Tutorial: How-To Fit Helix Soundbox + Spare in GTI


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Credit must first go to forum member snbrdrdan, who suggested this and provided the part numbers. :) His original post is here:

Yes, you can mount both your OEM spare tire and your Helix Soundbox under your rear floor cover and have it sitting flush and proper in your Mk7 GTI.

You will need two parts: 1T0-803-899-B (long mount bolt) and a duplicate 1K0-803-899-D (regular mount bolt that comes stock with MK7 GTI). You will only need one tool: a 3mm allen/hex key to remove the feet from the Helix box. The longer bolt will replace your existing shorter bolt, and you need to buy a second short one only for the second screw that you will need. The shorter bolt with screw was only ~$3, so I didn't bother trying to locate just the screw. I am listing the vendor (VWPartsVortex dot com) because they were inexpensive and got this to me from New Jersey to Delaware in one day. I have no affiliation with them; they have simply always been very fast with shipping and competitively priced:

Install Steps:

1. Clear everything out of the hatch area.

2. Remove your existing short mount bolt by turning it 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise and pulling it straight up out of the key hole. Remove the little foam donut at the base and transfer it to the new longer bolt. Install the long mount bolt in reverse.

3. Pass the Helix wire/connector through one of the spare's wheel holes to avoid pinching between top of tire and bottom of Helix, put the spare tire back in the stock location, and screw it down tight with the first screw.

4. Remove the five little rubber feet/bumpers from the bottom of the Helix box with a 3mm allen/hex key. This is mandatory if you want the floor cover to fit flush over top of the Helix unit. Without removal the removable rear floor cover won't lay flat or click into place:

5. Center the Helix box on top of the tire and install the second big plastic screw that came with the duplicate short bolt you purchased. If you are concerned about any possible marring of the Helix subwoofer speaker grilles, you could place some sort of protective layer between the Helix box and the tire, but I was not concerned about it and did not:

6. Enjoy better sound while keeping your spare. :D

PS. Here are the dongle codes too:

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Damn you all.
I convinced myself that I couldn't get this because I needed the spare.


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You Da Man!!!!! Parts ordered


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I like how you ran the Helix cable through the spare. With the feet removed from the box, my first concern was pinching that cable.

Nice job for sure.


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I like how you ran the Helix cable through the spare. With the feet removed from the box, my first concern was pinching that cable.

Nice job for sure.

Haha yeah, if you look back at my pictures, in particular the first one with the tire screwed down, I hadn't figured that out just yet. The lightbulb went off later.


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Hi all, I have just fitted the Helix kit. I have placed the subwoofer over the spare, but if I position it so that mounting bolt lines up by eye, the subwoofer sits onto of a length of plastic trim by the hatch opening. This lifts the subwoofer at the back, meaning that it does not sit flush on top of the spare. As a result, the floor does not sit flush!

Any ideas? Perhaps if i buy the long bolt things will centralise when I loosen off the spare wheel....

Also, need to find a programming dongle in the UK!

Many thanks.


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I had the same issue. I messed with flipping the spare the other way around. I dont remember which direction it ended up as but one way was better than the other. Also, I put three rubber spacers to lift the sub off the tire a bit to allow room for the cable.

I think i also ended up tucking the sub under that plastic lip. The floor of the trunk rocks a little tiny bit but its good enough even for my OCD.