Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


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Quite frankly, Russian hospitals (including the "good" ones) are crap and everybody who can afford it goes out of the country for any medical care - Putin could afford it, but clearly can't afford to leave.

He can bring in doctors and some equipment for something simple, but he can't bring in a state-on-the-art oncology clinic.

Russians go to the UK for dental care - and that is saying a lot (sorry Golfy...)


Like the "Hollywood smile" is something to rave about? fake & so bright the owner gets snow blindness.....:ROFLMAO:


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Russian TV Claims U.S. 'At War in Ukraine' After Pelosi-Led Trip (
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Speaking of disinformation, meanwhile, over in the other thread, our very own Soviet mole is posting this picture from a series


with a bit of bad photoshop added in, claiming that the media isn't posting that photo - actually, the below photo is all over Russian media.