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Captured documents reveal Russia's plan to annex Ukraine in ten days and kill its leaders (

Leaked Invasion Plan Reveals 4 Assumptions Putin's Regime Got Wrong (

Vladimir Putin falls down stairs and soils himself at official residence (

Putin’s Ukraine Disaster: Russian Military Might Be Leaving ‘Annexed’ Territory (

Russia rejects pullout from Ukraine as condition for talks (

‘This is blood money, pure and simple’: A top aid to Ukraine’s President Zelensky accuses BP of war profiteering with stake in Russian oil firm (

Ukraine news: Russia’s power grid strikes target west, claims Putin ally (

Finland PM says Europe is 'not strong enough' and warns against depending on China (

Ukrainian Forces Outnumbered And Facing Supply Issues In Battle for Bakhmut (

Putin's Former Judo Sparring Partner Flees Russia (

Is Putin Getting Ready to Give Up on Ukraine War? (

Russia evacuates vulnerable population of Nova Kakhovka on east bank of Dnieper River on Saturday (

Russia Is Sending ‘New’ T-72 Tanks to Fight (and Die) In Ukraine (

Putin Ready For Negotiations After Biden Offers Peace Talks: 'Peaceful, Diplomatic Means' (

Ukraine war latest: Multiple Ukrainian embassies receive blood-stained parcels with animal parts (

Why Would Russia Bring Back Its ‘Dumpster Fire’ Aircraft Carrier? (

Support for war falls dramatically in Russia | Watch (

Finnish leader says the brutal truth is Ukraine shows Europe isn't 'strong enough' without the US (

White House dismisses as unserious Kremlin’s conditional willingness to discuss ending Ukraine war (

Moscow mayor moves to the «line of defense» and assures that «the atmosphere is one of struggle». (

Ukraine Fires Back at 'False' 100,000 Death Toll, Releases Official Figure (

When will Putin be ousted? (


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US Trying to Persuade More Allies to Send NASAMS Missiles to Ukraine, Raytheon CEO Says - Defense One

Raytheon wins $1.2 billion surface-to-air missile order for Ukraine (

Preemptively help Ukraine counter Iranian-made ballistic missiles (

Russia rejects $60-a-barrel cap on its oil, warns of cutoffs (

U.S. Sees Little Prospect for Ukraine Talks With Putin After Biden Offer (

Putin: Russian nuclear weapons have no equal in the world | Watch ( Probably true, but not in the way he is implying.

African former rebels recruited as mercenaries by the Kremlin-linked Wagner Group have been abandoned in Ukraine, a report says (

Images show new Russian army base in Mariupol (

Russian businessman arrested in oligarchs investigation - BBC News

A brutal winter is coming for Russian forces in Ukraine (

A message from Putin? Letter bombs sent to Spain's President and Ukraine embassy (

Neither Russia nor Ukraine can control the air over Ukrainian battlefields, but their aircraft are still finding ways to operate (

Putin Is Throwing Away the Russian Military in Ukraine (

Russia invests 'disproportionately costly' offensive to take Bakhmut despite low strategic advantage: UK intel (

Russia puzzles with ‘costly’ fight for small city of Bakhmut, Ukraine (

Ukraine War Update: Why Is Putin Sending Air Defenses to Belarus? (

Putin’s Disaster: The Russian Military Is Bleeding to Death in Ukraine (

Russian Troops Just Got Caught Looting Homes in Ukraine (

Russia assembles a 'shadow fleet' of more than 100 oil tankers as Putin tries to bust western sanctions, report says (

Russian army ‘came knocking’ to recruit son of slain spy Alexander Litvinenko (

RUMOR: Russia Considering Deal with IAEA Over Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant in Ukraine (

Don’t Tell Putin: Ukraine Captured Russia’s Elite T-90M Tank (

VIDEO: Watch Russian Cargo Trucks Destroyed By Crazy Indirect Fire in Ukraine (

Russia Doesn’t Need Aircraft Carriers Anymore (

Meet Putin's biggest threat | Watch (

Ukraine Is Getting Hawk Missiles Systems to Fight Russia ( Russia sends letter bombs to Spain and Spain returns the favor

Putin Is Sending His Troops to the Slaughter House in Ukraine ( I’m starting to feel sorry for the troops.

Russia says it won't accept oil price cap and is preparing response (

Russia Is Losing the War. Give Ukraine the Weapons to End It (

Elite Russian Units Take Up to 40 Percent Casualties in Ukraine: Official (

Russia, Belarus defence ministers hold talks in Minsk - state media (

Konstantin Skorkin: What Next for Ukraine’s Formerly Pro-Russian Regions? (

Russia likely planning to encircle Donetsk Oblast town of Bakhmut, Britain says (


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Putin Faces Fight To Keep Russians on Side as Support for War Plummets—U.K. (

A Win for Ukraine Against Russia Means Trouble for China and North Korea (

An Airport in Ukraine Was a ‘Death Trap’ for the Russian Military (

VIDEO: Ukraine Is Getting Ready for a Brutal Winter War Against Russia (

Putin's war in Ukraine looks more and more like a failure. Past Russian leaders haven't survived similar mistakes. (

Russia needs 'security guarantees' to end the war in Ukraine, says Macron (

British intelligence shows public support for war in Ukraine falling in Russia (

US intel chief thinking 'optimistically' for Ukraine forces (

Ukraine may have brighter future as Russia struggles to resupply fighting forces: intel chief (

Putin takes war to new level of 'barbarism,' US diplomat says (

Don’t Tell Putin: Yes, Ukraine Can Defeat the Mighty Russian Military (

Russian Support For Ukraine War 'Falling Significantly', Says British Intelligence (

Belarus Corruption Watch: living the high life with Dimitry and Anna Lukashenko (

General Staff: Russia has lost 91,150 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24 (

‘Navalny’ Shows The Cost An Activist Pays For Opposing Vladimir Putin – Contenders Documentary (

Russia Is Not Happy With Putin’s War in Ukraine (More Like Disaster) (

Russian State TV Pundit Says Either 'We Win or There Will Be WWIII' (

Lukashenko says war will continue because West considers options to «continue hostilities» (

U.S. intel chief say Russia is using up ammunition in Ukraine faster than it can replace it (

Ukraine’s military: Russia uses prohibited chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers (

Ukraine's military estimates 50-100 Russian troops are killed in Bakhmut sector daily (

Russian forces attack 8 Ukrainian regions over the past day, killing 2 (

General Staff: Russian forces attack Ukrainian settlements, military positions 12 times on Dec. 4 (

ISW: Russian document indicates that mobilization continues despite government's statements (


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Russian TV Debates Whether Zelensky Is the 'Antichrist' or a 'Small Demon' (

How are Russians feeling after 9 months of war and sanctions? (

Russian Nobel Peace laureate: No prospect of negotiated end to war in Ukraine (

Russia says 3 killed in Ukrainian drone attacks on airbases far from front lines (

Russia has stopped using its Iranian suicide drones because they don't work in the cold, Ukraine says (

Scarred by War, Returning Russian Soldiers Struggle to Adapt to Civilian Life (

Can Russia break Bakhmut? Putin wasted 6000 lives in two weeks trying (

Would a NATO vs. Russia Conflict Really be ‘World War III’? (

Ukraine destroys two Russian nuclear bombers in airport bombings (

Mikheil Saakashvili: Georgia's ex-president 'suffering from poisoning' (

Putin Ally Reacts To Video Of Defector Being Killed By Sledgehammer: 'A Dog Receives A Dog's Death' (

Does Russia have enough money for war? (

Russian forces strike apartment block in Kherson (

Putin has destroyed Russia's most important oil market – and what's next for crude depends on him and Xi Jinping, energy expert Daniel Yergin says (

Ukraine-Russia news – live: Putin launches wave of missiles at Kyiv as air force ‘suffers big losses’ (

Russian Commander 'Executed' Following Mass Desertions of His Unit: Report (

Vladimir Putin: Unknown details of the regime's plan to seize Ukraine revealed in Russian documents (

Russia War Losses at 91,000 Dead Soldiers Among Carnage: Defense Ministry (

'I have no pity for them': Russian describes fighting against his own country | Watch (

Video captures Russian bombers exploding in Ukrainian drone strike (

Russian Refuseniks Continue to Rebel: Hundreds Jailed for Defying Orders (

Ukrainian forces take out Russian troops who poached geese at farm (

Russian troop movements prove John Mearsheimer wrong (

Putin Cronies Resort to Begging on Live TV Over War Failures (

A Russian pilot was detained by civilians in occupied Kherson. A Ukrainian city councilman released him — and now faces charges of treason. (

Putin’s Biggest Fear: Russia Runs Out of Ammo to Fight Ukraine? (

Why the U.S. Is Wrong About Ukraine's Chances This Winter (

Exiled critic of Putin’s Chechen henchman assassinated: report (

Ukraine, Baltics rebuke Macron for suggesting 'security guarantees' for Russia (

Why the Russian Air Force Failed In Ukraine (


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Ukraine Is Taking Out Russia’s ‘Terrorist’ Missiles (

Ukrainian air force shoots down barrage of Russian missiles | Watch (

To stop Putin’s atrocities and lead to peace in Ukraine, we need sustained outrage and action (

Ukrainian drone attack hits 2 military bases deep inside Russia (

Keep the pressure on Putin (

Russia launches ‘massive strike’ across Ukraine (

The Forgotten Reason Iran Creates So Much Trouble (

Russian military gear insufficient for harsh winters, leads to soldiers dying from hypothermia (

Ukrainian forces can still press ahead, even as winter bites (

US secretly modified HIMARS for Ukraine to prevent Kyiv from shooting long-range missiles into Russia (

Zelensky troops pull rug from under Putin after closing in on 'Wagner line' (

Horror as Russian-made rocket lands in neighbouring nation hours after Putin begins attack (

Russia Military Losses Could Be Double U.S. In Vietnam in Tenth of Time (

Edward Snowden now a Russian citizen after swearing allegiance to Putin (

OPINION - The screw is turning on Russian kleptocrats and their corrupt accomplices (

Game Changer: What if Ukraine Can Hit Targets Deep Within Russia via Drones? (

Is Ukraine Starting a Drone War Against Russia? (

Ukraine Modified Soviet-Era Jet Drones To Hit Bomber Bases, Russia Claims (

Stellar Ukrainian air defense performance praised by Zelensky as over 60 Russian missiles shot down (

Ukraine hails air defences after heavy Russian missile strikes (

Alexander Query: Macron’s spineless realpolitik poses danger to Ukraine and beyond (

US Army plans ‘dramatic’ ammo production increase amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (

First delivery of S. Korean heavy weapons comes to Poland (

Ukrainian drone attacks hit airbases in Russia. Here's what it means. ( Another drone attack this morning

Ukraine leader defiant as drone strikes hit Russia again (

Putin holds council meeting on domestic security following 3 airbase 'explosions' (

Russia: we can agree with U.S. on need for peace in Ukraine but no talks for now (

Russian bases bombed as war expands beyond Ukraine; defiant Zelenskyy visits troops at front: Live updates (

Russia, mired in war, faces economic pain and attempts to isolate it (

The EU price cap on Russian oil is already disrupting the market - tankers are piling up off Turkey after Ankara demands insurance paperwork (

Russia denounces new shelling by Ukrainian forces in the center of Donetsk (

Russia Just Experienced Most 'Strategically Significant Failures' Of Ukraine War, UK Claims (

Forbes estimates Russia's Dec. 5 missile strikes cost $400-500 million (

Blasts deep inside Russia hand Putin a fresh problem, with no obvious answer (

What the rise of Prigozhin and Kadyrov tell us about Russia (

Russian deserter fleeing Ukraine opens fire on police with machine gun (

How embarrassing are Ukrainian attacks inside Russia for the Kremlin? | Watch (

Ukrainian Drones Just Took Out A Russian Heavy Bomber 300 Miles From Ukraine (

Farida Rustamova and Maxim Tovkaylo: What Secret Russian State Polling Tells Us About Support for the War (

In Ukraine, a new approach to modern conflict is emerging (

Russia declares wanted Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister’s ‘number two’ wanted (

Ukraine shocked the world in 2022. Will it win the war in 2023? (

Why Putin Fears My Father Alexei Navalny (

Ukraine Attacks Russian Air Base Within 125 Miles Of Moscow (

Russian regional deputies urge Putin to issue decree ending mobilisation (

This is interesting Ukraine Pulled Ex-Soviet Recon Drones Out Of Storage, Added Bombs And Sent Them Hurtling Toward Russia (

Russia Risks Collapse Over Ukraine Debacle, Lawmaker Warns (

Russia Firing Newly Made Missiles in Ukraine Despite Sanctions – Research (

Putin continues Russian culture war with anti-LGBT law (

Putin 'Surprised' At Russian Military's Struggles In Ukraine, Says US Intel Chief: Why Moscow Slowing Pace Of Fighting (

Pro-Putin politician killed by shelling in occupied Ukraine (

Russia Has No Way to Win the Ukraine War (

Chechen Blogger Who Criticized Vladimir Putin's Henchman Ramzan Kadyrov MURDERED By Alleged Assassins (

VIDEO: Watch Ukrainian Special Forces Destroy Fleeing Russian T-80BV Tank (

Ukraine Is Doing What Looked Impossible: Deep Strikes on Russia (

Latest Russian missile attack stifled by Ukrainian Air Defence (

West must look at reopening Russian airspace, says former BA boss (

UN aid chief: Ukrainians are suffering `colossal' torment (

Russia appears to have run out of the deadly Iranian-made drones it's been using to terrorize Ukraine, Western officials say (

Poland Makes U-Turn, Accepts German Patriot Missiles on Its Soil (

Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘nuclear terrorism’ as UN agency races to create Zaporizhzhia safe zone (

How Ukraine Just Showed That Russia Is Way More Vulnerable Than Anyone Imagined (

Ukrainian Scouts Were In Their Foxholes Near Bakhmut When A Russian Bomber Came Crashing Down (

Lithuania dismantles six gigantic Soviet statues in Vilnius’ main military cemetery (


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Here is an interesting post. Media reported the story a few days and now the Russians have denied it - or did they?

Russia Responds to Report Putin Fell Down Stairs, Soiled Himself (

" an email sent to Newsweek on Tuesday, the Press and Information Office of the President of the Russian Federation denied the claim that Putin fell down the stairs, suffered a bruised tailbone and soiled himself. 'Regarding your request, we can say that this is completely untrue,' the email said."

Well, we can say that I am Elon Musk, but that doesn't make it so.


Virginia, USA

Ukraine's strategy to combat Putin's winter offensive: 'We need to win this war as soon as possible' (

Captured Russian documents reveal plan to subjugate Ukraine in 10 days and kill population (

Russia fires barrage of missile across Ukraine | Watch (

Russia Influenced By 'False Belief' Ukraine Will Invade, UK Intelligence Says (

Russia Moves to Bolster Defenses After Airfield Strikes (

Putin dismisses nuclear fears: 'We haven't gone mad;" 14M Ukrainians driven from homes for 'bleak winter': Live updates (

Russia Is Ready for World War III in the Arctic (

Putin Has Escape Plan to Venezuela if Russia Loses War: Former Speechwriter ( He can go hang out with all the old nazis.

Notorious Wagner Group Targeting Volunteers in Ukraine, U.S. Trainer Says (

Russian Ex-Commander Blasts War Campaign: 'Ukraine Will Only Fight Harder' (

Russia dealt ‘powerful psychological blow’ by apparent Ukrainian cross-border attacks, say Western officials (

Ukraine's HIMARS Set to Double—Here's How They Will be Used Against Russia (

Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected (

Vladimir Putin plans ‘necessary' measures after second Ukraine drone hits Russia (

Eyes on Belarus as Russia's ally and Ukraine's neighbour moves troops (

US neither 'encouraged nor enabled' Ukraine to strike across Russian borders: Blinken (

US: Russia looking to Iran to supply more drones, missiles (

Soldiers reveal what happened to them inside Russian prison | Watch (

Russian Commentator on State TV Laments That U.S. Has 'Stopped Fearing Us' (

Governor: Ukraine's air defense downs all 8 Russian drones in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (

Putin Allies Accuse Ukraine of Cannibalism: 'Genuinely Eating Russians' (

Russian Deserter in Rambo-Style Attack Is Tied to Putin’s Private Army (

Kremlin: No question of Russian involvement in German coup plot ( Unfortunate headline or Freudian slip?

Russian officer who fled to Kazakhstan could be deported, family says (

Ukraine news – live: Russia will defend its interests using all available means, says Putin (

Ukraine could use 'threat emitters' to trick Russian pilots (

Putin says threat of nuclear war is increasing, but there is a deterrent (

ISW: Kremlin departs from limited messaging intended to minimize concerns about Ukraine war (

Putin says the war in Ukraine could be a 'long process' as the Russian military's list of failures grows months into the invasion (

Lithuania cancels license of Russian TV channel Dozhd (


Virginia, USA

U.S. charges Ukrainian lawmaker with money laundering (

Sanctions having 'devastating impact,' says former Russian minister | Watch (

The Same Missiles That Shot Down An American Stealth Fighter In 1999 Are Now Defending Ukraine (

'We haven't gone mad,' Putin insists | Watch (

Ex-Russian operative who visited the front in Ukraine says Russian troops are in disarray due to a 'crisis of strategic planning' (

How Russia is rebuilding its key bridge to Crimea (

Soldiers reveal what happened to them inside Russian prison | Watch (

Russia arms dealer Bout arrives in Moscow, hugs mother, wife - TV (

Ukraine: Russia put rocket launchers at nuclear power plant (

Zelenskyy says deadly mines Russians leave behind 'even more cruel' than missiles: Live Ukraine Updates (

Slovakia compares negotiating peace with Russia to the dialogues with Hitler that led to WWII ( Bingo

Russian ‘deserter’ who shot police found to be mercenary recruited from prison (

The Slick Way Ukraine Is Getting More Tanks to Fight Russia (

Ukrainian intelligence announces seizure of propaganda in Russian Orthodox church, blurs face of cat 'agent' (

Ukrainian Teams Hunt Russian Drones With Laser Rifles, Gun Trucks, Apps (

NATO chief says Russia wants a 'freeze' in Ukraine fighting so it can prepare for a renewed assault early next year (

Why Viktor Bout's return to Russia is so important for Vladimir Putin ( This was such a stupid move….

Ukraine's custom drone strikes showed Russia it can hit Moscow, doesn't fear more escalation (

Why is Poland deploying the German Patriot air defence system on its territory? | Watch (

Elite Russian tank unit defending Moscow falls back on reservists amid ‘heavy casualties’ (

Putin's Russia Ready For Dialogue, Says Embassy, But Will Not Take Everything US Says At 'Face Value' (

Intercepted phone call reveals dwindling conditions for Russian forces | Watch (

Explosions in Crimea, Belgorod, as Kremlin Says It's Vulnerable to Attacks (

Russia Warns Risk of Conflict With NATO 'Soaring' (

Slovakia considers producing ammunition for Ukraine. (

Russia's central bank just issued a warning about 'new economic shocks,' and it shows the new $60/barrel cap on oil is working (

The Ruse That Could Dupe Putin Into Another Crushing Ambush (

U.S. Army awards contracts to raise artillery shell production capacity (

Kremlin appears to scale back its ambitions in Ukraine (

Putin’s Next Problem: A Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal? (

Ukraine Situation Report: Champagne Glass In Hand, Putin Vows More Energy Grid Attacks (

MEDUZA: Ukrainian strikes on targets inside Russia could mark a new phase in the war (


Virginia, USA

Could Russia Somehow Get Rid of Putin? (

Pictures of the year: How Ukraine withstood Russia's assault (

UK says attacks on Russian bomber bases could be 'most strategically significant' force protection failure of the Ukraine war (

Russian Cities Cancel Many New Year and Christmas Celebrations to Fund Ukraine Invasion | Watch (

Putin's War Began Hours After Ukraine Left Russian Energy System: Official (

Griner swap reveals dilemma US faces in freeing detainees (

NATO chief fears Ukraine war could become a wider conflict (

Kremlin complains about Time magazine naming Zelenskyy Person of the Year, calls it 'short-sighted' and 'anti-Russian' (

Russia wants 'hundreds' of ballistic missiles from Iran and is offering 'unprecedented' military support in return, UK envoy says (

Putin admits Russia can't supply clothes to front line troops (

News Alert: Massive fire breaks out at suburban shopping centre in Moscow | Watch (

General Staff: Ukrainian military strikes 8 Russian control points, 2 ammunition depots (

Putin says one missile will trigger ‘hundreds’ of warheads in stark message on nuclear deterrence (

Russian minister's lover dubbed 'national security threat' and handed travel ban (

US: Russia, Iran moving toward full defense ‘partnership’ (

Jailed Russian dissident: Putin’s fall ‘just around the corner’ (

Ukrainian drones threaten Russia but production scarcity is an issue (

Uzbekistan rejects Putin’s proposed ‘gas union’ (

US Air Force creates brand new weapons system called 'Phoenix Ghost' for Ukraine | Watch (

Russian media brutally mocks United States for Brittney Griner ( Probably the only time I agree with Russian media.

Russian troops discuss mass exodus from frontline in leaked calls as Putin faces mutiny (

Russian Military Suffers 2,240 Losses in 5 Days Despite Missile Attacks (

Putin says more US-Russian prisoner exchanges are possible (

Watch ‘explosion’ in Moscow shopping center (

Vladimir Putin To Undergo 'Emergency Colon Surgery' After Rumors Russian Leader Fell Down Stairs & 'Soiled Himself' (

Starr: Patriot missile deployment about what Putin may do next | Watch (

Russian politician sentenced for Ukraine action criticism (

Putin Is Losing Badly in Ukraine: William Cohen | Watch (

US officials say this 'revealing moment' hints at morale problems in Russia's military | Watch (

Putin Is Upset: Ukraine Is Getting More Weapons to Fight Russia (

'You don't know what is going on.' Kyiv resident opens up about living with blackouts | Watch (

Pentagon fears Viktor Bout, the so-called 'Merchant of Death' the US swapped for Brittney Griner, could restart his old arms business ( Gee, nobody saw this coming…

NATO scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian planes | Watch (

Russia's 'Insidious' Attempt to Stop Ukraine's Deadly HIMARS (

Winter Means Big Trouble for Putin’s Disaster of a War in Ukraine (

Putin Slams West's Attempts For 'Dominance By Any Means' — 'They Deliberately Multiply Chaos' (

Russian troops’ poor performance and low morale may worsen during a winter of more discontent (

The Ukrainian 6th Separate Rifle Battalion Lost Its First Battle. Then It Got Javelin Missiles. (

Ukraine Brigade Reveals How They Beat Russia's Last Stronghold in Kharkiv (

Russia Ambassador Says Putin Nuclear Deterrence 'Works'—Biden Would Do Same (

Could Russia Collapse if Putin Gets Crushed in Ukraine? (

Putin calls oil price cap 'stupid,' and says Russia is considering slashing oil production in response (

Russia Is Struggling in Ukraine. So Where Are Its So-Called Wonder Weapons? (

Bad News: Iran’s Drones are Back in the Ukraine War (


Virginia, USA

Russia grinds on in eastern Ukraine; Bakhmut 'destroyed' (

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal: 'We will win the war' | Watch (

Moscow demands measures against Finns who burned a Russian flag in Helsinki ( I agree, they should have burned the flag in Moscow

Super-Upgraded M-55S Tanks Have Arrived In Ukraine (

Russian Nobel Peace laureate slams Putin's 'insane and criminal war' on Ukraine (

Ukraine Has Liberated More Than Half Of Russia's Territorial Gains Since February Invasion (

Russia to send Iran top fighter jets in return for kamikaze drones (

Russia-Ukraine war live: Moscow has turned entire city of Bakhmut to ‘burnt ruins’, says Zelenskiy (

Putin’s daughter lands top university job in ‘secret’ appointment (

'Hybrid warfare': Moldova President describes the Russian threat on country's doorstep | Watch (

Ukraine utility crews adapt, overcome after Russian strikes ( We should hire these guys here to fix stuff after hurricanes.

'We are ready for agreements' | Watch (

Putin publicly shunned after India's Modi becomes latest leader to snub Russian tyrant (

Russia's main art museum goes up in flames as footage sparks panic in Moscow (

NATO and Russia 'No Doubt' May Fight 'Major War' Over Ukraine: Stoltenberg (

'Russia is losing on every front' Ian Bremmer on what prisoner swap means for Russia | Watch ( Police record 47,000 Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine since Feb. 24 (

Ukraine Downs 10 More Iran-Made 'Kamikaze' Drones in Latest Russian Barrage (

Ukraine-Russia news – live: Putin warns anyone attacking Moscow will be ‘wiped out’ ( but it is OK to attack Ukraine….

It Could Cost $1 Trillion to Rebuild Ukraine. Russia Must Pay (

Russian Nobel laureate 'told to turn down award' (

Putin Is Ruthless: Why Did Russia Abduct 13,000 Children from Ukraine? (

Belarus offers Ukraine grain transit without conditions: UN (

Ukrainian Nobel Prize Winner Says Putin Must Face War Crimes Tribunal (

Putin May Add Nuclear First Strike to Strategy | Watch (

Turkey oil tanker logjam snarls Russia oil sanctions

Russia is 'modernizing and expanding its nuclear arsenal,' US defense secretary says: Ukraine updates (

Putin's new 'General Armageddon' injects discipline and stabilises Russian army (

Russia and Iran exploring joint production of lethal drones, says US (

Pentagon now more likely to support Ukrainian long-range missile attacks on Russia, The Times reports (

Don’t Tell Putin: 150 Russian Soldiers Injured In Ukrainian Strike on Military Base (

Russian Defence Ministry chief issues update on military situation | Watch (

Russia seeking hundreds of ballistic missiles from Iran in 'full-fledged defense partnership': UK (


Virginia, USA

Russian military tire factory on fire (

Iran becomes Russia's 'top military backer' | Watch (

The Russian Army’s Terminator Vehicles Are Heavily Armed, Highly Protected ... And Far Too Few To Matter (

Russian-installed Kherson official says withdrawing hryvnia from circulation in January (

Gravitas: Why India's PM Modi is not meeting Putin for their annual summit | Watch (

Ukrainian air strikes hit Russian barracks in occupied Melitopol with US-supplied HIMARS, reports say (

Governor: Explosion reported at Wagner headquarters in occupied Luhansk Oblast (

How Russian snipers are being fooled by a fleet of aging farm pickup trucks from Britain (

Russian embassy says US denied visit to Soviet graves in Alaska (

Putin Would Be a Total Fool to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine (

U.S. policy makes Ukraine fight by rules Russia doesn't follow (

Kremlin says Minsk deals failure led to Russia's Ukraine offensive (

Medvedev assures that Russia is increasing «production of the most powerful means of destruction.» (

Erdogan conveys to Putin his wish for the war in Ukraine to «end as soon as possible.» (

Maxim Samorukov: Why Is All Quiet on Russia’s Western Balkan Front? (

Putin’s Plan: Russia Wants Swarms of Missiles from Iran to Win Ukraine War (

Putin furious after Russian army wipes out 14 of its own troops in friendly fire fiasco (

Russia says Europe «exchanges one dependence for another dependence» in energy market (

Vladimir Putin To Spend A Third Of Russia's Budget On Defence As Ukraine War Continues (

Grim winter takes hold in Ukraine: US and its NATO allies need to act before it’s too late (

Erdogan calls Zelensky after speaking with Putin (

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia 'shells maternity hospital' in Kherson (

Zelensky Reiterates His Ten Demands For Peace During Phone Call with Macron (

Putin was 'calculated' when he chose to send Brittney Griner back to the US while 'leaving others in custody in Russia,' Rep. Adam Schiff says (

Dimon says Ukraine war should be "turning point" for U.S. (

Saudi minister says ‘all bets off’ if Iran gets nuclear weapon (

Saudi Arabia warns that a nuclear Iran would force radical security reshuffle in the region (

Three fires in Moscow raise suspicions of Ukrainian arson attacks (

Is Russia Close to Using Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? (

Zelenskiy's talks with other leaders signal diplomatic flurry around Ukraine (

The latest Ukraine-Russia developments spell trouble for Biden (

He was tortured by Russia – now he’s getting his revenge (