Thoughts on the 2016 Civic? (10th gen)


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Bland and Fugly, typical UK Civic *customer will love it.

*Old fart.


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I can't get passed its ugly looks. I know if I owned one of those, I would never turn around and look at it as I walked away, I would instead look around to make sure nobody saw me get out of it. But obviously thats just my opinion so meh.


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I don't think this is really valid. I see Golfs multiple times a day and a GTI at least once a day. Maybe the St. Louis market is saturated.

I was about to say this too. It is very valid, and even more so in some areas. I would say that I easily see 10 to 1 Civics around here to Golfs and GTI's.

YTD, 2015 Golfs and GTI's sold by end of Sept = ~32k cars

Sept 2015 Civics sold = ~28k cars (in May alone they sold over 34k)

That said, Honda is going in the right direction again, finally. Minus the CVT on the 1.5L turbo...good for MPG, bad for fun.
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This is a huge improvement for Honda - cuz of the Turbo. I believe i read somewhere the Si will have a 1.5 turbo as well with a more aggressive tune than the regular 1.5t. The 2.0t will be used on the Type R. (and carry over to other cars in the Honda and Acura family).

I have a thing for Hondas myself. (especially the stick shift ...awesomeness) I do think the Si will be pretty badass, and the Type R will be a monster. But i'm willing to bet the Si will not get anywhere near the power upgrade you get with a simple tune for the GTI/GolfR's. The thing that scares me, is a bunch of teenagers boosting their 1.5 turbos and trying to race everything on the street.

Typical Hondas are light in comparison to most cars, but that's because they use damn near zero sound deadening, and you can't hear yourself talk while driving -Esp when "Vtec Kicks in". What i would be interested in is a Turbo Accord (for daily driving) ---off topic - the new Camry is coming out with a Turbo as well.

Anyway - back on topic. I would have loved a Turbo Civic Si HATCHBACK, not that half hatchback stuff they are planning on bringing over. Keep this in mind though, that will be a first generation new turbo Honda -- so there will be lots of bugs to iron out, and from what i read, the Si's won't be out for awhile 2017 i believe, so you will be waiting a very long time before you get that car.


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So, now that the 2016 Civic is out and has lots of reviews, any new thoughts on it?

Anyone been in one or test driven one? I'm helping a buddy look for one. He's getting the base Turbo model.