Tow Eye Cover Got Booped - Options?


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Well this was a weird one. On the way to work today, a big piece of debris flew off a trailer truck and somehow managed to hit the front of my car and, popped off the tow eye cover.

I've honestly never taken off the cover and I'm not sure if the inside part has been damaged or not. Based on the picture, does anyone know if this looks normal or did the inside plastic also get damaged? I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a replacement cover or, if the inside is damaged, just retrofit it with a license plate cover or tow hook/strap.

IMG_0635 - Copy.jpg

IMG_0639 - Copy.jpg

Right when I saw the cover missing, I thought "Oh, well. $20 on eBay" but then I see that not only does the OEM run about $40 but you'd have to color match and paint it as well. I guess depending on the answers here, I might just go toe hook/strap since the cover seems even more involved than it should be. Any other options as well?

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mine is missing too. I've read the ebay ones don't fit very well. Only option besides finding one in a junk yard is buy OEM (~$35) and pick up a can of duplicolor Tornado red paint and some good clear coat. Thats the route I am going to have to take