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Ok, the wheel post is up so folks can have an idea what these would go on along with stock. But I've narrowed down the list some. Probably won't be much of a surprise as they line up with most talked about on here.

I'll likely bump it up to 235s since starting on stock wheels.

I've been reading posts on tires around the forum. They're often just discussing one or two tires, but it has helped.

I'm looking for something that'll hold with some gas or cornering, but I'm not looking to track it (least for now). Wet traction is a definite plus. Snow/ice traction concerns right now are minimal, but there is a chance I'll end up back in Colorado in the next year. Ideally I'd go with two sets of wheels but prepping for transition from the military limits how far I can go, hence the inclusion of All Seasons (the Conti 06s worked ok in snow on my MINI without going crazy). Aside from CO likely end spots are CA or FL.

Falken Azenis FK510 These are currently the ones I'm leaning towards, but it's close. But they're a Summer tire so iffy if I end up in CO.

Falken Azenis FK450 A/S Need to look into these some more, but figuring an A/S version of the 510s?

Continential EC DWS 06 As mentioned had these before, seemed to do alright, but pricier. I'd rather something more budget right now.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus Supposedly about the best All-Season, but same situation as Contis.

General G-Max AS-05 Budget tire that seems to get good ratings. Not overall familiar with General.

General G-Max RS Same as above, with similar potential Summer issue as Falkens.

Firestone Indy 500 Seems a lot on the forum like these. I'm a bit biased against Firestone right now though based on how quickly my truck tires wore down and so-so traction. Plus for similar price/performance it seems the Falkens and Generals may have a small leg-up in wet traction performance. Same potential Summer issue as the Falkens.

Thanks for any input.


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Conti offers mail in rebate discounts twice or thrice a year and you can wait for it, if you are not in a hurry.

Also this thread might have some useful info for you

Thanks for the tip. Edit: Disregard on latter part, spaced the 4th for a $1 part. >.< Without that though it's no competition. But with it the dealer sale still came out high. Specific comparison on that thread.
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Doing some more looking this morning. Now leaning towards General G-Max AS-05s. $140 on Tire Rack, $118 at America's Tire. With install, fees, CA taxes, and warranty certificates they come out to $673.09 installed at America's. Plus a $70 mail-in rebate, so essentially $600 installed. Not the best for deep snow or ice, but kind of a no duh. That's where winter tires come in. Might be a bit noisy, anyone have these that can testify to that?

Later when I get summer wheels I'd like to do Michelin PS3+ (or better yet PSS) with Blizzaks on stock wheels for winter tires.

Edit: Local America's Tire is willing to buy the stock tires when VW said they won't do it once they're on the car (which of course they are). And as a nice perk they have a military discount (10%).

They're busy but I'll post up the final numbers when I talk to them again if anyone's looking. I'm still open to input on the others but thinking this setup might be hard to be from price/performance point of view.
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I can't comment on the AS05s personally, but I do rate my General GMAX RS. General is owned by Conti so I think it's a solid brand, and if I were looking for a budget/midrange all season I think that is what I'd do too, as you say they get good reviews too. But living in FL, summer tires all year round makes more sense. After I've killed these off, I do want to give the Falken 510 a go for comparisons sake.


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I went through a similar comparison, and ended up with the General GMax RS. I use winter tires, so I ruled out the AllSeasons pretty quickly. I haven't had my Generals in temps over 60 degrees yet, so I can't quite comment on their stickiness. Good in corners and wet pavement, but can still get traction control to kick in when it's in the 40's and dry.


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Thanks for the inputs. If we end up here or Florida when I get new wheels I'll look at the summer ones again.

For now I'm giving the General G-Max AS-05s a chance. America's Tire gave us $100 for the stock tires (not much but it's something and we don't have to look at them, and still more than VW). After that, certificates, fees, bit of a military discount, and CA taxes total was $551. Add in the $70 mail in rebate and got the set for $481. If they last as long and as well as most reviews say they'll be more than worth it.

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