Putin Has Destroyed the Russian Military in Ukraine (

Prigozhin Makes Bakhmut Plea Amid Fears of Ukrainian Counteroffensive—ISW (

Prince William thanks Poland for supporting Ukraine | Watch (

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Police Hunting Model Put on Most Wanted List for Alleged Slander (

Putin Will Be Strangled or Arrested if Russia Loses: Ex-Russian Commander (

Russian occupiers sell their property in Crimea and evacuate their families (

Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine shows how army destroyed Russian ship Saratov last year (

Ukraine Flag Raised in Crimea as Resistance Grows to Russian Rule (

Putin Ally Threatens Germany With Nuclear Strike: 'Our Assets Will Fly To Hit Chancellor's Office' (

Ukraine is struggling to recruit soldiers as it prepares for new offensive, with some spending thousands to flee the country: report (

Russian soldiers are shocked by the 'horrible reality' in Ukraine and often regret going, says YouTuber who spoke to more than 200 after they were captured (

South Africa must arrest Vladimir Putin (

Russian activity near Norway’s oil and gas pipelines being monitored by NATO | Watch (

Russia's Elite Knows 'Something Is Wrong' With Putin, Ex-Diplomat Says (


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Also real news articles grounded in (mostly) true is very different from straight up bullshit via twitter. If you think you can gleam any sort of depth or nuance from a story in 280 characters or less you're kidding yourself. I appreciate the news articles links. I don't read have time to read through all of them but I read enough stories to keep up on what's actually going in Ukraine, or at the very least to have a better understanding.


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Also real news articles grounded in (mostly) true is very different from straight up bullshit via twitter. If you think you can gleam any sort of depth or nuance from a story in 280 characters or less you're kidding yourself. I appreciate the news articles links. I don't read have time to read through all of them but I read enough stories to keep up on what's actually going in Ukraine, or at the very least to have a better understanding.
One huge difference isn't news vs twitter but information (usually as balanced as I can get it) vs intentional bullshit.