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Russia launches attacks on Kramatorsk, Kostiantynivka in Donetsk Oblast overnight (

Intelligence: Russia may re-launch mobilization of conscripts on Jan. 15. (

The Pentagon won't comment on Russia's fears of psychic weapons (

Putin Wants 500,000 New Troops to Fight Ukraine? (

Russia fighting continues at 'routine level' despite Christmas ceasefire (

Putin Has A Problem: Russia Is Getting Slaughtered in Ukraine (

Russia claims it killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers in rocket attack (

Russia announces the death of 600 Ukrainian servicemen in retaliation for an attack on the city of Makyivka (

No sign of casualties at site of strikes Russia says killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: No sign of losses in attack Russia said killed Ukrainian troops (

Russia claims 'retaliation' missile strike kills 600 Ukraine soldiers; Kremlin braces for offensive: Live updates (

Ukraine denies Moscow claim it killed 600 soldiers (

Putin’s biggest Ukraine failures revealed in new report (

UK Defense Ministry: Russia boosts defenses in Zaporizhzhia as fears over Ukraine’s counteroffensive mount (

General Staff: Ukrainian military struck 26 Russian concentration areas over past day (

Russia denounces Ukrainian attacks on one of Donetsk’s largest thermal power plants (

Ukraine Situation Report: Mining Town Of Soledar Holds Against Latest Russian Onslaught (

Kiev denounces Russia’s creation of «the world’s largest minefield» in eastern Ukraine (

Russia Deploys 300 Chechen Soldiers to Frontline To Boost Failing Campaign (

Finland to send new military aid package to Ukraine. (

Air Force: Ukraine downs Russian helicopter, drone (

Russian families bury troops killed in Makiivka (

Putin's Forces 'Already Lost,' Former Russian Commander Says (

General Staff: Russian national guard shoots own soldiers for planning to surrender to Ukraine (

Moscow ends self-proclaimed ceasefire, vows to press ahead in Ukraine ( The self-proclaimed ceasefire was intact for 1.2 seconds until the Russians broke it – which is what everyone expected. Russia attacks Ukraine during Orthodox Christmas despite ceasefire promise | Watch (

'Russian prisons take it to a whole other level': Daughter of imprisoned Putin opponent | Watch (

Russia and Ukraine exchange 50 soldiers each in prison release deal (

Ukraine updates: Russia strikes intensify, as 'cease-fire' ends (

ISW: Russian offensives near Soledar do not indicate encirclement of Bakhmut (

DTEK: Russia attacked thermal power plant on Jan. 6. (

Germany does not exclude possibility of delivering Leopard tanks to Ukraine: minister (

Ukraine ambassador: Every dollar from US is going to good use (

Zelenskiy: Ukraine holding two towns, Russians in new attacks (

Ukraine claims Russia is conscripting more fighters for an offensive, breaking its own ceasefire (

Ex-NATO chief: Russian forces in Ukraine will be ‘burned through and exhausted’ by end of winter (

Ex-Army General Blasts Elon Musk Over Tank Remarks: 'Not Today, Satan' ( Musk keeps showing his ignorance


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I loved the musk comments. And now an internet of his fans regurgitating “tanks are stupid why do we spend money on them, drones and satellites”. Then my favorite “the government uses starlink and space-x puts stuff into orbit for DoD, and musk was on an advisory panel about such contracts… he knows.”

Meanwhile they are talking about an IFV, not a tank, and know fuck all about what they are commenting on.


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Russia Shoots Own Troops Planning To Surrender, Ukraine Warns (

WRAPUP 2-No sign of casualties at site of strikes Russia says killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers (

German spy ‘leaked UK files on Ukraine to the Russians’ (

Ukraine says Russia's boast of killing 600 Ukrainian troops in air strike is 'propaganda (

Russia backs banning of maps disputing official 'territorial integrity' (

Navalny Dying by Illness May be Putin's End Game: Professor (

Vladimir Putin Accused Of 'Trapping' 5K Ukrainian Children In Crimean Summer Camps To Use As 'Bargaining Chips' In Ongoing War (

Russia's forces in Ukraine will be 'burned through and exhausted' by the end of winter, ex-NATO commander predicts (

Russia Loses 11 Tanks, 17 Armored Vehicles and 3 Helicopters in a Day: Kyiv (

Mayor: Russian ammunition warehouse destroyed in occupied Melitopol (

Russian National Security Secretary assures that Moscow is not at war with Kiev (

Ukrainians Launch Widespread Counter Strikes on Russian Targets as Weapons, Training Reach Belarus (

Almost half of top foreign-policy experts think Russia will become a failed state or break up by 2033, according to a new survey (

Russia Fears Frozen River Could Hand Ukraine Major Opportunity—Report (

Russia faces revolution and collapse within 10 years after sanctions undermined its economy, many experts tell think-tank (

Russia claims to have taken control of the Donetsk town of Bakhmutske (

Russia Forced to Address New Draft Rumors for Planned Ukraine Offensive (

Russia intensifies assaults on Ukrainian salt mining town and eastern front (

Ukraine says a team of military surgeons removed an unexploded grenade from inside the body of a Ukrainian soldier (

Russia’s aggression won’t end until Russians reject Putinism (

Ukraine Politician Lists 4 Possible 'Outcomes' For How War With Russia Ends (

Russia Losing 1,000 Soldiers a Week in Zaporizhzhia, Mayor Says (

Kremlin says new Western armoured vehicles for Ukraine will 'deepen suffering' (

Russia's main oil product is trading way below the $60 price cap as just a handful of buyers keep up trade with the heavily sanctioned nation (

Ukraine war latest: Russia launches fresh major assault on 'practically destroyed' Soledar near Bakhmut (

Margaret Thatcher Gave Damning Assessment of Putin in Resurfaced Clip (

UK Is Considering Sending Battle Tanks to Ukraine, Officials Say (

ISW: Russia's attempts to claim they responded to the Dec. 31 Ukrainian strike on Makiivka generating further discontent at home (

Kremlin: confident that defence ministry report on Kramatorsk strike is correct ( One of these two is incorrect. I tend to think that the Finnish reporter that says “no sign of bodies” is more accurate.

Russia's Claims of Kramatorsk Attack Questioned by Media on the Ground (

Russia Wants to Buy Back Its Old Aircraft Carrier from China (

Zelenskiy: Resilience of our forces in Soledar has helped Ukraine win time (

Nato vs. Russia: who would win? (

Ukrainian forces holding out ‘against all odds’ in Bakhmut, Zelensky says (

Is Putin Crazy? Russia Lost 110,000 Troops But Isn’t at War in Ukraine (

Scholz says Berlin will not go it alone as pressure mounts to supply Kyiv tanks (

Why U.S. Bradleys Are Just the Fighting Vehicles That Ukraine Needs (

Russian and Ukrainian human rights commissioners to meet in Turkey this week (

Ukraine armoring up for spring offensive, thanks to array of new weapons in latest US arms package (

Can Ukraine Crush the Wagner Group Once and For All? (


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Russian Soldiers Killed After Being Lured Out by 'Combat Rabbits'—Ukraine (

'Ill' Vladimir Putin Celebrates Orthodox Christmas Alone, Spotted 'Shuffling' Through Moscow Cathedral Hours After Violating Holiday Truce (

Ukraine Reinforcements Head to Bakhmut in Fight 'Against All Odds' (

Is it a tank or not? Either way, it can help Ukraine push out Russia (

Netherlands grants Russian TV channel Dozhd broadcasting license ( WTF??????????????????

Putin could be put on trial in 2023 for war crimes in Ukraine (

Russia is holding back on using its most advanced fighter jets over Ukraine because it's scared they'll get shot down, UK intel says (

Head of Russian Region Bordering Ukraine Trains With Wagner (

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Can't Even Propel Itself: Ukraine (

Ukraine fights Russian assault on salt mining town along eastern front (

Ukraine school rejects Russian claim of troops killed there (

Russia’s Wagner group ramping up operations outside of Ukraine, U.S. warns (

Ukraine reinforces Bakhmut as fierce Russian assaults continue (

Ukraine, Russian and Western war reporters dismiss Kremlin claim of deadly strikes on Ukrainian troops (

Russian missile kills two women at market in east Ukraine - prosecutors (

Russian actor hit with criminal probes for criticizing war in Ukraine (

The West breaks heavy weapons taboo, but is it enough for Ukraine to win? (

Russia claims fatal retaliatory strike Ukraine denies happened ( CNN, Reuters and the Finns saw no evidence of any casualties

Ukraine’s ambassador to US: ‘It's either fight and liberate Ukraine or die. And we choose not to die.’ (

Sweden in talks with the United States on closer military ties (

Ukraine says its forces repel constant Russian attacks in east (

Zelensky: Army's resilience in Soledar allows Ukraine to win time and gain strength. (

Russian Analysts Threaten Macron With Missile Strike: 'Should Be No France' (

Russia Accused Of 'Killing Its Own Troops' In Effort To 'Maintain Discipline' As Vladimir Putin's Forces Flee Frontlines Of Ukraine War (

Amb. John Sullivan: ‘We should not underestimate Russia’s ability to crush Ukraine’ | Watch (

Ukraine Details 'Most Ridiculous' Russian Claims (

Russian Ally's Latest Move Shows Growing Strain With Putin (

Gunfire Heard As Ukrainian Troops Move Across Soledar In Donbas Region | Watch (

Russian TV Hears Call To Prepare Children To Fight: 'This Is World War III' (

'Heavy, Bloody Battles' in Ukraine's Soledar – Wagner Boss (

Fierce fighting in Ukraine's Soledar leaves battlefield strewn with corpses - Zelenskiy (

Russia threatens to seize property from businesses in occupied Ukraine that refuse to use ruble (

What Putin's Appointment of 'Inferior' General Means for Ukraine War (

German Foreign Minister assures support for Ukraine during visit to Kharkov (

Russia is letting prisoners soak up withering Ukrainian fire in a 'savage' battle, 'trading' them and others for bullets, US official says (

Beijing Fears Russia Becoming 'Minor Power' Under 'Crazy' Putin - FT (

Russian Doctors Urge Putin to End 'Abuse' of Rival Alexei Navalny (

Wagner chief says he wants to seize a key Ukrainian city for its vast network of caves and tunnels that could be used for war (

Sanctioned Russian Aviation Sector Hit By Slew of Incidents in New Year (

Admiral Kuznetsov: Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Looks Dead (

Vladimir Putin ally makes worrying threat against this European country on live TV (

U.S. Bradley Armored Vehicles Compared to Russia's Battle Tanks (

Ukraine claims that some Russian attacks fall on its own territory (

Russian artillery fire down nearly 75%, US officials say, in latest sign of struggles for Moscow (

Russia’s Wagner Group advances in Donbas, captures much of salt mining town (

Ex-NATO Chief Warns Putin Is Winning Air War Against Ukraine (

Russian State TV Guest Clashes With Host Over Nuclear Strikes: 'Pointless' (

Canada to buy $406-million surface-to-air missile system for Ukraine (

Investigative Stories from Ukraine: Ukrainian journalists identify 4 Russian kamikaze drone operators (

Putin Is In Crisis: Russia’s War in Ukraine Looks Completely Stalled (

US has made 'substantive' change in weaponry provided to Ukraine, officials say (

100 Ukrainian troops to train in Oklahoma; Russia nearly destroys Ukraine city: Live updates (


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General Staff: Russia opens 3 new military hospitals in occupied Berdiansk as casualties mount (

Ukrainian military: Russia compiling lists of schoolchildren for future mobilization (

Russia reinstates fired general to top post as Putin escalates war in eastern Donetsk (

Russia appoints new ground forces chief of staff despite hawks' criticism (

Putin's New Ground Forces Chief Aleksandr Lapin Sparks In-Fighting—ISW (

The US must decide what ‘victory’ means in Ukraine – or waste even more lives there (

Russia looks to crack down on its oil discount as plunging revenues blow up budget deficit (

Russia’s December Fiscal Deficit at Record-high - Bloomberg (

Russia could face 2 new price caps for refined petroleum products as another EU embargo looms, report says (

Mayor: Latvia sends 10 buses to Kyiv (

Russia Causing Its Own 'Defeat' in Ukraine War: Former Putin Adviser (

General Staff reports striking 5 Russian personnel concentations in past 24 hours (

Zelensky Discusses Possibility of World War III Breaking Out (

Russian Officials Throw a Tantrum After U.S. Diplomat Calls Putin ‘Small Man’ (

Ukraine’s Battlefields Are Freezing. Here’s What That Means for the War (

Putin Will Not Live to See 2024, Says Exiled Russian Official (

Ukraine war: Moment ‘Russian ammunition depot’ destroyed near Soledar | Watch (

Ukraine's Zelenskyy praises support from 'free world' at Golden Globes | Watch (

Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Says Russian War Won’t Become WWIII (

Russian State TV Says Country Needs Morale Boost: 'Alone Against the World' (

Putin Is Pure Evil: Russia Is Killing Its Own Troops in Ukraine (

Estonia tells Russia to reduce number of diplomats in Tallinn (

U.S. military tanks at Dutch port en route to NATO frontier (

Russia hit by another mystery fire - the latest is a huge Siberian timber plant | Watch (

Defeating Ukraine’s other enemy: corruption (

Ukrainian soldiers fight Russian private military group in strategic town | Watch (

Russia Quietly Bans Travel Even On Those ‘Unfit for Service’ Amidst New Draft (

Could Putin Actually Win a Battle in Ukraine? (

Putin Finds His Pawn in Political Struggle With Hardliners (

Russia names Valery Gerasimov new commander of Ukraine invasion (

Putin replaces commander of war in Ukraine (

Turkey sends Cold War cluster bombs to Ukraine, media say (

Russia's windfall from high energy prices in 2022 is 'starting to wear out,' but it's still making $687 million a day despite the EU ban, new research shows (

European oil sanctions costing Russia $172 million per day, report says (

Video: Former Ukrainian POW is told the city he was fighting for was liberated | Watch (

Putin Has a New Ukraine Strategy: Burn It All To the Ground ( but not a new strategy. Russia’s policy always has been “you have a nice house, we have a shitty house, we burn down your house” I’ve posted the following before and I’ll post it again Putin is determined to 'burn down Ukraine's house,' former CIA operative says (

Donetsk Oblast Governor denies Russia captured Soledar, claims Ukraine 'fighting for every centimeter' (

Putin's mercenary chief claims first major victory in months (

Russia Suffers 'Huge Losses' in Battle for Biggest Gain in Months: Ukraine (

Fighting rages over Ukraine's Soledar despite mercenaries' claim of control (

Switzerland stops accepting Russian travel documents from occupied areas in Ukraine (

The U.S. has thwarted Putin’s energy blackmail. Europe says ‘Tanks a lot!’ (

Russia Admits to Long List of Issues It Needs to Fix With Weapons, Army (

Russia says EU is becoming a vassal of NATO (

Stoltenberg: NATO should step up support for Ukraine amid battle of Soledar. (

Ukrainian intelligence chief says expect deeper drone attacks into Russia (

Ukraine battle hints at rift in pro-Russian forces (

Poland to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine on one condition (

West Must Stop Pretending Putin Is Reasonable: Ukraine Ambassador (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Russia puts top general in charge of invasion (

As Russian Officials Rail Against West, Their Kids Vacation in NATO Nations (

Zelenskiy mocks Russia's claims over Soledar, says fighting continues (

Why the battle for a Ukrainian salt town matters (

Putin Taking Soledar Would Be a Hollow Victory (

Patriot Missiles Evidence of U.S. Involvement in War—Russian Ambassador (

General Staff: Russia has lost 112,960 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24. (

Russia announces 120 Ukrainian servicemen killed in a single day of fighting in Donetsk (

Zelensky Strips Putin Ally of Ukrainian Citizenship (

Putin ally says Moscow is in 'military confrontation' with US and UK (

What happened in Makiivka and why are the Russians blaming their own troops? (

Hacked files reveal Russia and China’s secret propaganda cooperation (

Russia claims it got revenge on Ukraine for a deadly blow to its forces, but a lack of evidence suggests Moscow made it up (

Armenia says concerned by Russian peacekeepers' role in blockade row (

Russia's Wagner Group claims 'liberation' of Soledar, says about 500 Ukrainians killed (

‘Putin’s Chef’ Humiliated by His Own Side After Bragging of Wagner Victory (

Accounting for the Lines We Would Not Cross in Ukraine | Opinion (

Russia considers that the U.S. has confirmed its involvement in the Ukrainian war by training soldiers (

Ukraine strikes building where Russian attack drones were launched | Watch (

Russia demoted the 'absolutely ruthless' general who has been leading the war in Ukraine less than 3 months after promoting him (

Russia's 'General Armageddon' Demoted Amid Huge Battlefield Losses (

As Russia's military stalls, 'Putin's chef' serves up his Wagner shock troops to rescue Ukraine campaign (

Russia using old Ukrainian weapons sent in goodwill on front line (

Zelenski insists NATO’s «open-door rhetoric» is «not enough» for Ukraine (


Virginia, USA

Vladamir Putin Deepens Feud With Russian Mercenary Chief Who Bragged His Rogue Troops Captured Key Ukrainian Battleground (

Putin snaps in recorded meeting with ministers (

Intense fighting in eastern Ukraine showed the benefits — and limitations — of HIMARS, experts say (

Fight to keep mining town from Russian mercenaries not over yet, insists Ukraine (

Don’t Be So Quick to Listen To America’s Retired Generals on Ukraine (

Russian Army Is So Degraded It Won't Recover in 'Lifetime': Ukraine Adviser (

Putin’s Super-Rich Friends Who've Lost BILLIONS (

Putin: Situation remains ‘difficult’ in annexed regions of Ukraine | Watch (

Putin 'will be dead by October' claims Russian opposition politician (

Retired US general calls Putin's battlefield change a 'bizarre move' | Watch (

Two hundred Russian doctors sign petition urging Putin to 'stop abusing' rival (

Ukrainian Ambassador to US: Russia cannot win, it has to face the reality | Watch (

Canadian Army waiting for air-defence systems as Ottawa buys equipment for Ukraine (

UK Defense Ministry: Russia aware campaign falling short of strategic goals (

General Staff: Battle for Soledar near Bakhmut continues as Russia aims to cut supply routes for Ukraine (

Russia says it is advancing around Ukraine's Soledar, acknowledges losses (

Watchdog: Russia sends 40 train wagons with military personnel, equipment to Belarus (

Navy brass fed up with weapons delays as Ukraine aid takes priority (

Falling Russian fossil fuel revenues could deal a lethal blow to Putin's war machine (

‘Brutal, bloody battles’: Russia’s ‘insane’ fight for Soledar (

Time to Train Ukraine on F-16 Fighter Jets (

Who is Valery Gerasimov, the new leader of Russia’s war in Ukraine? (

Top 5 Conflicts That Risk Pushing the World Into WWIII | Watch (

Russian capture of Soledar could pave the way for Bakhmut invasion | Watch (

The Startling Statistic That Shows Why Russia Is Struggling in Ukraine War (

Russia announces UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine (

Russia Honors Dead Wagner Fighter Who Beat His Mom to Death as Hero Who ‘Always Helped the Weak’ (

Previously unsung, Ukraine's power plant workers are now heroes in the war with Russia (

American held in Russia is released, U.S. officials say (

Wagner Troops in Soledar Bombarded With Mortar Strikes: Ukraine (

Ukraine Could Strike Devastating Blow to Putin as Military Struggles (

Russia's top general has inherited a poisoned chalice in Ukraine, after his predecessor lasted just 3 months. This could lead to an escalation in the war. (

Former Russian Commander Pours Cold Water on Putin's Success in Soledar (

LONG READ: Putin has lost this winter gas battle, but another energy crisis is ahead (

Kremlin Knows Russia Is Failing in Ukraine: U.K. (

Ukrainian troops hold out in Soledar as Russia builds up forces - Kyiv (

Hungary urges international community to prevent NATO’s entry into Ukraine war (

Artillery sinks Russian warship in Dnipro River, says Ukraine (

Russian Forces 'Far From' Capturing Bakhmut Despite Soledar Advances—ISW (

Russia reproaches Turkey for its support of Zelenski’s proposed peace plan (

Putin is fighting an 'internal power struggle' to weaken critics amid Russia's mounting military failures in Ukraine, war experts say (

Ukrainians Strike Back in Soledar Against Infamous Wagner Group Forcing Retreat (

Russia's Greatest Military Strength Has Now Become Its Weakness (

Let Russia Create Its Own (Fictional) Off-Ramp in Ukraine | Opinion (

New York Times article accidentally leaked numbers of Russian soldiers who criticised Ukraine war and Putin (

Will the war in Ukraine spell the end of Transnistria? (

Russia Apparently Shot Down a UFO (

Ukraine war latest: Russia sends conscripts in combat zones as Ukrainian military conducts counterattacks in Soledar (

Here’s an interesting article about logistics Russian Urban Combat Tactics in Grozny -

And speaking of Gerasimov AWG-RussianNewWarfareHandbook.pdf (

The facts behind the "most bloody battle" of Russia's war in Ukraine (

Russian Politician Suggests Attack on German Minister Visiting Ukraine (


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Wounded Russian Soldiers Returned to Front Without Proper Treatment – Agentstvo ( Hey, running away from the enemy is rehab…lifting your hands up in surrender is rehab…

CSB: toward the end of my tour in Iraq, I was driving for someone far more important than me, when I got a case of the pink eye. Some new bigwig came to town and wanted to talk to some of the locals. I had an eyepatch on my left and was told “you can still shoot, load up”.

So here I am, driving a fat pig of a truck through semi flooded roadways in south Baghdad. My depth perception is shit and as we pass though the lake of ankle deep sewage water thst was the road, we came to an uncomfortable looking car on the right side. I move over to the left and before I know it the gutter/curb gives way and my truck slips driver side down into the ditch of night soil. Homie riding shotgun says “you’d better get us the fuck out of here”. Climbed out the passenger side doors, hooked the recovery strap to our escort truck and got out.

Had to throw those boots away. 🤮

On topic: Buddy who’s from OK sent me a pic of a local need paper that says Ft. Sill is expecting Ukrainian crews to go through the Patriot course at the arty schoolhouse.


Virginia, USA

Putin's Biggest Weak Spot Exposed as Ukraine's Ambition Grows (

Putin's Military Strategy Ignores Key Principles of War: Ukraine Adviser (

Vladimir Putin 'will be killed' before his birthday this year, according to Russian politician (

Former NATO commander says Putin is 'scrambling' for manpower in Ukraine and 'will take anything' at this point (

Forget Soledar: Russia cannot sustain the offensive initiative (

Russia Accidentally Blows Up Its Own Tank During Repairs: Report ( Safety 101 – remove ammo before beginning to weld.

Former Soviet Union Countries Are ‘Our Territory’, Russian Academic Says | Watch (

Russian Diplomat Sets Out Key Condition for Talks with Ukraine (

Putin's war in Ukraine has made Russia a 'liability' whose few friends are 'hardly at the top' of anyone's wishlist' (

Hear what some Russians think about Putin's invasion | Watch (

Putin's New-Year Losses Pass 8,000 as Russia Claims Capture of Soledar (

Russia tried to claim months ago it destroyed American-made armored vehicles that the US didn't even offer Ukraine until last week (

Russian Wives Say Soldiers Given 'Punishment for the Truth' After Video (

Putin Thinks the Ukraine War is ‘Unfair’ (

Germany supplies sapper tanks to Ukraine (

Russian Prisoners Turned Soldiers Could Become 'Politicians,' Official Says (

Ukraine says it's now a de facto member of NATO — further underlining a crucial error in Putin's invasion (

Ukraine warns that Russia uses homes in Energodar city to house and store weapons (

Putin attends funeral of Murtaza Rakhimov, first president of the Bashkortostan region (

Russia Just Gave Another Hint That Second Draft Is Coming (

Ukraine Testing Weapons With Range Longer Than Biden Willing to Provide (

Logistical challenge looms for Ukraine over promised tanks (


Virginia, USA

British Prime Minister announces shipment of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine (

Vladimir Putin's Major Dilemma Exposed After Soledar Gains: Igor Girkin (

Loud explosions reported in Russian-occupied Melitopol (

Putin's Planning for Retirement, Has Eyes on 3 Successors: Ex-Speechwriter (

Europe gears up to send Western tanks to Ukraine (

The frontline city of Soledar, which Russia had claimed to have captured, is still "controlled" by Ukrainian troops, local authorities said Saturday. (

Russian State TV Says U.S. 'Hysterical' and Can't Stage 'Real Intervention' (

Why the Russian invaders make crippling police a priority (

Russia fires new wave of missiles at Ukraine after hitting Kyiv infrastructure (

Russia's Prigozhin boasts of Wagner prowess amid wrangling with defence establishment (

Fears grow for Alexei Navalny as Germany says he ‘needs urgent medical help’ (

ISW: Battle for Soledar reveals conflict between Russian military and Wagner Group (

Russian ex-President Medvedev says Japanese PM should disembowel himself (

Ukraine to Receive U.K. Challenger 2 Tanks As Kyiv Looks To 'Seize Moment' (

Putin’s Dream Come True: Would Belarus Invade Ukraine? (

Russia's Wagner mercenaries lead bloody battle in Ukraine's east | Watch (

A Chinese official said 'Putin is crazy' but Beijing may be trying to have it both ways by distancing itself from the Ukraine war while still supporting Russia financially (

Fresh threats of mutiny as Putin's troops beg for freedom | Watch (

A string of Russian failures got scores of troops killed in a Ukrainian strike, and Moscow's reaction only made things worse (

Time Is on Ukraine’s Side, Not Russia’s (

Ukraine forces retain control of Soledar despite Russian claims, governor says (

Zelenskyy mocks Russian forces fighting for ‘credit’ over Soledar (

Putin faces fresh threat of mutiny from troops freezing in -25C with no food (

A dramatic video shows Ukrainian soldiers conducting a medical evacuation of wounded while under fire in bombed-out city (

Russia’s frenzied fight for Ukraine’s strategic eastern towns (

The US Military Bought 21 MiG-29 Fighters To Train for a Russia War (

Zelensky on Russia’s deadly strike on Dnipro: ‘We will find everyone involved in this terror’ (

Zelensky draws comparisons between ‘Ruscism’ and Nazism in Saturday address (

Putin's 'successor' launches drone training school for Russian troops (

'We can handle everything': Ukrainian medics stoic near frontline (


Virginia, USA

Sad, but true

Russian Battalion Only Has 10 Tanks and 30 Soldiers Left: Ukraine (

Vladimir Putin: Does He Have Cancer or Not? (

The Ukraine paradoxes: Russia, reciprocity and reality (

Soldier wipes out entire Russian unit with single strike from rocket launcher (

Reporter’s Notebook: What will make Putin end his war with Ukraine? (

Zelenski sanctions 198 more Russian cultural and media personalities (

Russian 'Marker' Combat Robots to Be Sent to Ukraine, Official Reveals (

Moscow is allegedly preparing to deport some 100,000 Ukrainians to Russia | Watch (

Glory Hunters or Gold Diggers? The Shadowy World of Russia’s ‘Volunteers’ Fighting in Ukraine (

Putin praises 'positive dynamic' in Ukraine war after Russian missile strikes apartment building, kills 23 (

British Decision to Send Heavy Tanks to Ukraine Prompts Russian Warning (

Former Russian Commander Warns of 'Civil War' That Will 'Kill' Russia (

Jailed Russian serial killer volunteers to fight for Putin in Ukraine (

Putin was so worried about a conflict with the West that he basically ended up starting one, former US Army general says (

Russian Soldiers Blow Themselves Up by 'Careless Handling' of Ammunition (

Three dead, 16 hurt in ammo blast in Russian region near Ukraine (

Wagner Group Chief Using Soledar To Discredit Russian Armed Forces: ISW (

Ukraine Lacks Defense System to Shoot Down Russian Kh-22 Missiles: Official (

Viktor Bout Doesn’t Want To Fight In Ukraine After All (

U.S. Provides Russia Sanctuary by Not Giving Kyiv Long Range Weapons: Gen. (

Ukrainian ambassador says 'ice' is breaking on allied arms shipments (

Prosecutor General’s Office identifies Russian military unit responsible for Dnipro attack (

How Ukraine became a laboratory for western weapons and battlefield innovation (

ISW: Kremlin continues to falsely claim that Ukraine poses existential threat to Russia (

Air Force: Ukraine needs Patriot to down Kh-22 missiles Russia used to hit high-rise in Dnipro (

General Staff: Ukrainian forces strike Russian positions 9 times (

Putin Insists Ukraine War Going According to Plan Despite Major Losses (

Who is Vladimir Solovyov and why is he so dangerous? (

NATO chief hints at more heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine (

Borrell condemns «inhumane» Russian attack on civilians in Dnipro (

Putin Will Step Down In 2023, War In Ukraine Could End: Former Speechwriter Predicts (

Russian forces shell hospital in Kherson (

Anxious vigil outside destroyed Dnipro tower block (

On GPS: Ukraine's First Lady on living in a war zone | Watch (

Podolyak: Nearly 80% of Russian prisoners recruited by Wagner Group killed, injured, captured by Ukraine (

Russian TV: Moscow Must Influence Foreign Nations' Politics at 'Any Cost' (

Ukrainian workers pull distraught woman from rubble after Russian missile strike (

Almost a year into the war in Ukraine, Russia has gone through multiple commanders (

Ukrainian military source: Russia controls administrative territory of Soledar (

Analysis-Russian mercenary boss courts Putin with Ukrainian battlefield success (

Ukraine hit with new barrage of Russian missile strikes | Watch (

Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Says Donbas Is Key to Stopping Russia (


Virginia, USA

Vladimir Putin 'Publicly Executing' Own Soldiers Who Disobey Russian Leader's Orders In Ukraine (

Wagner Group Mercenary Dodges Gunfire, Guard Dogs to Flee Russia: Report (

Russian Ex-Wagner Commander Flees to Norway, Seeks Asylum – Reports (

Ukraine confirms that Russia has taken control of disputed town of Soledar (

Putin Should Be Shocked: Ukraine Keeps Killing Russia’s Missiles (

Ukraine missile toll rises to 40 as Russia denies attack (

Russia blames Ukrainian forces for attack on residential building in Dnipro (

'Russia's Rambo,' once a Putin favorite, says he'd now fight for Ukraine and feels 'nothing but hatred' for his home country (

It Took Just Two Weeks For One Of The Ukrainian Army’s Newest Brigades To Get American-Made M-2 Fighting Vehicles (

Russia sanctions UK foreign secretary over aid to Ukraine ( Crap, they won’t be able to vacation in Siberia

Testimony of a Russian deserter: ‘If Putin dies tomorrow, the war is over’ ( and he knows this how?

Russian Sergeant Blows Up Own Troops in Bid to 'Establish Authority'—Report (

CIA director secretly met with Zelenskyy before invasion to reveal Russian plot to kill him as he pushed back on US intelligence, book says (

Poland urges Germany to supply tanks to Ukraine, warning of possible World War III (

Russia has screwed up over and over in its war in Ukraine, and Western militaries need to learn from its mistakes, former US Army general says (

Russia Now Moving to Treat Ukraine as Major Conventional War-ISW (

Putin and Erdogan discuss Ukraine prisoners, gas and grain (

Russia Can't Take Key Ukrainian Region 'Quickly,' Occupation Leader Admits (

Davos 2023: Europe, NATO to build Ukraine unity in Russian no-go zone (

Analysis-Russia's falling oil revenues could create vicious circle for budget, rouble (

Regaining Crimea May Be The Key To A Ukrainian Victory This Year, Ex-US General Says (

Russia says British tanks sent to Ukraine 'will burn' (

Russia says UK's Challenger 2 tanks heading to Ukraine 'will burn just like the rest' (

Ukraine is a real life learning curve of the price of modern war and defence (

Ukraine is a real life learning curve of the price of modern war and defence (

Kremlin denies conflict between Wagner and defence ministry (

The US is getting Ukraine ready for a more aggressive war with Russia, training it for tank battles and other large-scale combat (

Putin Is Trapped in Ukraine: Russia is Going Mercenary Crazy (

Ukrainian soldiers arrive in US to start training on Patriot air defense systems. (

Ukraine's first lady reveals what she tells her own children about Putin's invasion | Watch (

Slovakia delivers eighth Zuzana-2 self-propelled howitzer to Ukraine (

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