Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Someone bout to get fucked. 🤣



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Germany woos India as an ally against Russia (

Vladimir Putin Aide Says Russia Will Win In Ukraine: 'Push The Borders Of Threats…Even If These Are The Borders Of Poland' (

Russia Has 'Changed Its Approach Again' After Costly Advances: U.K. (

Why the U.S. is restricting exports of toasters to Russia (

Zelensky Shows Off Powerful Friends on War Anniversary (

Vladimir Putin 'Terribly Scared' Of Kremlin Coup After Failing To Win War In Ukraine Within A Year (

Putin Ally Warns Russia Prepared to Take War to Polish Border (

The UN Couldn't Even Agree to Hold a Minute of Silence for Ukraine (

Putin's KGB past is key to grasping what he might do next in his failing Ukraine war, ex-spies say (

'Storm clouds gathering': Report details worries in DC as Putin was preparing a full-fledged Ukraine invasion (

New Footage May Show Ukraine Fighting Russia with Ammo from Iran (

Zelenskyy supports China's new stance on Ukraine | Watch (

Lukashenko on alleged Russian plans to take over Belarus by 2030: ´There might have been such a document' (

Putin Crony Dmitry Medvedev SLAMS President Joe Biden, Says Russia Will Use Nukes To Defend Itself From 'World Conflict' (

Outrage among Russians over repeated losses in year-long Ukrainian war lands Putin in soup (

Vladimir Putin Will Be Killed by His Own Inner Circle, Zelensky Predicts (

How Putin can cling on… even if Russia loses the war in Ukraine (

Putin Called 'Schizophrenic' in Post Shared by Former Russian Commander (

Ukraine receives first shipment of Leopard tanks | Watch ( The germans could have taken them through a car wash before handing them over.

Putin's Silence on War Anniversary Likely Due to Failures in Ukraine: ISW (

Russian State Media Urges Putin Didn't 'Want to' Take Kyiv in Three Days (

How Ukraine is using US mines to decimate Russian tanks (

Protest in Berlin over arming Ukraine against Russia draws thousands (

U.S. Amb. to Ukraine: ‘Russia has taken bites out of different countries in this region’ for 20+ years | Watch (

Land Forces сhief visits Bakhmut as fierce fighting continues on city outskirts (

Russian lawmaker who hung noodles on his ears to mock Putin's speech might face punishment (

Russia halts pipeline oil supplies to Poland after tank transfer to Ukraine (

Fmr. Ukraine President to world: Don’t trust - or be afraid of - Putin | Watch (


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What do we mean by "more than (x number)"?

Does that mean we know at a minimum there are (x number) of what we're discussing but there are likely more that we haven't counted, or does it mean we have no idea but this is the low end of our best estimate?


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What do we mean by "more than (x number)"?

Does that mean we know at a minimum there are (x number) of what we're discussing but there are likely more that we haven't counted, or does it mean we have no idea but this is the low end of our best estimate?
We have no clue.... but it is a guess to show whatever we want it to show.


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Elite Russian Force 'Significantly Degraded' After High Casualties: U.K. (

Forced to consider NATO's nuclear capabilities: Putin casts war as a battle for Russia's survival (

China Announces Lukashenko Visit Hours After Zelensky Called for Meeting (

Analyst: military blunders backfire on Moscow as war grinds on | Watch (

Key Putin ally claims Russia is dismantling seized western weapons to turn 'the enemy's experience to our advantage' in Ukraine (

Footage Shows Ukraine Destroying Russian Tank From 6 Miles Away (

Russian Troops Say They're Being 'Sent to the Slaughter' in Video to Putin (

Report: China considering sending artillery, ammunition to Russia | Watch (

Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicts Putin will fall to own people: Russians will 'find a reason to kill the killer' (

New Footage Proves Ukraine Captured Russia’s Killer T-90M Tank (

Protesters deliver 'cake of death' to Russian embassy in Belgrade (

Inside war rooms where President Zelensky leads fightback against Putin (

CIA director says Russian counterpart ‘understood’ warnings against using nuclear weapon (

Reporter's Notebook: In Russia 'there is no such thing as support in a non-free society' (

One Year Of Sanctions: The Aeroflot Fleet In 2023 (

Russian warlord's fiery feud with Putin's generals threatens to bury Russia's ambitions (

This is life in Russia a year into the war (

Putin's security obsession: Russia's leader goes to extreme lengths to stay safe (

Zelenskiy fires a top Ukrainian military commander, no reason given (

Russia's Sukhoi Superjets Will Stop Using Michelin Tires This Year (

Opposition group: Explosion at Belarusian military airfield damaged Russian aircraft in reported partisan attack (

Saudi foreign minister meets Zelensky in Kyiv, signs $400 million aid agreements (

Ukrainian MP: ‘Putin has psychopathic dreams of rebuilding the greatest Russia ever’ | Watch (

Rice says "we have to do everything we can to convince" Putin that he is wrong on Ukraine (

Opinion | Putin Wanted to Lead a Great Power. Instead, He Shrunk Russia’s World. (

Putin wants to create a "Greater Russia" and the first step is take over Belarus (

Putin’s Favorite Neighbor Is Caving to the Kremlin (

Putin Says Russia Has to Take NATO 'Nuclear Potential' Into Account (

CIA chief says it would be ‘very risky and unwise’ for China to send lethal aid to help Russian invasion of Ukraine (

Ukraine Minister of Culture: Russia is denying Ukraine of identity | Watch (

Putin's war is driven by his fears of Russia's decline. That gives Ukraine a path to victory. (

Officials reflect on China’s role in Russia’s war | Watch (

Russia's invasion of Ukraine was also accompanied by large-scale operations in cyberspace | Watch (


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CIA director says Putin overconfident that Russia can grind down Ukraine (

Sanctions Net Widens to Catch Russia's Mideast Oil Shipper (

Tatiana Stanovaya: A Fight for Survival: What Victory Looks Like to Putin (

Putin says Ukraine war poses existential threat to ‘Russian people’ ( Well, yeah. But if Putin hadn’t started the war, then everything would be OK.

Russia's Medvedev says arms supplies to Kyiv threaten global nuclear catastrophe (

Belarus leader and Putin ally Lukashenko to visit China (

Russia's air force is struggling to hit targets in Ukraine, but its missiles can still keep Ukraine's jets at bay (

Condoleezza Rice tells Republicans they need to get on the right side of Ukraine (

Russian TV Host Says Soldiers on Frontline Are Thanking Putin for War ( Only if “yeb vas” means “thank you”

China Raises Questions With Coy Remarks About Weapons for Russia (

Putin's Former Adviser Who Denounced Ukraine War Dies of 'Serious Illness' ( uh-oh

Elderly Russian Woman Blaming Putin for the World 'Hating Us' Goes Viral ( she’ll fall out of a window soon.

Russian Plane Destroyed at Belarus Airstrip – Opposition (

Vladimir Putin may be suffering from a severe brain disorder, claims Russian ex-commander (

UN chief points to 'massive' rights violations in Ukraine (

Russia ditches nuclear security amid China visit, ‘dangerous decade’ ahead, expert warns (

Putin cancels key Moldovan sovereignty decree amid revelation of planned coup (

Hear what CIA director thinks about Putin | Watch (

Yellen makes surprise trip to Ukraine (

Ukraine Celebrates as Downing of Russian Jets Hits New Milestone (

Ukraine says it shot down a Su-25 jet and captured its pilot in revenge for a weekend of shelling: reports (

A Norwegian guy woke Russian diplomats in Oslo after 2 a.m. with an air raid siren on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine (

Russia Responds to China's Peace Plan for Ukraine (

‘Shocking’: Reporter says Russian losses are increasing support for Putin’s war | Watch (

Former Russian President Reveals War Had Two Dates of 'No Return' (

Russian Authorities Flee Ukraine Amid Fears of Counteroffensive: Ukraine (

Ukraine's Counteroffensive 'Shocked' Putin Into Another Mobilization: ISW (

New Footage Shows Russia Destroying Two Ukrainian Tanks (

Belarus Ramps Up Border Patrol After Saboteurs Destroy Rare Russian Plane | Watch (

Chechen leader Kadyrov threatens to invade ‘East Germany’ (

Putin’s Greatest Fear: Russia Could Disappear Thanks to Ukraine War (

Ukrainian journalist Karolina Ashion on reporting in exile | Watch (

Russia shoots down China's peace plan for the Ukraine war as Beijing becomes more entangled in the conflict a year into the fighting (

Kremlin brushes off China's peace proposal for Ukraine (

New Footage Shows Ukraine Using Suicide Drones to Kill Russian Armor (

Russia 'Likely Concerned' Over 'Unexplained Explosions' In Important City, UK Says (

Hear why some Russian troops are refusing to fight and say they’re in a ‘desperate position’ | Watch (

Vladimir Putin's close allies will kill him, claims Zelenskyy: 'Carnivores will eat the carnivore' (

More Than 1,300 Russians Killed in Last Two Days of War: Ukraine (

Biden Says That Support For Ukraine "Will Never Waiver" | Watch (

Upcoming spring draft in Russia would seriously impact society, experts say (

Putin decorates US actor Seagal with 'friendship' award ( Damn, he looks old and fat

Brennan: ‘China would become a co-belligerent in a war of aggression’ if they give Russia lethal aid | Watch (

65,000 fighters killed in Ukraine, growing elderly populace: Russia stares at population crisis (

Russia Says Military's 'Flawless Training' on Show in Ukraine ( See above article

How Crimea Can Be Retaken, According to Former U.S. General (

Mystery Surrounds Russian Plane Reportedly Blown Up in Belarus (

Russia tries to close ring around Bakhmut as thawing ground turns to mud (

Russia has been able to keep its most effective drone flying over Ukraine thanks to Western-made parts (

Vlada Stanković: Trapped in Putin's Embrace: Erdogan's Russian Dilemma (

Hell on earth: I reported from the war in Ukraine. What I witnessed still haunts me. (

Ukraine’s Shadow War Accelerates (


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An 'elite' Russian unit is being weakened by severe front-line losses, and the replacements appear to be making things worse, Western intel says (

Dmitry Medvedev threatens 'collapse' and 'apocalypse' over Ukraine (

Vladimir Putin And Steven Seagal's Friendship May Be 'Hard To Kill' After This Award ( Does anybody care?

Putin Has a Big Problem: Lockheed Is Going to Build Lots of HIMARS (

Russia has just one tank factory churning out 20 tanks a month, with demand outstripping production by a factor of ten, says report (

Russian father had his daughter taken away after she drew an anti-war picture in art class, reports say (

Will Putin Run For President Again In 2024? Kremlin Spokesman Says 'He's Definitely Not Up To It Now' (

After Biden, Ukraine Intel Chief Says He Doesn't Think Xi Jinping Will Transfer Weapons To Putin (

The Two Words that Make the Ukraine War So Horrific (And Putin a Monster) (

Russian Military Reshuffle Follows 'Significant' Attack on Plane in Belarus (

NATO chief says membership for Finland, Sweden 'top priority' (

Russia Says It Will Adhere to Nuclear Treaty Rules Despite Suspending Deal With US | Watch (

Russia will not resume START nuclear talks until Washington listens to Moscow (

Russia 'quietly' facing another crisis due to war and it will have serious consequences for the country (

Russia Loses 50k Soldiers in Two Months—Kyiv (

Russian Support for Putin's War Falling Fast as Economic Fallout Bites—Poll (

Drones Attack Russia From All Sides (

Ukraine troops 'on edge' as Moscow seeks to encircle Bakhmut (

U.S. does not see significant near-term Russian gains in Ukraine: Pentagon official (

Russia bans government officials from using most foreign words (

Canadian forces train Ukrainians to operate Leopard tanks | Watch (

A view from Crimea, the Russian-annexed territory Ukraine is hoping to seize back (

Russian radio and TV hit by second 'missile strike' hack in less than a week (

New Footage Shows Ukraine Hitting Russian Armor with Javelin Missile (

'Ukrainian kamikaze drone' crashes just 68 miles from Kremlin (

Russia Lays Out Peace Negotiation Terms That 'Cannot Be Ignored' (

US Announces $2B More in Security Aid to Ukraine | Watch (