Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Right at the start of this war I mentioned that China would use this as a means to "make hay" on places it has ownership disputes with eg Taiwan...& looksee here:-

China sends 18 warplanes into Taiwan defence zone (

"China sent 18 warplanes including fighters and bombers into Taiwan's air defence zone on Friday, the island's government said, in its second-largest incursion this year.

Taiwan's foreign ministry said it scrambled its own aircraft to broadcast warnings and deployed air defence missile systems to track the jets.

Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion by Beijing, which sees the self-ruled democratic island as part of its own territory to be retaken one day, by force if necessary - something China has not been shy to admit.

The final quarter of 2021 saw a spike in incursions by China into Taiwan's air defence identification zone (ADIZ), with the biggest single-day breach on October 4 when 56 warplanes entered the zone."


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From wikipedia
The current fleet consists of 11, mostly small operational ships, one frigate commissioned in 1993 and four corvettes.

And I heard there were defectors but thought there were more than this, also from wiki:

Defections to Russia​

When Crimea was annexed by Russia, a number of Ukrainian Navy servicemen defected to Russia. Among those were members of the upper echelon of command of the Ukrainian Navy. The Ukrainian Navy compiled and released a list of their officers who defected to Russia, calling their actions treasonous.[48]

  • Vice Admiral Sergei Yeliseyev, a first deputy commander and acting commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Navy from 19 February to 1 March 2014.
  • Rear Admiral Dmitriy Shakuro, a first deputy commander and chief of staff for the Ukrainian Navy.
  • Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Navy for one day, now a Black Sea Fleet deputy commander and chief of the combat training directorate.
  • Colonel Sergei Tarkhov, a chief of staff assistant in organization and sustainment of international relations.
  • Michman Sergei Gorbachov, a sergeant major of the Ukrainian Navy.
  • Administrative command – 5 officers.
  • Operation command – 17 officers.
  • Intelligence command – 8 officers.
  • Finance – 6 officers.


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From wikipedia

And I heard there were defectors but thought there were more than this, also from wiki:
Prior to Zelenskyy, Ukraine was considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Clearly it still has pockets of corruption, but I suspect that many "defected" when they saw the writing on the wall.

You can't compare the old Ukraine to the new Ukraine - as evidenced by the way they are fighting for their freedom.


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Ex-spies and diplomats say the Biden administration needs to 'shut-up' after NYT report about US intelligence helping Ukraine kill Russian generals (

How Far Is the U.S. Going To Share Info With Ukraine? | Watch (

Scott Kelly and Ex-Soldier Explain How To 'Sabotage' Russian Tanks (

UK and Japan agree defence deal as London welcomes PM Kishida (

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Confronting Russia will deter China, says Japanese defense minister (

Putin's Ukraine Adventure Is Starting to Grate on Russia's Most Profitable Industry | Opinion (

Russia Tensions With Israel May Intensify as Kremlin Denies Putin's Apology ( Piss them off, then apologize, then deny you apologized - smart move

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Russia's Alleged Slaughter of Ukraine Civilians Laid Bare in Amnesty Report (

Every Mysterious Fire to Break Out in Russia Recently—Full List (

'Witches and Sorcerers': Russian Media Peddles Ukraine Black Magic Claims ( Hey, whatever works, right?

Russia Hires 'War Mobilization Specialists' After Denying It'll Declare War ( Corprin should apply

The West Ignores 'Kyiv's Crimes,' Invents Charges Against Russia: State TV (

How millions of Russians are tearing holes in the Digital Iron Curtain (

Ukraine lays out peace-talk demands as the West braces for escalation (

Kaliningrad: Russia’s 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' deep in NATO territory (

Rats leaving a sinking ship Chinese tech firms pull out of Russia: report (

This is getting personal now Italy orders seizure of yacht linked to Putin ( Italy freezes $700 million megayacht linked to Putin (

The reports of the demise of Admiral Makarov were apparently premature The Russian Frigate ‘Admiral Makarov’ Might Be The Juiciest Target In The Black Sea ( or maybe not Second Russian Warship Struck by Ukraine: Reports ( and Ukraine Says It Destroyed Another Ship As Rumors Swirl Of Russian Warship On Fire ( Current Fact Check - inconclusive

What war-fighting lessons has NATO learned from the Ukraine war? (

Reports of the U.S. helping kill Russian generals expose an alarming adjacent phenomenon (

Biden told officials media reports about U.S. intel sharing with Ukraine are counterproductive (

Zelensky lays out red lines for peace with Russia (

Protests in Russia take interesting twists (

Poland Says It’s Ready To Help Germany Stop Using Russian Oil | Watch (

Russian Armor Losses Validate Marines' Decision To Dump Their Tanks Says General (

Battered war trophies incite raw emotions in Ukraine's capital (

They should invite Putin and then arrest him for the war crimes Russia snubbed from attending commemorative WWII victory events in France, ambassador says (

Russian Interest in Ukraine Invasion Wanes Amid Heavy Losses: Poll (

After Ukraine invasion, is U.S. deterrence strategy already outdated? (

US Army in Germany resumes training Ukrainian forces, with focus on Western weaponry | Stars and Stripes

US cyber squad boosts Lithuanian defenses amid Russian threat (

U.S. offers assurances to Sweden, Finland over NATO application | Reuters

US Army airborne units, special ops troops launch large drills in Europe | Stars and Stripes
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Ukrainians are good at the game of "Battleships"..

Putin humiliated as Ukraine claims 409ft frigate 'sunk by missile' - ‘most important ship' (

"The Admiral Makarov is said to have been struck by anti-ship missiles while it was in waters off the coast of Odessa. Rescue ships and aircraft have reportedly been sent to the area and are being tracked by US surveillance drones. "OSINTdefender", an open source intelligence monitor, tweeted: "It's seeming more and more likely that the claims about the Russian Frigate Admiral Makarov being stuck by Ukrainian Anti-Ship Missiles off the Coast of Odessa are true.

The 409-foot Admiral Makarov is one of the most important ships at the disposal of the Russian Black Sea fleet."

Remind me again...this is a land war & the opposition has no Navy?........:unsure:........Not going so well eh Putin??.... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
That makes 3 naval vessels if you include the landing ship that was sunk at the pier.

What a bunch of ass clowns.


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For war crimes trials to be had, a war has to be fought to conclusion with some one like putin having lost.
Not really. You can have "war crimes" trials following any incident | International Criminal Court ( and understanding-the-icc.pdf (

It should be noted that Ukraine, Russia and the US didn't ratify the Rome Statute (although they signed it) Rome statute - international criminal court ( and The States Parties to the Rome Statute | International Criminal Court (
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On a Victory Day without victory, Putin faces choice over all-out war (

Journalist watched Russian state TV for 50 hours. Hear what surprised him | Watch (

Finland, Sweden need to move now on NATO while Putin is preoccupied with Ukraine, former secretary general says (

3 experts break down why Russia is set to lose its status as a top global oil power under an EU embargo: 'It could surely cripple the Russian oil and gas industry' ( although I'm always worried when somebody says "experts"

VPN use skyrockets in Russia during Ukraine invasion (

Russia is still sliding towards a bond default in the coming weeks. It's up to the US Treasury whether it actually happens. (

More Cosmic Saber-Rattling From Russia's Space Boss (

U.N. agency calls for re-opening of Ukraine ports to feed hungry ( Somalia gets 100% of its wheat from Ukraine

Western banks still operating in Russia are preparing to lose $10 billion collectively as they pull out of the country, a report says (

Intel leaks show US success in Ukraine — but come with risks (

How the Kremlin is trying to make Ukrainian towns Russian, from installing puppet leaders to flying Soviet flags (

What Will Fire The Laser-Guided Rockets Donated To Ukraine Is Still A Mystery (

Fort Riley soldiers give Polish military crash course in Abrams tanks ( although "crash course" might not be quite the right wording

Ukrainian military releases video of drone strikes, says vessel destroyed | Watch ( something sank. No idea what it was...

Proposed E.U. ban on oil marks a turning point in West's measures against Russia (

Putin's alleged $700M superyacht seized in Italy ( now it appears officially seized

Shelling as Ukraine tries to regain Kharkiv region (

Ukraine Made Exactly One Copy Of Its Best Cannon. It Just Joined The War. (

Pentagon spokesman calls out reported leaks to N.Y. Times and NBC about use of U.S. intelligence by Ukraine (

Putin believes 'doubling down' will improve Ukraine war outcome - CIA director (

Putin "doesn't believe he can afford to lose," CIA director says (

Russia narrows in on Black Sea and strikes Odesa, Moldova remains ‘vigilant’ as turmoil escalates (

Triumphal Russian holiday marks potentially perilous moment for Ukraine in war (

War In Ukraine A Top Daily Concern For Americans: Survey (

Fmr. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko says America’s Howitzers are a “Game Changer” | Watch (

Civilians now out of besieged plant, says Ukraine (

Luxury real estate is 'at the top of the list' as the Justice Department investigates Russian money laundering, DOJ official says (

Moscow museum chronicles NATO 'cruelty' amid Ukraine campaign (

‘Stand to the end’: Can diplomacy rescue Ukrainian defenders? (

Chinese calculations on Taiwan affected by Ukraine conflict - CIA director (

The FBI found crucial evidence aboard a $325 million superyacht seized in Fiji, which incriminated its oligarch owner Suleiman Kerimov, a report says (

Germany announces ban on Ukrainian flags during WWII Victory Day parade: 'Slap in the face' (

Germany expects pro-Russia activities on May 9: report (

The Lessons Taiwan Is Learning From Ukraine (

Ukraine braces for attacks, evacuates more from steel mill (

Americans told to ‘avoid large public gatherings’ close to Russia’s Victory Day (

Ukraine Strikes Back: Su-27s Bomb Occupied Snake Island In Daring Raid (

One Village at a Time: The Grinding Artillery War in Ukraine (

UN reports ‘anecdotal evidence’ Russia looting Ukrainian grain supply (

Russian army rehearses WWII victory parade in Moscow | Watch ( it would be a shame if something happened there...

Breakaway Moldova state of Transnistria reports explosions along Ukraine border (

Russia shown only some cybercapabilities, but US has quantum computing answer to possible threats (

Jill Biden in Romania hears firsthand stories of Ukrainian mothers and children fleeing the Russian invasion (

‘Zero Position’ Review: Ghostly Images From a Ukraine War Front (

Short summary Kharkiv fightback and Russian jets roar in rehearsal - round-up (

WHO gathers evidence on possible war crimes in Ukraine (

Eye Opener: Evacuations continue amid reports Russia wants Mariupol captured by Monday | Watch (
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A few days ago another Russian TV presenter was talking about "sinking" the UK with nukes...obviously forgetting that the UK has some very nice subs with nukes..which can equally "sink" large parts of Russia...

Never mind prepare yourselves for a Russia military/victory parade from Mariupol tomorrow....Russian state TV & the propaganda machine have been in clearing the roads & dead bodies etc from the areas where the orchestrated TV "parade" (some say will include captured POWs) will be broadcast....signs removed & replaced with Russian language...residents (what's left) already been threatened with execution if they don't speak Russian...Russian Rubel enforced as currency & as has been mentioned before a "referendum" will be held shortly.......& how many of the cities original residents are still alive & in the town..& how many will be voting freely??....we all know the outcome of that don't we!..

Mariupol road signs changed to Russian ahead of Victory Day parade | The Independent

Ukraine says Russian forces clearing bodies, ordnance from Mariupol in advance of possible parade - YouTube

Mariupol road signs changed to Russian ahead of Victory Day parade (

We'll only know for certain when it all happens.....but hey ho they all wanted to be "de-nazified" didn't they?.... :unsure: ........


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