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Trim Damage Help!


New member
Hey Guys/Gals,

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I figured I'd ask for everyone's help while I sit here and recover on the couch šŸ¤¤. I attached a picture of my silver colored trim where a piece of the trim ripped up somehow. Was very annoyed when I looked down and saw it. The piece is still attached where you see the crease in the trim. The question is how can i repair this myself? I can glue it back in place and maybe fill the crease with something and paint over it? I don't expect any repair to make it look brand new but just so it isn't so obvious. Thanks for the whomever can provide some help or insight!!



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Wow thanks, didnt realize this was such a wide spread problem. I assumed I did something stupid, which might still be the case lol.
Hopefully I can talk my dealer into replacing it.