Trusted Audio shop or dealer that can install Helix Soundbox? (Portland, OR)


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Hello, I just bought the GTI SE. I didn't think much about the sound system (I mean, how bad can the sound system in a modern $30k car be right?) but after really putting it to the test, I think it's one of the most disappointing system I've ever heard haha. So hollow and lacking in richness no matter how much I tried adjusting the EQ. After some research, it looks like the "cleanest" (least complicated) option is to get the Helix soundbox. I am not comfortable with DIY so I want to take to an audio shop or even the dealership for installation.

I see that VW Salem sells the soundbox and install for a total of 726. Is this a reasonable offer? Does anyone have any recommendation/suggestion on where I can take to get it installed? Anywhere in or outside of the Portland-metro would be fine as long as the workmanship is trusted.

Or is there even an easier/less "instrusive" way to improve the sound in our system?

Thanks in advance.
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