Transform your car for less with Torque Solution Dogbone Inserts!

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Buena Park, CA
Torque Solution Dogbone inserts are designed to fill in the gaps in your factory mount, reducing transmission movement for improved shift feel and allowing your car to put down more power. Torque solution offers two types of dogbone inserts - Billet aluminum (pictured below) and Polyurethane mounts. The Billet version is made from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and adds very minimal NVH and thus is better suited for daily drivers; the Polyurethane versions will fill in more gaps than the billet version and thus will create more NVH. The Polyurethane is available in Street (75A Durometer) and Race (90A Durometer). Both solutions will remove "shift slop" at a very affordable price.

**Please note, that for billet inserts you must check which dogbone mount version you have. The polyurethane versions are universal fit and work with both mount types.

Circle Version:

Triangle Version:

PM with your desired Dogbone mount type and your ZIP code to get an accurate quote. Will call options are available for Southern California customers from our Buena Park facility.

Triangle Style Billet

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