Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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I can’t imagine being tossed down range against a near-peer after 8yrs from discharge… even after 2wks of refresher. Fuck that noise.
I think about it, but I can’t imagine from the Russian soldier’s perspective. I can’t imagine going to a war that I didn’t want, to fight a fight I didn’t want. Morale must be shit. I wonder what the level of support for the war truly is, from within the ranks?


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I'm sure war protesters and draftees sent to fight will flee or surrender even faster than the regular military has been.

Putins only play is nuclear weapons and I don't think the military will allow a preemptive strike. They have families too.


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I'm sure war protesters and draftees sent to fight will flee or surrender even faster than the regular military has been.

Putins only play is nuclear weapons and I don't think the military will allow a preemptive strike. They have families too.
Fleeing gets them shot, surrendering probably gets them a real meal - something they haven't had since they got called up.

Anybody had a Russian MRE? We might complain about our MREs, but think a C-ration (from that era) that has been in storage the entire time. Many Russian MREs have things moving inside and makes even the worst US MRE taste like a gourmet meal.


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Fleeing gets them shot, surrendering probably gets them a real meal - something they haven't had since they got called up.

Anybody had a Russian MRE? We might complain about our MREs, but think a C-ration (from that era) that has been in storage the entire time. Many Russian MREs have things moving inside and makes even the worst US MRE taste like a gourmet meal.
Yeah I saw some media of a deserted camp and all the gear they left. I saw they left their food and thought that was kind of strange, then realized it was bad enough to leave behind.


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Anybody flip flopping?

'What's happening in Russia now is total fear' (

Secret clause in Putin's mobilization decree may allow him to draft up to 1 million reservists, an independent Russian outlet reports (

Macron reproaches Putin for «blackmail» with nuclear armament (

Ukraine war live: Volodymyr Zelenskiy lays out peace formula as arrests at Russia anti-war protests pass 1,000 (

Former NATO commander says he's not losing 'a lot of sleep' over Putin's nuclear threats as the Russian leader ups the ante in Ukraine (

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War Crimes Have Been Committed in Ukraine, U.N. Experts Say (

Russian POWs return to Russia | Watch ( They can go right back and get captured again

Billionaire Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich met Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman to help broker a Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap, report says (

Kremlin warns Ukraine that trying to retake Donbas after referendums will be tantamount to attacking Russia (

Lukashenko rules out mobilization of the population due to the war in Ukraine (

‘I’m not going to die for Putin’: Russians react to draft orders | Watch (

Exclusive-Ukraine will never forgive Russia - Russian Nobel laureate (

Ukraine puts the number of Russian servicemen killed in combat at more than 56,000 (

Ukraine War Comes to Russia as Putin Imposes Draft (

Moscow unlikely to use nuclear weapons, say ex-Russian generals (

Another Vladimir Putin ally mysteriously dies, keeping Moscow elites on edge ( I guess he thought he could fly

Ukrainian forces push into Donetsk, fighting Russia for territory it considers 'essential' to win: UK intel (

Vladimir Putin's ousting predicted by former Russian Prime Minister (

'Blown out of the sky': Ukraine takes down Iranian-made 'suicide drones' in blow to Russia (

Russian troops raped and tortured children in Ukraine, U.N. panel says (

This isn’t a sham referendum Melitopol mayor denounces pressure from Russian soldiers to «vote correctly» in referendum (

Long queues as people try to flee Russia | Watch (

Former NATO boss slams Macron for "disastrous" diplomacy on Ukraine (

Opinion: Desperate Putin will twist, not stick (

Nuclear War 'Already a Given' Says Russian TV: 'Everyone Will Be Destroyed' (

Video Shows Russian 'Alligator' Chopper Fall From Sky After Ukraine Strike (

Reports of Putin's problems are mounting (


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Early today - spam brunch


Russia responds to Ukraine regaining land. Has the conflict hit a turning point? | Watch (

Ukraine strips diplomatic ties with Iran over 'evil' drone supplies to Russia war effort (

Iran responds to Ukraine diplomatic demotion over Russia drones (

Russia Expands Use of Iranian Combat Drones in Ukraine (

West: More sanctions, isolation if Putin carries out threats (

At anti-war protests in Russia, fears for the drafted as 'cannon fodder' and a brutal response by police ( The cops are brutal because they don’t want to be sent to the front

What could happen if Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine? (

China advocates respect for «territorial integrity» to Ukraine ( everybody is bailing from Putin. This also should make other countries think about China’s loyalty to them. Weren’t they going to be BFFs?

Former Putin advisor sees influence of Chinese President Xi in Putin's recent decisions (

Eyes on Moscow as Russian 'panic' sparks glee on the frontline (

High-Level Russian Intelligence Officers Are Getting Fed Up With Putin | Watch (

Putin’s Draft Draws Resistance in Russia’s Far-Flung Regions ( I called this too – this draft is targeting the lower class

Moscow-Kyiv prisoner exchange intensifies domestic criticism of Putin (

Neighbouring Russia, Latvians prep for war (

The Biden administration has been privately warning Russia against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine for months, report says (

Yes, Putin might use nuclear weapons. We need to plan for scenarios where he does (

Stoltenberg warns Russia of ‘grave consequences’ if it uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine (

Staged Annexation Vote Starts in Russian-Occupied Areas of Ukraine (

An ex-US Army general who witnessed Russia's basic training of recruits says it was awful, and the 'newbies' being drafted face disaster on the front line (

Europe faces dilemma on Russians fleeing Putin's draft (

Russia targets ethnics minorities, protestors for forced conscription (

U.S. proves that Russia has already decided the results of referendums in eastern Ukraine (

Toyota Ends Manufacturing Operations In Russia (

Ukraine war: How to repair the Ukrainian army's modern weapons (

One of Russia’s deputy defense ministers dismissed (

Russia says certain workers will be exempt from draft after backlash (

Borrell calls for «taking seriously» Putin’s threats, says war has entered «dangerous» phase (

Half the workers of Russia's biggest airline may be forced to join the army by Vladimir Putin, report says ( I wonder how many Russian airline staff flew out of Russia and didn’t return

Staff Of Aeroflot & Other Russian Airlines Receive Conscription Notices (

Putin seeks to 'make Ukraine run out of bullets before Russia runs out of soldiers' (

Russia’s unsustainable equipment losses in Ukraine (

What a deal – although I know a couple of people in the other thread that should jump at this chance Putin allows foreign military servicemen in the Army to apply for Russian citizenship on a fast-track basis (

Russia’s Weapons Use Old and Even Western Electronics, Report Shows (

Russia calls EU stance on Russia «hypocritical,» «dishonest» and «cynical.» (

Devastation left behind by Russians revealed as shroud of secrecy around Kherson lifted (

New report about Putin makes retired general laugh | Watch (

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman has the cure to tame high inflation: a massive wave of Russian immigration (

Ukraine Destroys Iranian-Made 'Kamikaze' Drone Used by Russia: Video (

Ukraine war – live: Nato to step up support for Kyiv after Russian ‘sham’ referendums (

Putin’s war lie is increasingly ‘threadbare’ to Russians, Western officials say (

Kyiv - Breaking news as Ukraine and Russia battle for control of capital | Daily Mail Online

U.N. investigators report rape, torture of children among Russian war crimes (

Defense & National Security — US warns China over Russia’s war in Ukraine (

Russia Acknowledges, Dismisses ‘Hysterical, Extremely Emotional’ Outrage at Mobilization (

Ukraine war latest: Ukraine recaptures fresh territory as annexation polls open (

Is there a significance to the fact that the buses picking up the draftees have black curtains?

Russian families' tearful goodbyes as Putin mobilizes reservists to Ukraine - YouTube

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Putin has escaped to his secret palace in a forest amid anti-draft protests in Russian cities, report says (

Putin 'vanishes to secret palace' as wave of protests spread through Russia (

Ukraine calls for urgent Security Council meeting to discuss possible Russian annexations (

Zelenskyy urges Russian conscripts to 'sabotage' military operations and offers protections to those who surrender: 'It is better to surrender to Ukrainian captivity than to be killed by the strikes of our weapons' (

Sri Lankan captives tell of torture at hands of Russian forces (

Zelenskyy says Putin's nuclear threats "could be a reality" (

UN Report Reveals Russian Forces Raped, Tortured Ukrainian Children (

Pro-Russian deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament dies after attack on hotel in Kherson (

I seem to recall that Hitler did the same thing and we know how that worked out for him Seeking to avoid another major failure, Putin has become more hands-on with his commanders, refusing their requests to retreat from the last Ukrainian city under Russian control (

Speaking of Germany Russian tanks in Berlin arouse controversy (

Moscow pledges 'full protection' to any areas annexed by Russia ( Yeah, they do a great job protecting those areas.

Voting continues in referendums on accession to Russia in eastern Ukraine (

Criticism grows louder over Russia’s chaotic troop mobilisation (

A Russian crime boss was killed in Ukraine after being recruited from prison to fight in the war, report says (

Ben Wallace: ‘We take everything Putin does seriously – he is a man without any scruples’ (

Video Shows Russian Fighter Jet Fall From Sky as 4 Planes Destroyed—Ukraine (

Ukraine: Civilians describe life under Russian occupation in Kharkiv Oblast (

How concerned are US officials about Putin’s nuclear threat? | Watch (

‘The Russian army is in trouble’: Full Jake Sullivan interview | Watch ( Maybe we should offer help by opening up a couple of NATO bases in Moscow and other cities.

US sees Russia 'struggling,' has warned of catastrophe if Putin uses nuke: Sullivan (

Jake Sullivan: US will act ‘decisively’ if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine (

Protesters circle police in Siberia | Watch (

Russia vows to fix mistakes after old, sick people mobilised (

Ex-NATO commander: ‘Putin is becoming quite desperate’ (

Putin allies express concern over mobilisation 'excesses' (

Protests in Russia Against Putin’s Mobilization Policy Continue (

China, India call for negotiated way out of Ukraine war ( – easy. Russia withdraws every soldier from Ukraine, de-nuclearizes and pays to rebuild Ukraine and Ukraine will stop beating Russia’s ass.

The nuclear threat might change the mood in Russia itself, stoking widespread fear (

Putin watches as two Su-34 Fullbacks, a Su-30 Flanker & a Su-25 Frogfoot downed | Watch (

Is Putin's control eroding? | Watch (

Former MP 'among two dead' in Kherson hotel strike (

Estonia warns Russian residents they could be banned from EU if they answer draft to fight in Ukraine (

WSJ Opinion: How Real Is Putin's Threat to Use Nukes in Ukraine? | Watch (

In Bulgaria, Russophiles celebrate Putin (

British PM: Putin made a 'strategic mistake' invading Ukraine | Watch (

U.S. Warns Russia of 'Catastrophic Consequences' of Using Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine (

Western Soldiers Treatment in Russian Prisons Revealed by U.K. Fighter (

Putin signs laws cracking down on military dissent, easing citizenship applications for foreign fighters (

Residents reflect after Ukrainian town retaken | Watch (

Ukraine receives U.S. air defence system (

Democrats divided over whether to send Ukraine long-range weapons to use against Russia (

Ukraine announces two more mass graves found in Izium (

Hear what Ukraine texted to Russian soldiers | Watch (

Putin Will Be Abandoned by Iran, China if Russia Uses Nuke: James Stavridis (

Russia Begins Mobilizing Ukrainians to Fight Against Their Own Country (

Strategy, logistics and morale: Why the fundamentals of war haven’t changed (

Israel to treat 20 Ukrainian soldiers injured in Russia war - report (

Putin’s suicidal gamble (

Top Priest Under Putin's Regime Tells Russians Not To Fear Death Amid Troop Mobilization (

Officials Say Putin Is ‘Struggling Badly’ Based On Russia’s Latest Actions (

'Why should we trust him?' Putin's propaganda running out of steam as Russians lose hope (


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Puck it

Russian military offices come under attack after Putin draft order (

Mobilization escalates - Russia: Reservist shot conscription leader at | this one with a photo

Arson attack at Russian enlistment office | Watch (

Russia gives citizenship to ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden | AP News Might I recommend that he be drafted and sent to the front lines

Satellite images show traffic jams at the border as Russians flee the country following Putin's decision to send more people to fight in Ukraine (

Drone video shows massive traffic jam as Russians try to flee mobilization order | Watch (

Ukraine Is on the Offensive But Struggling to Get More Powerful Weapons (

Inside Bakhmut, the city holding off Russian troops (

Putin's call-up fuels Russian anger, instability, violence (

Zelensky Urges Russians to Keep Protesting Mobilization Orders (

Russian stocks tumble to the weakest level since 2017 amid reports of possible new sanctions, global markets rout (

Putin's doom: Russia expert Mark Galeotti on how a once-feared leader threw it all away (

Ukraine claims to have killed 500 Russian servicemen in fighting over the past day (

Ericsson keeps supplying Russia despite Ukraine invasion (

Putin's nuclear threats are a bluff designed to get the West to back down from supporting Ukraine, Latvia's defense minister says (

EU has "serious questions" as Serbia enters regular consultations with Russia (

Russia-Ukraine war in maps and charts: Live Tracker (

Russia's economy will 'die by winter' because of military mobilization (

Russia’s Yevgeny Prigozhin admits owning Wagner mercenary force (

‘No to war!’: Anger over troop conscription rages in Russia (

Chilling details and video emerge of Russian school massacre by Swastika-wearing gunman (

Japan’s consul in Vladivostok arrested in Russia (

The E.U. Is Finally Standing Up to Viktor Orbán (

Kazakhstan rejects Russia’s attempts to annex Ukrainian territory and calls for respecting sovereignty (

Izium residents oppose referendums, chop firewood | Watch ( Man, not even their sham referendum is working

Ukrainian Forces Destroy 3 Russian Tank Crews in Forest Ambush: Video (

'Definitely losing': Putin 'trying to trade options for himself' as Russia close to defeat (

What Are NASAMS? Top U.S.-Made Missile Defense Systems Heading to Ukraine (

Huge Fire at Russian Steel Plant Owned by Putin Ally Abramovich—Video ( uh-oh

Nothing in Russia is well maintained Putin's desperation as ex-Army officer claims Russia nukes may no longer even work (

Ex-Russian officer flees army call-up: 'I am disgusted' (

Is this end for Vladimir Putin? (

Inside the Ukrainian Counterstrike That Turned the Tide of the War (


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I can’t keep up with most of this, but was pretty surprised about the Snowden citizenship. Pretty sure he’s fucked.


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Thank you for making me practice my terribly rudimentary German.
Let me see if I can paste the translation before my 1215 call - awful Google translation

The researcher had close ties to Putin's Defense Ministry. According to the MAI, Gerashchenko, who was still working as a consultant, was immediately dead. It is said to have been an accident.
"Professor Anatoly Nikolaevich Gerashchenko died as a result of an accident. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. His death is a colossal loss for the MAI and the scientific community," the institute's press department said. The 73-year-old spent most of his life working for mai, which develops technologies for space travel and is closely linked to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

He was a recipient of the Russian Medal of Honour for Services to the Fatherland and has written 50 publications during his professional career before retiring as head of MAI in 2015 and working as a consultant ever since.
Arctic envoy drowned on night boat trip
His mysterious fatal fall occurred less than two weeks after Ivan Peschorin, Putin's commissioner for developing Russia's vast Arctic resources, fell into the water and drowned during a night boat trip with friends in the Sea of Japan. Peschorin was only 39 years old. Only in February, Peschorin's predecessor, Igor Nosov (43), allegedly died of a stroke.
Ivan Peschorin (Image: Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic)
Ivan Peschorin
(Image: Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic)
Lukoil manager fell out of window
while smoking Previously, in early September, the chairman of Russia's second-largest oil producer Lukoil, Rawil Maganov, died after falling from a hospital window. Also this death was not completely clarified, allegedly he fell out of an open window while smoking. Another Lukoil top manager had also died a few months earlier under mysterious circumstances.
Rawil Maganov with Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: Lukoil)
Rawil Maganov with Russian President Vladimir Putin
(Photo: Lukoil)
Oligarch drove dead in pool
Already in July, an oligarch with ties to the gas giant Gazprom was found dead in the pool of his villa. Yuri Voronov had a gunshot wound in the head, the investigators found next to his body a pistol and shell casings.