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The MKVII Mid-Atlantic Spotted Thread (NoVa/DC/MD/DE)


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DC area
saw that one at Reston Town Center last weekend I think. I'll be driving one home on Thursday this week and will post pics. :)


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What made you give up the MT (I mean besides it getting totaled)?

I wasnt originally set on "im getting dsg" until i gave it a try during the test drive. I really like it, the fact that its basically an auto-manual in terms of how the trans responds and when you press the gas, it feels like the clutch is engaging (because it is). My biggest reason is traffic and its my daily (i drive a lot), its best in both worlds, especially if i tune it and not worry about clutch slip.

Im not done with manual for good, just for a year or 2 then ill grab my weekend manual toy, either a car like s2000 ap1 or a 10 y/o wrangler for offroad/winter beater.
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Black 4 door gti w/ halogens, old town fairfax around 8:50-9 am, asian driving, i was the carbon steel grey with xenons next to 2 cars behind you, prob didnt see me though, you here!


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saw a few bunches of mk7s on the last few days, saw 2 pure white gti's yesterday and today in fairfax and annandale near nova. and one red gti, spotted over the last weekend on the bridge onto dc from 66, it was heading towards roselyn

oh and a blue golf at lifetime fitness on sunday too.