Tow Trust Detachable Towbar and Electrics

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I have for sale a used Tow Trust Towbar (part reference TVW623VK) Golf Mk5, 6, 7 and 7.5, Golf Plus and Golf SV. Also fits Audi A3 hatch / Sportback saloon, Seat Leon SC 3 / 5-door and Leon ST Estate.
This comes complete with everything you need to get ready to tow - i.e. the tow-bar and detachable tow-ball coupling, 13-pin electrics and bypass relay. This was only fitted to my GTD for a matter of weeks this year and is now only for sale as the Golf is sadly going in the next few days.

The tow-ball is simple and quick to install and can be locked to the car if required - 2 keys are provided for this. Please see the Tow Trust website to confirm your specific cars' suitability and for further details.
I also have a lower diffuser trim with dedicated aperture to provide an invisible installation when towing - please see this separate advert.
Collection only please - this is a solid piece of equipment and is pretty heavy!

Asking for offers around £180.00 - (£360 from tow-trust!)

If you have any questions about this or how the GTD was as a tow-car (excellent!) please let me know.
Thanks for looking!

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