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Not directly related, but we touched on it a week or so ago. I've never been worried about China's ascension on the world stage. They sealed their own fate with 1 child and a lack of immigration.

800,000 drop this year, that will accelerate year over year.
Unfortunately it is related. We had all thought that the Axis of Evil had gone away, but now it is Russia, China, Iran and NK - in no particular order.


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Russia's New Regiment Sounds Warning to Finland (

Putin Doesn’t Care: The Russian Military Is Being Torn Apart in Ukraine (

At Least 7 Die in Russia Blast Bordering Ukraine (

Mercenary Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin Eyed As Vladimir Putin's Successor As Russian Leader's Health Continues To Sharply Decline (

Ukrainian artillery unit fires British L119 gun towards Russian positions | Watch (

Ukraine claims to have «liquidated» nearly 900 Russian servicemen over the past day (

Russia to Hold Mysterious U.N. Security Council Meeting on Ukraine (

Russian TV Pundit Questions How All Aims of Ukraine Invasion Have Failed (

State media reports Russia has built its first batch of Poseidon doomsday torpedoes, one of Putin's 'super weapons' (

Finland’s prime minister blames EU for not taking «stronger» measures against Russia in 2014 (

Wagner Fighter Reveals What Made Him Flee His Unit: 'Shocked to the Core' (

Moscow residents lay flowers for Dnipro strike victims in Ukraine | Watch (

Russian Defense Minister visits a group of Russian servicemen deployed in Ukraine (

Who is the Russian mercenary leaving his mark on the Ukrainian battlefield? | Watch (

Russia lays out plans to boost size of military to 1.5 million (

Zelenskyy aide resigns after suggesting Ukraine air defense caused a Russian missile to hit an apartment building, killing 44 (

Kyiv mayor hails 'positive decisions' after meeting German vice-chancellor (

Russian Forces Advancing Towards Bakhmut After Capturing Soledar—ISW (

Investigative Stories from Ukraine: OSINT group identifies Russian military unit alleged of striking Dnipro, killing 45 (

Kissinger backs Ukraine's NATO membership, says Russia needs the opportunity to rejoin international system (

Putin Slams US, Allies For Sending Military Aid To Ukraine: 'Intensification Of Hostilities With Support Of Western Sponsors' (

Russian TV Touts a Big Victory in Ukraine. On the Ground, It‘s More Complicated. | Watch (

SBU catches alleged Russian agents searching for Ukrainian weapons placements (

Qatar does not advocate 'forgive and forget' for Russia: foreign minister (

Hungary's foreign minister says Brussels has failed on Russia sanctions (

Davos: U.S. officials privately huddle with allies, business leaders about Ukraine (

Putinism doesn’t work in the battlefield (

Russian TV Pundits Take Encouragement From Deadly Dnipro Strike (

Ukraine presidential adviser offers resignation over Dnipro missile remarks ( I’m a bit conflicted about this. Up until this point, he was a trusted spokesperson.

This, OTOH, is total BS Lugansk ambassador to Moscow believes attack on Dnipro was «organized» in view of Davos Forum (

Putin: I Could Never Have Foreseen 2022’s ‘Unexpected’ Crises That I Created (

United Kingdom urges NATO to arm Ukraine for quick victory before Russia rearms (

Ukrainian Soldier Dismisses Russia's Soledar Success: 'Don't Spread Panic' (

Ukrainians anger Putin by learning to shoot down Russian missiles and drones (

Ex-Colonel Outlines How Ukraine Can 'Lease' an Air Force From U.S. (

How the war in Ukraine could end sooner than expected (

Vladimir Putin Plans To 'Take As Many People As Possible With Him' Before His Death, Insider Reveals (

Ukrainian troops begin Patriot missile training at Oklahoma Army base (

European energy firm OMV says it is able to supply 100% of customer orders with non-Russian gas | Watch (

Wagner Group Has Far Bigger Ambitions Than Ukraine (

Putin left feeling ‘weak and dizzy’ due to side effects from medical treatments: report (

Warp Speed: Ukraine’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle Program is Moving Fast (

'Red general': Germany's 'brash' new defence chief (


Virginia, USA

German Decision to Send Tanks to Ukraine Would Be Made With US (

German Decision to Send Tanks to Ukraine Would Be Made With US (

Japan to roll out plans to back Ukraine at 'appropriate time', U.S. official says ( Now we have a member of the former Axis Alliance supporting Ukraine against the new Axis of Evil.

Switzerland denounces Russia’s «brutal attack» on Ukraine and its threat to international law (

NATO planes arrive in Romania to monitor Russian activity | Watch (

Ukraine's Newest Weapon Should Worry Russia's Navy, Air Force: Ex-General (

Russia Tacks on Another Demand for Ukraine in Exchange for Peace ( Sure, why not. Add a few more outlandish demands – that is the way Russia “negotiates”.

One of Russia's main allies closed a visa loophole used by Russians fleeing conscription to fight in Ukraine (

Russia's war in Ukraine reaches a critical moment (

US Weighs Stryker Vehicles in Ukraine Aid Package Set for Friday (

The 'carrier killer' missile Russia fired into a Ukrainian apartment building, killing dozens, is 'notoriously inaccurate' and 'unpredictable,' intelligence and experts say (

Russian Troops Flee Ukraine, Order Taxi to Take Them 300 Miles Back Home (

Putin Betrayed by Close Ally Who Helped Out Ukraine Behind His Back (

Russia's Lavrov says Moscow ready to send mission to Armenia-Azerbaijan border (

Russian deserter left to rot in the snow after being shot dead (

War in Ukraine Strains Ties Between Putin and His Old Serb Ally (

Zelensky is asked whether helicopter crash was an accident. Hear his response | Watch (

Opinion: Even by Russia's standards, this was a particularly repulsive attack (

Russian foreign minister says US plotting ‘final solution’ against Russia (

More Indians Blame US, NATO Than Vladimir Putin For War In Ukraine: Survey (

Henry Kissinger's Shifting Views on Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Duped by Stalin and Putin (

US Coast Guard tracking Russian 'intelligence gathering ship' off Hawaii coast (

Berlin will allow exports of German tanks to Ukraine if U.S. sends its tanks -source (

Russian Military Rift Grows as Kadyrov Calls Rival 'General Blah Blah' (

Ex-mercenary makes explosive claims about Putin's 'chef' | Watch (

Ukraine Must Be Allowed to Hit Inside Russia to Stop a Possible New Offensive (

Türkiye is Not an Important NATO Member. Stop Pretending it is. (

Russian War Fugitives Are Not Receiving a Warm Welcome Aboard (

Dnipro shows depths of Putin’s depravity against Ukraine (

Putin's retaliation against sanctions has backfired and could cost Russia $150 billion this year, RBC analyst says (

Russian deserter in Oslo ready to spill Wagner's secrets (

Putin: Ukraine action aimed to end 'war' raging since 2014 (

EBRD chief economist talks rebuilding Ukraine | Watch (

Russian TV pundit claims brothels in UK are struggling due to train strikes (

Russia Plans Military Expansion as Putin Looks To Turn Tide on War—ISW (

Russia Continues Fighting for Control of Ukraine's Donbas Region | Watch (

Olena Zelenska gives details of letter for Xi Jingping in Davos | Watch (

Moscow compares West's Russia policy to Hitler's 'Final Solution' | Watch ( or is Russia’s attack on Ukraine their “Final Solution”

Poland says it might go rogue and send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine without Berlin's approval (

Russian State TV Guest Admits War Was a 'Disastrous Mistake' (

Lavrov warns that possible NATO expansion into Russia’s borders will be met with Moscow’s response (

US says it's time for Finland, Sweden to join NATO (

Poland reviews security after divers found near key port (

Is Putin dead? Volodymyr Zelensky questions whether Russian president is still alive (

Finland premier Sanna Marin warns against territorial concessions to Russia by Ukraine (

The US is scrambling to find what experts say may be the 'most important' hardware Ukraine needs to hold off Russia in 2023 (

US Steps Up Pressure on Turkey to Ratify NATO’s Nordic Expansion (

Vladimir Putin accused of 'deceiving' his own soldiers: 'The command doesn't care about us' (

UK to Send 600 Brimstone Missiles to Ukraine (

Eleven NATO countries pledge new military aid for Ukraine (

DAVOS 2023: Moldova's Sandu asks allies for air defences, says Russia trying to destabilise country (

Former Russian Commander Suggests His Country Will 'Sink' by Year's End (

Ukraine needs more weapons now because Putin 'clearly' thinks he can still win, former US general Petraeus says (

Battle For Bakhmut Exposes Wagner Group's Brutality, Limitations (


Virginia, USA

UK Defense Ministry: Russia's potential deployment of new T-14 Armata tanks to Ukraine 'high-risk decision' (

Putin orders 21 mobile crematoriums to 'hide scale of losses in Ukraine' (

Russian ship off Hawaii found to be gathering intelligence (

What Putin's Speech Tells Us About His Ukraine Narrative (

How AS-90 Self-Propelled Artillery Will Be Used by Ukraine Against Russia (

Kremlin Spars With Ukrainian President Zelensky Over Whether Putin Is Still Alive (

Putin's Trojan War: Is Russia Hiding Troops in Cargo Tanks for Kyiv Push? (

German Tanks for Ukraine Are Stuck as the US Resists Sending Its Own (

Germany Says Tanks Would Go to Ukraine Quickly After Any Deal (

Germany is in denial about Ukraine - UnHerd Interesting article

Defiant Germany denies blocking Leopard tank deliveries to Ukraine (

Undercover agents for Russia asked Google how to 'disappear' from trouble. They got caught and sent to prison for years. (

Russia could resort to nuclear weapons if it loses in Ukraine, says former Russian president (

CIA chief told Zelenskyy in secret meeting that vital aid fueling Ukraine's fight could become harder to obtain: report (

Vladimir Putin cracks down on dissent as ally threatens nuclear war (

Ukraine's deputy prime minister says it is educating its citizens about the dangers of deepfakes as it fights Russian disinformation in 'a war of technologies' (

Sign of Putin's paranoia appears on side of government building in Moscow (

Kremlin FIRES BACK At Volodymyr Zelenskyy After Ukrainian President Suggests Vladimir Putin Is Already Dead (

Russia's 'Paranoia' on Full Display As Kremlin Preps For Attack on Moscow (

Sweden braces for anti-Turkey demos amid NATO accession bid (

Putin-Linked Mercenary Leader Says Many Ukrainian Soldiers Defected To Russia Since December: 'Were Forced To Fight' (

Kremlin warns NATO: Supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons will bring war to 'whole new level' ( Let’s hope it does – but not in the way that Russia is suggesting.

Ukraine Needs Tanks Now, Says Top Military Advisor | Watch (

Russian State TV Host Says There Was No Other Choice But to Invade Ukraine (

Poland talks of «unconventional measures» if Germany resists handing over Leopard tanks (

Erdogan expresses readiness to make «significant contributions» to achieve peace in Ukraine (

Putin Is Sweating: The Russian Military Is Being Hammered in Ukraine (

Wagner Group Numbers Swell As Prigozhin Becomes Problem For Putin (

Putin Fighting Wagner Group's Rise After Ally Claims War Success: ISW (

Vladimir Putin Didn't Count on 'Courage' of Ukraine: Pentagon Chief (

Western weapons surge to Ukraine underlines new resolve (

The West has a "dramatic delusion" that Ukraine can win on the battlefield against Russia, the Kremlin said Friday, as Kyiv's allies gather in Germany to discuss support for Ukraine. (

Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine, rehearsed in Chechnya (

Top US general says Ukraine war has become an 'absolute catastrophe' for Russia, estimating it's suffered 'significantly well over' 100,000 casualties (

Russia's Massive Deaths in Ukraine Are 'Absolute Catastrophe': U.S. General (

US declassifies photos to back claim about Russian mercenary group Wagner | Watch (

US Slams Putin Ally's 'Provocative' Nuclear War Rhetoric: 'Not Only Dangerous, It Is Reckless' (

‘Record’ 1,000 Russian Soldiers Confirmed Killed in Ukraine Since Jan. 1 – Analysis (

Ukraine May Get 'Huge Add' to Military That Could Level Russia's Advances (

Pair charged with hiding Russian oligarch's ties to yacht (

War from above: Satellite images of the fighting in Ukraine (

Russia is reportedly afraid of a new attack from the West: Psychics (

'David v Goliath': Russian tank pelted by small Ukrainian drone bombs (

Putin’s Secret Attack Plan Would be Ukrainian Nightmare (

Germany Allows Ukraine ‘Preparatory’ Training on Leopard Tanks (

No tanks for Ukraine at the Ramstein meeting (

Russia says possible sending of battle tanks to Ukraine would be «negative» and «would not change anything.» ( Worried?

No Leopard 2 Tanks for Ukraine? Germany Is Making a Big Mistake (

New German defense minister 'ready to move quickly' on tanks to Ukraine (

Ukraine Intelligence Busts Spies Helping Russia Hit Energy Supplies (

Seven suspected Russian agents detained near Dnipro, Ukraine (

Britain joins international push to make Russia accountable for invasion (

Alleged Russian 'spy ship' spotted near US soil, here's everything we know (

Why the world economy no longer needs Russia | Watch (


Virginia, USA

Wagner Group Grapples With 'Failures' as Rivalry Brings Russian Rift: ISW (

German caution on Ukraine arms rooted in political culture (

Why Germany is struggling to stomach the idea of sending tanks to Ukraine (

Russian Politician Snaps At State TV Guest After Awkward U.S. Question (

Russia's Wagner chief writes to White House over new U.S. sanctions (

Ukrainian officer describes Russian tactics to encircle key city | Watch (

Is the war in Ukraine at a major turning point? It sure looks that way (

Watch Ukrainian troops prepare for looming Russian offensive | Watch (

Russia's New Commander in Ukraine Is 'Ruthless and Brutal'—Former General (

Pro-Kremlin channel Russia Today says France operation closing (

Russia to retaliate after RT accounts frozen in France: reports (

Putin’s Nightmare: How Much Death Can the Russian Military Take in Ukraine? (

Russia, Ukraine Have Amassed Significant Forces Around Key Area, U.K. Says (

'Putin has no red lines': Ex-ambassador explains Putin's mindset | Watch (

German politicians criticize stalling on tanks to Ukraine (

Russia's Wagner to send Kyiv bodies of soldiers killed in Soledar - report (

Russian teen faces years in jail over social media post criticizing Ukrainian war | Watch (

Russia holds air defense training as Germany debates tanks for Ukraine (

Putin’s Henchmen Threaten ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Dead U.S. Troops (

Ukraine is getting Strykers from the US. Here's how it might use them (

Elon Musk Sends Dire Warning About Ukraine (

Ukraine Official Downplays Chances of Belarus Joining War: 'No Threat' (

The West’s ‘indecision’ is killing our people, Ukraine says (

Vladimir Putin Purchases Nearly Two Dozen Mobile Crematoriums From China As Russia Continues To Suffer 'Irretrievable Losses' In War (

The Ukrainian Navy Is Ready To Rescue People Again As Ex-British Helicopters Arrive (

Ukraine to create 1,000 unit kamikaze drone fleet with charity fundraising (

Ukraine to discuss sending fighter jets at next military meeting in Ramstein (

Japan PM Kishida weighs Feb. Ukraine visit to hold talks with Zelenskiy -Yomiuri (

Meta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations list (

Russia criticizes Borrell’s «hypocrisy» in accusing foreign minister of anti-Semitism (

Reporter’s Notebook: Russia’s latest potential war crimes in Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

The folly of self-imposed red lines on US aid to Ukraine (

Hiding from Putin's call up by living off the grid (

Russia warns that arms shipments to Ukraine will lead to «global catastrophe» ( how about “if you don’t withdraw, then Russia as you know it will go away”

Russia taken 180,000 dead or wounded in Ukraine: Norwegian army (

France does not rule out sending Leclerc tanks to Ukraine - Macron (

Ex-Russian Commander Explains Why Putin's Success in Ukraine Is Impossible (

Russia rolls out more threats against the West - analysis (

Polish prime minister threatens «mini coalition» if Germany doesn’t hand over tanks (

Ukraine's great value in helping test US military equipment (

The increasingly murky prospect of an end to Putin’s Ukraine war (

The War in Ukraine is About Explode (

Germany is ready to authorise Poland to send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine to help Kyiv fight the Russian invasion if Warsaw makes such a request, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Sunday. (

Putin Has a Problem: His Plan To Make Russia’s Military Strong Looks Doomed (

Russia and Ukraine confirm heavy clashes in Zaporiyia region (

Ukrainian intelligence assumes the arrival of the Leopards for sure, but there are doubts about the official announcement (

Konstantin Skorkin: What the Return of Kremlin Ally Medvedchuk Means for the War in Ukraine (

Germany «will not object» if other countries want to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine (

Russian State TV Host Says Country Entering 'Holy War Mode' (

Ukraine has a new cache of weapons on the way — but not German tanks (

Russian Wagner Group gains global notoriety from Africa to Ukraine, but division brews at home (

Macron ‘does not rule out’ sending Leclerc battle tanks to Ukraine (

The West Isn’t Scared of Ukraine Beating Russia Anymore (

Ukraine reportedly launched strike on former hospital housing Russian soldiers in occupied Luhansk Oblast (

Southern Command: Ukraine repels limited Russian offensives in Zaporizhzhia Oblast (

Ukraine's military creates new units to equip with Western military hardware (

Putin Ally Warns New Anti-American 'Military Alliance' May Emerge (

Russian Analyst: Tucker Carlson Is 'One American' Who Shouldn't Be Killed (

RIDDLE: The Russian army in 2023 (

Here’s How Long It Will Take To Replenish US Weapons Stocks Sent To Ukraine (

US lawmakers call for giving Ukraine Abrams tanks to ensure delivery of Leopards. (

Media: Morocco sends Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine. (

How Russian fake news paints 'the Germans' (


Virginia, USA

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania urge Germany to send tanks to Ukraine (

France and Germany will support Ukraine for "as long as necessary" in its fight against Russia, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Sunday during a visit to France. (

US suspects Russian secret services of being behind letter bombing in Spain (

Russian Wagner boss acknowledges comparison with Rasputin (

How Putin Is Pivoting Away From the Wagner Group (

Shelling stepped up in populated areas as Russia struggles to invade Ukraine (

Top U.S. spy agency says more security assistance from allies is crucial for Ukraine to prevail (

Zelenksy on dismissal of deputy minister: 'There will be no return to the way things used to be' (

Boris Johnson makes surprise visit to war-torn Ukraine to meet with President Zelenskyy, pledge help (

Russian 'Tiger' Vehicle Destroyed As Zaporizhzhia Combat Escalates: Ukraine (

Russia, Estonia expel ambassadors amid 'destroyed' relations (

NATO Countries Are Giving Ukraine Hundreds Of Their Old Howitzers—and Replacing Them With South Korea’s Excellent K-9 (

Putin Shows His Hand: Russia Is Scared Ukraine Could Attack Cities (

Zelenskiy ally threatens jailings after high-profile corruption claims (

Leopard tanks are the 'right' weapon to send Ukraine, but don't expect a 'silver bullet,' military expert says (

Putin Looks to Prove Russia's Case Against the West With New Ally (

Most of Wagner Prisoner Fighters Are Dead or Deserted After Soledar: Report (

Former FBI official arrest, faces charges of violating Russian sanctions | Watch (

Former FBI official accused of hiding a $225,000 cash payment from an ex-foreign officer while overseeing an agency counter-intelligence division (

Ukraine Latest: Russian-Baltics Diplomatic Ties Slide to New Low (

Russian mercenary who fled to Norway arrested (

Russia claims that it was ready to strike an early peace deal with Ukraine but the West ruined it ( and zricky was going to pay his debts years ago, but we ruined it.

Ukrainian Border Guards push back Russian forces around Bakhmut (

Signs Putin’s paranoia is growing after changes spotted close to his ‘secret palace’ (

U.S. says Finland, Sweden are ready to join NATO alliance (

Two people arrested for selling Ukrainian passports to Russian citizens in the middle of the war (

Nearly 3,000 Russians Killed in Last Four Days of War: Ukraine ( Ukranian casualties are pretty brutal as well.

What Are T-72B Tanks? Morocco Supplies Ukraine With Upgraded Weaponry (

Inventing a different lie, Russia just showed Ukraine why not to lie (

Russia Could Collapse Into 'New States' After Ukrainian Victory: Economist (

Russia – Kremlin declines to comment on Putin’s possible presidential candidacy: «It’s still early days.» (

Putin’s Greatest Problem: Can His War Against Ukraine Be Saved? (

Kremlin says European infighting over sending advanced tanks to Ukraine is a sign of weakness (

Russian TV Admits Ukrainians With Western Weapons Are 'Fierce' Fighters (

Russian Troops Irked by New Rules on Facial Hair (

Why reparations won’t work, why Putin must lose and other commentary (

Putin's new military head bizarrely commands bearded troops to shave (

Russia sending 'tens of thousands' of 'ill-trained' troops amid Ukraine losses (

Putin Vows 'Integration' With Regional Allies As Imperial Dream Falters (

Rheinmetall could deliver 139 Leopard tanks to Ukraine - RND (

‘This is not a moment to slow down:’ U.S. says Ukraine making new gains (

Putin Will Give Up Only When Inner Circle Forces Him To Stop: Expert Says Chasing Away Russian Army Not Enough (

War between Russia and the West is 'almost a real one,' warns Lavrov (

Vladimir Putin Set To 'Disappear' From Leadership Position As Intelligence Official Confirms There Is 'Cleary Something Wrong' With Russian Leader's Health (

Kick Turkey out of Nato? Members will start considering it warns ex-commander (

Russian TV Warns New 'Big War' Coming After Putin Ultimatum (

VOA: Bradley fighting vehicles to arrive in Ukraine within few weeks (

Russia’s ‘Elite’ Shadow Army Edges Into Complete Collapse (

Germany's tank battle raises doubts about whether Scholz wants Russia to lose (

See documents that assess Russian private army success | Watch (


Virginia, USA

Putin Ally Admits Ukraine Has Enough Weapons to Try to 'Destroy Us' (

Russia has suffered '180,000 dead or wounded soldiers' in Ukraine, general says (

U.S., S. Korea working to hold N. Korea accountable for supporting Russian war in Ukraine: State Dept. (

Ukraine Shoots Down Three Russian Helicopters In Thirty Minutes As Vladimir Putin Faces Political 'Ruin' If His Newest Military Offensive Fails (

Russia Opposed by 'the Entire Collective West'—Putin's Ukraine Commander (

Sean Penn documentary on Ukraine to premiere at Berlin Film Festival | Watch (

Ukraine Has Another Big Problem Besides Russia (

Sweden Seeks to Calm Turkey Tensions Running High Over NATO Bid (

Vladimir Putin: Ex-M16 boss claims doctors are 'analysing' Russian President's health (

Leopard 2 Tanks From All Over Europe Are Heading To Ukraine As German Resistance Collapses (

Vladimir Putin fortifies his secret palace in move to protect himself from 'all-out war' (

Russian mercenaries are forbidden from helping wounded comrades and forced to leave them behind, Ukrainian intel says ( Great for morale

Finland Floats Solo NATO Entry After Erdogan Rejects Sweden (

Vladimir Putin's Mercenary Chief Deepens Feud With Russian Leader, Dismisses Moscow Generals As 'A Bunch Of Clowns' ( When you’re right, you’re right – but probably not very smart unless he stays far away from windows.

And here you have it Kremlin Admits ‘Putin’s Chef’ Might Be Assassinated Soon (

Switzerland Takes Step to Allow Arms Re-Exports to Ukraine (

US Confronts China Over State-Owned Firms' Ties to Russian War Effort | Watch (

Zaluzhnyi inherits $1 million, donates it to Ukraine's Armed Forces (

Putin’s Greatest Fear: Could Ukraine Launch a Drone Attack on Moscow? (

Turkey and Hungary should be suspended from NATO (

The U.K. Is Giving Ukraine Lots of Artillery. Now The British Army Can Get Newer And Better Guns. (

Russian State TV Evokes Holocaust, Claims Baltic States 'Governed by Nazis' (


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Turkey and Hungry have pretty much abandoned democracy and have moved far right. They aren't aligned with NATO values anymore. Time to let them go.


Virginia, USA

European court rules Ukraine cases against Russia admissible (

Russia threatens destruction of Abrams and Leopard tanks if the West decides to supply them to Ukraine ( but they wouldn’t attack other tanks? Didn’t they also destroy all of the HIMARS before we delivered them? Oh wait, I forgot. To date, the only targets were civilians, schools and hospitals along with power plants - but military equipment was strictly off-limits. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've met this clown - a couple of years ago but he sounded pretty rational back then.

Man who escaped feared Russian agency reveals what Russian spies are saying | Watch (

Russia is preparing for spring mass mobilisation (

Zelenski assures that Ukraine never intended to attack Belarus (

The majority of Russia's armed forces are against the policies of their leaders, FSB defector says (

Russia needs to be humiliated in Ukraine (

Ukraine's allies are finally sending the advanced tanks it asked for. Now they want it to embrace a rapid, aggressive style of warfare. (

Former US ambassador to Russia: Putinism may be coming to an end (

Ukraine is getting a new heavy-duty armored vehicle to haul its damaged tanks off the battlefield, US officials say (

Russian Soldiers Rejecting T-14 Armata Battle Tanks Over Quality—MOD (

Russian court shuts down country's oldest rights group (

Estonia announces new aid package for Ukraine | Watch (

Russian TV Anchor Urges Putin To Use Nukes On NATO Weapons (

U.S. Abrams Tank Compared to Russia's Wagner-Driven T-90 (

Putin Lackeys Lose Their Minds Over Ukraine Getting Battle Tanks (

Hear NATO chief's message to Russia following tank shipment announcement | Watch (

Russia Has More Dead Soldiers in Ukraine Than America in World War I (

Russia fumes at West's decision to send tanks to Ukraine, says red lines have been crossed ( Invading Ukraine was a red line.

Ukraine Is Getting A Small Number Of Leopard 2A6 Tanks With Uniquely Powerful Guns (

Ukrainian tank unit fights Russians, exhaustion and the cold (

Treasury Warns of Russia Elites Evading Sanctions in Real Estate (

Russian Media Demands 'Germany Must Be Defeated' After Ukraine Gets Tanks (

What would actually happen if Putin hit Ukraine with tactical nukes? (