Trouble with starting from stop on 6MT


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One thing about rolling around at slow speeds.

Don't shift to 2nd like you're driving a civic.

Stay in first in parking lots or slow moving situations. 1st gear in this car is very "usable," you don't have to jump into second the instant you've got enough momentum. If you get slowed down again 2nd immediately bogs if you're down near 1k rpm.

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Ok one more thing I noticed with this car but not sure if it's correct. It seems like when I upshift the car is revving a bit or maintaining the rpm constant for a little under a second longer than I'm use to with other cars. It's so annoying. Harder to release clutch out faster and get a smoother transition. Am I correct with this observation?
All cars have some level of rev hang to burn the last of the fuel. You need to roll off your throttle before you completely left off. This will minimize rev hang and make it easier for you to nail the next gear as you will have more consistency. I have the Cobb AP on my car but I don't remember it making a huge difference for rev hang as the Golf-R's map isn't too bad from the start.

I left the delay valve on my clutch line as I have not found it to be the problem on the car, it's driver input. I have a new ECS bypass valve in my parts bin for when I do the brake/clutch fluid change as it has a one way bleeder feature. I will swap it out then.