Transmission Fluid for 6MT


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LFK Kansas
I changed to Motul last fall, but recently decided to switch back to OEM fluid. I haven't been driving much the last year since I've been working from home, and I park in an attached garage which rarely gets below 45-ish degrees in the winter. I've found that shifting with the Motul fluid (mainly 1-2 and 2-3) has been far too crunchy for my comfort, unless the car is completely warmed up after probably 15 minutes of driving. Once the car is completely warmed up, I can tell an improvement vs OEM fluid, but it's nothing drastic and the trade off isn't good enough to bear with crunchy shifting when it's not warm out. I couldn't imagine how crunchy it would be in winter once I return to the office and have to park outside where it will get fully cold. Not to mention, most of my driving is short trips where the fluid doesn't get hot enough. I wouldn't recommend Motul unless you live in a far southern climate that doesn't ever get cool.