Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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UAV attacks oil pipeline in Russia's Belgorod Oblast (

Ukrainian Forces Open to Attacks on 'Three Sides' As Bakhmut End Nears—U.K. (

Russian scientist Andrey Botikov, Co-Creator of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, found strangled in Moscow apartment ( for zricky – the vaccine did him in.

Top Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov 'seriously ill from suspected poisoning' ( Uh-Oh, I wonder if he got Sputnik V. I guess he wasn’t close enough to a window….

In the midst of crisis, China sees opportunity in Russia | Watch (

Dozens of sanctioned superyachts seized from Russian oligarchs still hang in limbo, racking up millions in maintenance (

Merrick Garland visits Ukraine as Zelenskyy hails progress over war crimes | Watch (

UK to provide Ukraine with twice as many Challenger 2 tanks as promised пїЅ ambassador (

‘Absolute red line': EU official warns China against supplying weapons to Russia (

A regiment of drafted Russian soldiers who made video plea to Putin to stop them being 'slaughtered' are now mostly dead, report says (

"Potential conscripts" start leaving Transnistria пїЅ Yusov (

UK says Ukraine forces under increasingly severe pressure defending Bakhmut (

Rheinmetall Group negotiating construction of tank factory in Ukraine (

Street fighting in Bakhmut but Russia not in control (

Footage shows how Russian tanks and armored vehicles keep driving to their death at an infamous mine-filled crossroads (

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Su-34 Fullback Goes Down In Flames Over Donetsk (

Blown-Up Bakhmut Bridges Suggest Ukraine May Pull Back: ISW (

Putin's army can't figure out how to use tanks, and the battlefield in Ukraine is littered with burnt wrecks (

Russians reduce number of missile carriers in Black Sea for third day in row (

'Urban warfare is unavoidable,' US general fears (

Russian Defence Ministry says Shoigu ostensibly visited Ukraine (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Putin casts war as battle for nation's survival (

Crash course in tank operation: Ukrainian soldiers begin training in Germany (

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces Commander comes to Bakhmut (

NATO commander in Europe: Russia's losses in Ukraine amount to over 200,000 troops (

171 cases of sexual violence by Russian military recorded пїЅ Zelenska (

President of European Parliament calls for more sanctions against Russia mentioning diamond industry (

Russomania slowly fades in Serbia as Putin’s hybrid war continues (

Defense Express: Russia uses new 1.5-ton gliding bombs on Ukraine for first time (

Ex-FSB Officer Fears Russia Cannot Hold Bakhmut After Winter Thaw (

China doesn't want Russia to lose in Ukraine. But Beijing's endgame is murky. (

Ukraine troops dig in on the outskirts of Bakhmut | Watch (

Former Yakuza Volunteered As Soldier in Ukraine, His Reason is Unexpected! (

Russia's Rublev reiterates anti-war message in Dubai | Watch (

Putin’s Big Mistake: Bakhmut Might Actually Be a Big Defeat for Russia in Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Ukraine Pours Cold Water on Reports of Bakhmut's Imminent Fall to Russia (

China's Xi Jinping Is 'Getting Ready for War,' Russian Analyst Says (

Russian Soldiers Seen Using VR-Controlled Kamikaze Drones (

Ukrainians flee embattled Bakhmut as Zaporizhzhia missile strike death toll rises to 11 (

Russian occupation authorities are readying to flee settlements in Kherson (

Russia says little about its soldiers dying, so an open-source team is trying to keep track (

Ukraine to use $460 million worth of confiscated Russian assets for reconstruction (

Medvedev: Russia may have to push back Poland's border for 'peace' (

'Never Underestimate the Russians': Lessons From NATO's Frontier (

Washington's Go-To Expert On Putin On What Motivates Russian President, China And The Next Big Attack (

Why Ukraine is wary of the Russian opposition (

ISW: Ukrainian forces appear to set conditions for controlled fighting withdrawal from parts of Bakhmut (

We’re recycling Putin’s missiles as art to fund the war effort. Defiant Ukrainians have learned to be creative (

Crimean activist recounts how FSB beat "apology" to Putin and Russian army out of him (

Ukrainian pilots evaluated at US Air Force base in unprecedented ‘familiarization event’ (

UK Defense Ministry: Freshly mobilized Russian soldiers ordered to storm Ukrainian positions with ‘firearms and shovels’ (

Here's why experts say Russia and China's attempts to 'de-dollarize' global markets are going nowhere (

Wagner Chief Prigozhin Outlines Why Russia Refuses To End Invasion (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Putin casts war as battle for nation's survival (

Inside the Chinese war machine plotting to transform Putin’s invasion (

Russian forces attack Kupiansk, causing fires, killing a man and damaging maternity hospital (

Russian minority shuns Estonia vote over Ukraine support (

Russians' tactics are becoming increasingly terroristic due to lack of success (

Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut: ‘Our troops are not being protected’ (

Scholz: Putin has to withdraw troops from Ukraine, this is basic condition for talks (

McFAUL: The guessing game about what Putin will do if he begins to lose even more badly in Ukraine (

Putin's Military Leaders' 'Psychopathy' Slammed by Former Russian Commander (

Russian army says it hit Azov Regiment command center in Ukraine (

Vladimir Putin: Mysterious events continue as top ally in ‘serious condition’ after alleged poisoning (

Russian reserve fighters not 'psychologically prepared' for brutal war tactics in Ukraine (

Conflict brewing in Russian senior leadership over demand to storm Vuhledar (

Ukrainian Pilots Are in U.S. Training on F-16s (

Russian propagandist Solovyov claims he came under attack in Ukraine (

Russian troops advance on five fronts, defending on two пїЅ General Staff summary (

Russia Could Achieve a Big Win in Ukraine. The Price: Thousands of Dead Soldiers (

Bakhmut Frontline 'Will Crumble' Without Wagner Fighters—Prigozhin (


Virginia, USA

Mayor: 'Hundreds' of Russian soldiers may have been killed in Ukrainian strike on occupied Melitopol (

Zakaria asks German chancellor what happens next in Putin’s war with Ukraine | Watch (

New report reveals the truth behind suspicious death of key Belarusian official (

Putin critics face harsh punishment for speaking out | Watch (

Trump: Can end 'disastrous' Russian war in a day | Watch (

Succumbing to Putin's blackmail (

General Staff: Russians place air defense systems in residential quarters of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast (

Authorities: Russia’s proxies in occupied regions put teenagers on military register (

Scholz: West ready to give Ukraine security guarantees after war is over (

ISW: Russian forces unlikely to encircle Bakhmut soon (

Fire at coke and gas plant near Moscow (

Polish President: Russian war against Ukraine is neo-colonial (

Sanctions leave Russia unable to produce vital radar plane - Ukraine intel (

Belarus fears Ukrainian attack and forms volunteer army (

It is possible to deliver ammunition to Bakhmut and evacuate wounded пїЅ Armed Forces of Ukraine (

Understanding why some in the US don’t want victory in Ukraine (

If Moldova wants to join EU, it should be less afraid of Russia пїЅ NATO Deputy Secretary General (

Nato faces an all-out fight with Putin. It must stop pulling its punches (

Putin Is In Trouble: Russia Lost 21,000 Troops in Ukraine Last Month (

Dispatch: Despite Xi and Putin’s warm words, distrust reigns on icy border between Russia and China (

Russian forces attack Ukraine residents fleeing ‘almost destroyed’ Bakhmut (

Russia causes US$54 billion worth of environmental damage to Ukraine (

Ukrainian military kill Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group on boats: 18 invaders dead (

Putin Won't Live to See Ukraine Victory, Russia State TV Fears (

Russia Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast Spark Alarm (

Russian soldiers execute Ukrainian PoW after he says "Glory to Ukraine" (

Ukraine's Security Service to investigate shooting of Ukrainian soldier (

"We will find the killers": Zelenskyy reacted to the video with the shooting of a serviceman (

Russia deploys vintage T-62 tanks and BTR-50 armoured vehicles that have many vulnerabilities (

Russian media report assassination attempt on Russian oligarch Malofeev, who financed Russian militants (

Air defence activated in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, shooting down three missiles (

Commander of Ukraine's Ground Forces visits Bakhmut and says fighting for city reaches its peak (

Why Estonia Election Results Are a Blow to Putin (

Russian Conscript Opens Fire on His Comrades Near Ukraine Border—Report (

It’s not NATO — Putin always has had expansionist designs (

Ukraine appoints new top anti-corruption investigator (

Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko: ‘We should have done more. We didn’t ask Kyiv for help’ ( Sounds like the Mayor of New Orleans during Katrina.

Russia gives fertilizer to Malawi, seeks African support ( as usual, they’re giving away shit.

Heal The World: Vladimir Putin Takes Cue From Michael Jackson & Sleeps In Cryogenic Oxygen Tank ( He’s probably a pedophile too.

Putin is changing his strategy in Ukraine says UK intelligence (

Mysterious Death of COVID Vaccine Creator Sparks Conspiracy Theories ( Should I have posted this in the thread that shall not be named?

Infighting Among Putin Allies Reaches Fever Pitch (

Ukrainian border guards share footage of Wagner Group fighters being eliminated in Bakhmut (

Russia State Media Warns War is Coming to European Country (

Russia declares Transparency International 'undesirable' (

German tabloid speculates Zelenskyy and Commander-in-Chief disagree on Bakhmut strategy (

Russians force students to repair damaged equipment in Volnovakha пїЅ General Staff (

Ukrainian Soldiers, Nearly Encircled, Push Russians Back (

U2 and The Rolling Stones to play Live Aid-style concert for Ukraine | Watch (

Elite Russian tank brigade suffers 'catastrophic' losses (


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Agreed. It’s obviously a concern that cannot fully be rectified in times of war. Makes it easy for Marge and her crew to shout about not sending resources to Ukraine.

Oversight is important, obviously.

Corruption is being cleaned out. Traitors are being cleaned out, OPSEC is being enforced.

Sounds great to me!!


Virginia, USA

Ukraine Claims a Drone Strike on Military Target in Russia (

Zelenskyy: Ukraine sees some of the most significant results in Bakhmut since start of war (

Putin's Top Ally in Europe Disappoints Him Once Again (

Ukraine has shot down 70 Russian jets (

'We will find the killers': Outrage over video showing Ukrainian soldier's apparent execution; military wants to defend Bakhmut: Updates (

U.S. says intel suggests pro-Ukrainian group sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines -NYT (

Advisor to Head of Ukrainian President's Office responds to NYT article on Ukrainian trace in blowing up Nord Stream pipelines (

Pro-Ukrainian group blew up a controversial Russian gas pipelines, but it's unclear who sent them, reports say (

Poland to send 10 Leopard tanks to Ukraine this week (

A Russian victory in Bakhmut would be a costly strategic defeat for Putin ( Interesting assessment

Military commissar prosecuted in Ukraine for "mobilisation" in Crimea for the first time (

Russia Suffers Catastrophic Loss of Life As Over 1k Killed in One Day: Kyiv (

Ukrainian defenders kill over 1000 occupiers and destroy 23 artillery systems in a day (

Russia Is Violating the First Principle of War: Retired U.S. General (

Ukraine returns 130 more POWs from Russian captivity (

Austrian Foreign Minister considers idea of forcing Ukraine to cede territories to Russia dangerous ( I believe that most everyone thinks that.

Hungarian delegation backs Sweden's NATO application (

Leader of Belarus acknowledges attack on Russian warplane (

The Battle for Bakhmut Is Wearing Russia Down (

Zelensky Issues Warning About What's to Come If Ukraine Loses Bakhmut (

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry on Lukashenko's rebuke of Zelenskyy: an act of impotence (


Virginia, USA

Why Laughter at Sergei Lavrov Was a Message to Moscow: U.S. (

Ukraine's Ombudsman shows "educational conversation" with Russian prisoners before exchange (

Investigative Stories from Ukraine: Journalists identify 100 Russian soldiers killed trying to seize Kyiv last March (

Russian forces claim progress in Bakhmut but no end in sight (

Russia Perplexed by Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Revelations (

President's Office explains why it was Russia that had motive to blow up Nord Streams, not Ukraine (

McCarthy refuses Zelenskyy's invitation to visit Kyiv, reiterating that he's against 'blank checks' for Ukraine (

Ukrainian defenders repel over 100 Russian attacks пїЅ General Staff report (

Russia will have to rely on nukes, cyberattacks, and China since its military is being thrashed in Ukraine, US intel director says (

12 battles take place near Bakhmut in one day, 115 Russians killed (

Exclusive-Seoul approved Poland's export of howitzers with S.Korean parts to Ukraine, official says (

Russians build modular hospitals in Luhansk Oblast due to large number of wounded (

Ukrainian troops storm Russian trench, capturing soldiers after battle (

Russian forces lack mechanised forces to advance beyond Bakhmut пїЅ ISW (

Ukraine Claims Bakhmut Battle Is Wagner’s ‘Last Stand’ (

Ukraine has dismissed one of its most important commanders (

Medvedev warns Ukraine arms shipments could lead to nuclear disaster (

Russian support for Wagner Group in Bakhmut "appears to be dwindling" – CNN (

Search for Russians responsible for execution of unarmed Ukrainian soldier underway (

Poland ready to supply Ukraine with its MiG-29 jets – Duda (

Ukraine Latest: US Spy Chief Sees the Russia Invasion Stymied (

Russia says it may challenge Biden’s nominee to head the World Bank (

Ukraine Heads Into Season of Advantage Over Russia (

Explosions in occupied Enerhodar: fire being extinguished by military and Russian Guard (

Iran secretly provides Russia with large number of rounds, artillery and mortar bombs (

Zelenskyy: Future of UN is now being decided in Ukraine (

Russia TV Claims UK Is Reduced to Eating Squirrels Over Ukraine Aid ( and the rest of the story is below

OH NUTS!: British restaurants urged to serve grey squirrel meat | News |

Vladimir Putin may soon be betrayed by this long-time ally in Europe (


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To bring some levity into this thread.

"Hosegood said grey squirrels have caused about $65.4 million worth of damages to UK trees."

How, how do they "know" this? Is there someone inspecting trees, assigning a value to an "undamaged" tree and then deducting money if they see squirrels running up and down the tree?

I demand to see the squirrel damage to tree value methodology!


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To bring some levity into this thread.

"Hosegood said grey squirrels have caused about $65.4 million worth of damages to UK trees."

How, how do they "know" this? Is there someone inspecting trees, assigning a value to an "undamaged" tree and then deducting money if they see squirrels running up and down the tree?

I demand to see the squirrel damage to tree value methodology!

Actually, yes, the job title is “Arborist”

Source: I get to talk with my city’s arborist every few months because of my yard.



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Actually, yes, the job title is “Arborist”

Source: I get to talk with my city’s arborist every few months because of my yard.

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Now I'm curious. What is purpose of the arborist coming out to you to talk trees? See how your back yard forest is doing and make sure you're not cutting any of it down, watching for tree disease, asking you to catch grey squirrels for stew?


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Now I'm curious. What is purpose of the arborist coming out to you to talk trees? See how your back yard forest is doing and make sure you're not cutting any of it down, watching for tree disease, asking you to catch grey squirrels for stew?

Much of what you see is city property, a “wild park”. The area is cottonwood, red oak, white oak, burl oak, dogwood, maple, ash, elm, and a fuckton of buckthorn.

I’ve been working with the city to remove the buckthorn while promoting growth of the “native” species. Recently we lost 6 red oaks, 4 in the yard, to oak wilt.

When he’s over we talk trees and their health, health of the understory, and plantings to replenish the losses from buckthorn infestation. This means I cut it down manually, and drag to the street, they haul the piles away at no charge.

And eating squirrels. I have a beautiful CZ Mannlicher in .17 HMR for filling the crockpot with the nutty bastards.


Virginia, USA

Ukraine denies blowing up Nord Stream pipeline; NATO chief says Russia could take Bakhmut in 'coming days': Live updates (

Russia has lost up to 30,000 Wagner mercenaries in fight for Bakhmut, with one in three dead пїЅ Western intelligence (

Wagner Chief Sounds Desperate Bakhmut Call (

Why retired colonel says this city ‘could be’ Wagner Group’s last stand | Watch (

Winged JDAM Smart Bombs Are Now Operational In Ukraine (

U.S. intel chiefs warn Putin is expanding his nuclear weapons arsenal as the war in Ukraine drags on (

Ukraine's battle to hold Bakhmut grinds on | Watch (

Ukrainian soldiers wait to reinforce 'real hell' of Bakhmut (

Hackers break into Russian TV and tell everyone there's been a nuclear attack (

UN chief holds talks with Ukraine leader in Kyiv | Watch (

NATO chief in new drive to bring Finland, Sweden in (

Russian barrage slams targets across Ukraine | Watch (

CNN speaks to Russian women who say they would send their sons and husbands to war | Watch (

Russia’s biggest bank suffers 78% collapse in profit as sanctions bite (

Russia prepares new wave of mobilisation in Donbas, mainly of minors – National Resistance Center (

Putin is running out of time to win the ammunition war against the West (

Poland agrees to joint supply of MiG-29s to Ukraine, now is time to decide – Slovak Defence Minister (

Air-raid warning issued in Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast (

Ukraine Can Bring Putin’s Tanks Back from the Dead (

Stavridis: Russia continuing to send hypersonic missiles would be 'not a strategy, but a failure' | Watch (

Kremlin Cuts Off Wagner's Direct Access ( I’m not quite sure I understand the logic here. Can Putin be so distanced from reality that he doesn’t see that these butchers are all that are holding his line in Ukraine?

Ukraine's Security Service special forces destroy Russian missile systems with kamikaze drones (

Sanctions Loophole Closed as Turkey Blocks Parallel Imports to Russia (

‘The heart of the war’: Inside the secret talks with Putin’s generals that ended the siege of Mariupol (