Tune your car from home with Integrated Engineering POWERlink cables!

Aristocrat Autosport

GOLFMK7 Official Sponsor
Buena Park, CA
If you've longed for the power of an Integrated Engineering tune but couldn't find a shop tuner in your area, we've found a solution to your problem! The Integrated Engineering POWERlink cable allows you to flash ECU and TCU software onto your car from your home computer!

Owning a POWERlink cable allows you to switch octanes at any time - choose from 91, 93, 100, 104 and ethanol tunes. Built in data logging allows you to troubleshoot your car quickly, and you can flash back to stock whenever you choose!

Price - $149.99 each**. PM with your zip code for an accurate shipping quote! For Southern California customers, we are an IE tuner so we can flash your car for you, negating the need to buy a cable. If you'd like to will call pickup, we have that option too!

**Please note this price is for the price of the cable ONLY; you must purchase a tune separately. Please contact us to purchase tuning credits for your POWERlink cable.

System requirements:
-Laptop or tablet with Wifi/Ethernet connection and USB port
-Windows 7 or higher
-32 or 64-bit processor with 1.0 GHZ or higher